Viet Ville

Viet Ville Puerto Princesa Palawan

We were set to go to Underground River for the 2nd day as part of the AirPhil Express Puerto Princesa Adeventour Package.  Along the way was Viet Ville where we stopped over for a few minutes.

Viet Ville is the place where a little over a thousand Vietnamese people took refuge during the time their country, Vietnam, was ruled by communists.  They took refuge in this community located at Puerto Princesa, Palawan provided by mayor Hagedorn.

Viet Ville deserted

This small community village, Viet Ville, is a popular tourist attraction in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  Their french bread is one of the main reasons why people kept going there.

Catholic Assistance for Displaced Persons (CADP) setup Viet Ville for the refugees.  In return, the Vietnamese refugees work for the CADP by manning the restaurant, the bake shop and the noodle factory located in Viet Ville.

The small community in Puerto Princesa is self-sufficient.  I wish we tried the restaurant but we have to stick with our itinerary.  Nevertheless, when I get the chance to go back to Puerto Princesa, I’ll make sure I’ll try to eat at Viet Ville Restaurant.

Viet Ville Souvenir Shop

According to history, there were about 1,500 Vietnamese refugees in Viet Ville when it was first setup.

Viet Ville House

However, when ethnic Vietnamese lawyers based in United States and Australia started helping the refugees to go abroad, a lot of them left the community.  This is particularly visible when you go the place.  It looked deserted but actually there were Vietnamese refugees who decided to stay in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  Some reasons may be they’re contented already or may have married Filipinos.

Viet Ville Walkway

We toured the place for like 15-20 minutes and just took pictures in the churches inside Viet Ville.  There were catholic and protestant churches.  There was a temple there too!

Viet Ville Church

Viet Ville Church Group Shot

Viet Ville Shrine

Viet Ville
Kilometer 13, Barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City, 5300 Palawan, Philippines

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  1. thanh thuy -

    Is it possible to tell us about you at Viet Ville. why did you decide not to go to a third country like other people ?

    and what was your group number in Palawan camp ?


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