Marianne Home Inn

Marianne Home Inn

One of the good things about AirPhil Express Puerto Prinsesa Adventours is that you can choose which hotel to stay in.  Marianne Home Inn is the cheapest among the 3 hotels in the list but you don’t have to worry as the place is made of awesome.  Really.

Located right in the city of Puerto Prinsesa, Marianne Home Inn is very accessible.  The hotel is just an 8 minute ride away from the airport and the famous park, Baywalk, is actually a 5-minute walk.

As you enter the hotel, you’d see the beautiful homey design of Marianne Home Inn.  Not to mention, the very warm welcome of the staff when we arrived.  The place is fully connected too with free WiFi all over the place.

reception marianne home inn
photo by Marianne Home Inn

All the rooms are located upstairs.  As we climbed up the stairs, we noticed the beautiful artifacts (such a beautiful sight)!

stairway marianne home inn

Marianne Home Inn has 4 types of rooms.  The rates are extremely cheap!  This is perfect for those who have tight budgets but still want to enjoy their hotel stay.  I really appreciate AirPhil Express doing their research.  They do understand as a low-cost carrier airline that their customers are budget-conscious.  You should really check out the different Puerto Princesa tour packages that AirPhil Express is currently offering.

  • Single Occupancy (Php 900)

single occupancy marianne home inn
Photo by Marianne Home Inn

  • Standard Room (Php 1,200)

standard room marianne home inn
Photo by Marianne Home Inn

  • Dormitory (Php 3,000)

dormitory marianne home inn
Photo by Marianne Home Inn

  • Family Room (Php 1,600)

Family Room Marianne Home Inn

  • Extra Bed (Php 395)

4 of us girls stayed at the Family room.  The only complaint that I have is that the blanket is just a cloth and I was freezing every night.  But what do we expect from a Php 1,600 room which is good already for 3 pax?

I liked how the rooms are situated.  We see a whole view of the city plus the colors of the guestrooms are so appealing!

Roch at Marianne Home Inn

Guestroom features and amenities are the ff.:

  • complimentary breakfast
  • LCD cable TV
  • individually controlled air conditioning unit
  • Intercom
  • toilet hot and cold shower
  • electronic key card system
  • fully automated fire safety system

I can’t help but take picture of the cute slippers in our room.  Marianne Home Inn stayed true to their name, ‘Home’.  You actually don’t feel like you’re staying in a hotel.  For me, when we stayed there, it felt like I stayed in another friend’s house.

slippers marianne home inn

A highlight for us and a winner was the food!  Each and every dish tasted so good that all of us wanted to bring the cook with us back home in Manila.  We were already joking the owner of Marianne Home Inn if we can snatch his cook away from him hahaha!

food at Marianne Home Inn

The pantry also has free-flowing hot chocolate and coffee plus water of course.  I was always looking forward for breakfast and dinner as I knew then we would be eating great food at Marianne Home Inn.  I’ll provide more details as to the food we have eaten in a separate post, watch out for it 🙂

dining area marianne home inn
Photo by Marianne Home Inn

Last, but definitely not the least, the souvenir!  We were all cheering when we saw what was going to be given for us to bring home!  Marianne Home Inn might not be like the 5-star hotels out there but it’s a place we can very closely relate to home.

group at Marianne Home Inn with souvenir

Marianne Home Inn
Quezon Street Extension, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
(048) 434-2138

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29 observations on “Marianne Home Inn
  1. Kittymeow70

    hi roch, we plan to go to palawan and marianne inn is one of our choices, is it a good place to stay? what activities can you do there? we plan to go there by aug for 3 days

  2. Roch

    hello! 🙂 It is a dorm…. there won’t be much activities to do in Marianne Home Inn, it’s just a good place to stay with good home-cooked food.

    As for Palawan, there are tons of places to go.  Why not get one of the packages from AirPhil Express? Puerto Princesa tour packages

  3. Roch

    You still have to ride a van going to the ferry then to the beach.  The baywalk is walking distance to Marianne Home Inn 🙂

  4. Kittymeow70

    we already have tickets… and we already book in marriane inn as well. we’re just hoping for a good weather…

  5. Edith O. Manuel

    Hello! I am Edith O. Manuel po. Actually, we don’t know each other po but I just want to thank you for your post about Marianne Inn. I am planning po kasi to go to Palawan with my family this December & we can’t decide where to stay. Your post about this hotel is so helpful. Now, we are decided … we’ll choose this hotel. Thanks again & God bless you!

  6. Sarah | travel journal

    Thanks for this post. Just got a cheap palawan package from the PTM and we’ll be staying here at Marianne Home Inn, good thing I saw your post, mas naeexcite tuloy ako.

  7. Sarah | travel journal

    Thanks for this post. Just got a cheap palawan package from the PTM and we’ll be staying here at Marianne Home Inn, good thing I saw your post, mas naeexcite tuloy ako.

  8. Ilovemorningshowers

    thanks 🙂 I already booked Mariane bec of this blog 🙂 Is this near the beach?
    what was your IT in puerto princesa? I’ll be travelling by myself should I join the tours?

  9. Ilovemorningshowers

    Hi Riavsunga
    I checked Marianne its fully booked. Did you stay at Kookaburra? How was it?

  10. Aj

    hello Ms. Roch…i find your blog post very interesting, and Marianne Home Inn is quite appealing for budget-conscious travelers like myself…and i’ve been browsing for its website but looks like it doesn’t have one yet..or have i missed it? as i am overseas now, and only rely on website/online booking, can you share with us their website or email for that matter..thank you very much.

    our family outing will be jan.14-16 and we still yet to confirm our accommodation w/ another B&B…however, after reading your post, i got excited to know more about this Inn..thanks for your big help.

  11. Ghec

    hello, i just wanna ask if there are many resto around the area? thanks. if we are 15 in th family what room can we get? thanks! 😀

  12. RED

    Hi Rosh,

    Thank you for your very informative post. I’ve been doing research with regards to the hotels and trips in palawan that would suite my budget. And your post really helped. 🙂 Anyway, just like to ask if it is possible to squeeze in Underground River tour and Honda Bay tour in 1 day? Because mostly of the tour packages in Palawan is only for 3D/2N trip.  But I really want to visit the two spots. Please help. 🙂

    Thank you girl! 🙂

  13. angelica

    hi roch, i’ve been to palawan but sa el nido kame nagpnta since ang mura ng package… just wanna ask, kase im planning to go back there and mag trip sa puerto princesa lng…mas mkkamura ba ko if nd aq kkuha ng mga packages sa mga agencies?? as in airfare lng then the rest e bahala na when we get there… thanks =)

  14. Billy

     hi!we’ll be visiting Palawan this march 9-11 and stay in marianne home inn…we hope to enjoy this 3 days and bring with us lots of memories from palawan esp with marianne home inn.we will also have underground river tour with our package.may i ask how much would cost us if we want to also have the honda bay tour?

  15. CARla

     Hi angelica, I really hope you can read this. How much is your elnido package and who should I contact about your elnido package? thanks thanks!

  16. Joydee

    so nice in here. .  we’ve stay here last march 17 to 21. .  i miss palawan very much. .  🙂

  17. theclothesmuse

    I’m scouting for a hotel for our Palawan trip in June! Thanks for this. There’s a deal on CashCash kasi. I was wondering how much the underground river tour is?

  18. Reslie Macalisang

    My family and I we’re going to Palawan this coming July and our travel agency booked us at Marianne Inn. Thanks mam Rochelle for sharing about this Inn. Can’t wait for our tour. Excited! 🙂


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