Hed Kandi Pure Kandi Headphones Review

Hed Kandi Pure Kandi Headphones

I spend most of my time listening to music.  Especially at work, I make it a point to listen to my favorite songs when I’m not in a meeting (music helps me relieve stress).  I’ve been looking for a great tool to make my listening experience good.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky even if I tried some of the more expensive branded earphones in the market.  I’m very positive this will change because I now have one of the beautifully designed headphones by Hed Kandi.

A very successful music brand, Hed Kandi, have defined the sound and vision of the international party scene.  The name is a modified spelling of Head Candy, which is of a resemblance to eye candy.

Eye candy is how I describe Hed Kandi Pure Kandi Headphones when I first saw them.  Oh boy, the designs were just too cute!  With colors like white/coral, blue/pink and purple, I’m sure girls will love the Hed Kandi headphones.  Guys don’t have to worry though as there’s black color meant for you 🙂

Hed Kandi Headphones have 4 different styles available:

  • Kandies (Php 490.00) – soft-touch, rubber-housed earphones with a colored 1.3 meter cable, a matching end plug and gold-plated 3.5mm jack.
  • Disco Heaven (Php 1,090.00) – Lightweight and functional headphones with ultra-thin headband and soft-touch ear- cups.
  • Discotheque (Php 1,190.00) – Stereo headphones with single-sided cable.
  • Pure Kandi (Php 1,990.00) – Stereo headphones with unique ultra-thin adjustable headband.
The Hed Kandi Pure Kandi Headphones is advertised for the frequent travelers which makes it my choice.  I certainly do have a lot more reasons why I’m loving my new Hed Kandi Pure Kandi headphones.
Before I do that, here are the technical specifications:
  • Driver diameter: 50mm
  • frequency response: 20-20,000Hz
  • impedence: 32 Ohms
  • sensitivity: 103 dB
  • max input power: 100 mW
  • cable length: 1.5m

Here’s a description of Pure Kandi from the Hed Kandi’s website:
Arouse your aural senses and book yourself a ticket to destination chic with these high-fashion headphones easily packed away with foldaway design for any jet setter’s luggage. The fashionisto in you will love the unique ultra-thin, adjustable headband suitable for any hairstyle, whilst your ears will be thanking you for the ultra soft ear-pads with metal exterior.

Like I said earlier, I have tons of reasons why I’m loving this new Pure Kandi headphones of mine.  I’ve been using it for a week.  I’m completely satisfied and I’m sure I’ll be using it more and more.  Hopefully, Hed Kandi headphones are durable as I’d be so sad if it doesn’t last a long time.

Packaging & Design

Hed Kandi Packaging

First impressions are definitely important and Hed Kandi just didn’t disappoint.  See the beautiful packaging of the Pure Kandi headphones (above photo).  The headphones are secured inside the plastic and paper packing with the beautiful artwork by Jason Brooks displayed outside the box.

The Hed Kandi Pure Kandi headphones are available in 4 colors: White/Coral (my choice), Blue/Pink, Purple and Black.  It might be targeted for the female demographic but as I said earlier, the black one is perfect for guys.

Comfort & Ease of Use

folded Hed Kandi Headphone

These Pure Kandi headphones have one of the thinnest headbands which is suitable for me as I don’t want it to mess with my hairdo.  It doesn’t look heavy too and it can match with any of my outfits.

I also appreciate that Pure Kandi headphones has very soft rubber ear cups.  As I listen to music almost the whole day, it is important that my ears don’t feel any stress after long use.

The usual problem that we have with our earphones and headphones is tangled wires.  Well, we don’t have to worry about that because Pure Kandi has this anti-tangle cable.

Pure Kandi folds in several ways which makes it perfect for frequent travelers as you can store it easily.  What I usually do is collapse the headband then twist and move the ear cups upwards.  Very easy to manage but I do wish they included a pouch.  I had to find a pouch separately so I can put the headphones in my bag together with my other gadgets.

hed kandi headphones adjust


I use the Pure Kandi headphones with my iPhone.  I’ll probably use it too when I get to jog again.

Hed Kandi Pure Kandi with iPhone

I tried the earphones with a couple of songs and I must say, I am impressed!  I especially noticed the powerful bass.  It’s very distinct and dynamic when you listen to songs like T-Shirt by Shontelle.  The performance of the Hed Kandi Pure Kandi headphones totally blew me away!  Considering its funky look, you wouldn’t notice that it would give such an outstanding sound performance!  Not to mention, how affordable it is with just Php 1,990.00.

Hed Kandi Pure Kandi Headphones is a keeper!  You will see me using this often and I wouldn’t be that conscious because of its beautiful design.  Perfect for a girl like me 😀

Roch Hed Kandi Headsets

Interested to buy Hed Kandi Headphones?  You can get it from the following stores in the Philippines:

Power Mac
Power Hub
Mobile 1
8 Telecom
Digital Hub
Digital Walker
Beyond The Box

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  1. Alex_tan0074

    sana may kasamang collection ng hed kandi albums. I like their chillout music. Bonnie bailey one of my faves.

  2. Colormeblueph

    hello! i just want to know where in manila did you bought the hed kandi headset? thanks 🙂


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