Ersao has been around for quite some time.  It is known to have affordable and delicious milk teas.  However, competition is getting stiff as tea places have been popping up left and right.  In spite of that, Ersao is still as alive as ever.  They have renovated their place plus the menu was completely revamped.

I have been going to Ersao if I’m craving for milk tea or some light snacks.  I appreciate that their prices aren’t that high so affordability is the key reason why I still go back to Ersao.  It’s very accessible to me as well as Ersao is just a 5-minute drive from my house.

If you’re from the south area, you might not know what Ersao serves as most if not all of their branches are located in the north.  Ersao has branches in Banawe, E. Rodriguez, West Avenue, Abad Santos and Blumentritt.

What is Ersao famous for?  Basically, it’s really their milk teas..  Right now, they expanded their drinks selection with fruit shakes, green teas and other variants of milk teas.

During our dinner at Ersao Banawe branch a few weeks ago, I tried their Avocado Shake (Php 55).  I didn’t appreciate it that much.  I guess they put too much ice in the drink or maybe there was too much sugar.  Anyhow, it was a pretty decent drink, not something I would go back to though.

ersao avocado shake

My friends ordered Taro Milk Tea (Php 45), the original Pearl Milk Tea (Php 45) and Passion Fruit Green Tea (Php 45).  I’ve tasted those drinks before and I can recommend them.

ersao drinks

However, my newest favorite in Ersao is Coffee Milk Tea (Php 50).  We always ask ‘Coffee or Tea?’.  I usually respond with tea.  But hey, we can have the best of both coffee and tea with Ersao’s Coffee Milk Tea!  It was such a delight!  Super yummy!  Even if I still like Ersao’s Pearl Milk Tea, their Coffee Milk Tea is the new king in my book.

ersao coffee milk tea

Ersao has transformed into a restaurant as it also serves combo meals, rice dishes and even noodles.  The ff. were our main courses for the night:

  • Dumpling Noodles (Php 95)

ersao dumpling noodles

Ersao’s Noodles selection basically have the same flavors.  The only difference is the main ingredient.  In this case, my friend ordered dumpling noodles.  We can opt not to order noodles which makes it a dumpling soup (Php 55).  The other noodle items that Ersao offers include maki mi (Php 110), Pork Cha Mi (Php 110), Beef Noodles (Php 130), Jachai Noodles (Php 95), Meatball Noodles (Php 95), Pork Steak Noodles (Php 125) and Seafood Noodles (Php 160).

  • Spicy Pork Rice (Php 75)

ersao spicy pork rice

The food item Ersao is famous for are their spicy squid (Php 50), spicy chicken (Php 50) and spicy pork (Php 55).  My favorite is the spicy pork.  Right now, Ersao offers it as a rice topping too (just add Php 20 for the rice).

Ersao also sells raw spicy pork/chicken/squid in packs.  It’s seasoned already so all we need to do is just fry them.  I can’t cook so I still buy the cooked version 😛

  • Chicken Steak Rice (Php 90)

ersao chicken steak rice

The pork steak rice also looked like the same thing and Ersao offers it at the same price.  If you love fried food, then you might enjoy this pork/chicken steak rice.

  • Beef Topping (Php 130)

ersao sauce rice

Just as I thought that Ersao can only fry food, I saw this beef dish.  I wasn’t able to taste it but I believe it should taste okay as my friend finished her beef topping.  I might try to order this next time.  I just have to stop myself from ordering my usual choice – spicy pork 😛

  • Fish Fillet Rice (Php 125)

ersao fish fillet

I’m trying to diet.  That night, I was also a bit adventurous so I ordered Ersao’s Fish Fillet Rice.  I’m glad they put sauce in it.  It was a pretty decent dish.  The fish was tender and fried well.  The sauce was okay.  Serving size was enough for me too.

  • Radish Cake (Php 50)

ersao radish cake

Radish cake is a favorite of mine.  I always make it a point to try out a restaurant’s radish cake if they serve it.  I like that Ersao put a bit of a sauce in their radish cake coz it gave the dish character.  Fried radish cake is dry and sometimes you would feel a bit tired of the flavor if it’s served plain.

 Ersao will definitely stay as it’s one of the pioneers of the milk tea business here in the Philippines.  Have you tried Ersao?

668 Banawe St., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 408-9665

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  1. Roch

    for me, they aren’t comparable.  Quickly is truly unique.  Quickly kase is pudding-based eh… si Ersao pure liquid 🙂


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