Hisense Mono Headset Mini HB 200M Review

Hisense Mono Headset Mini HB 200M

I’ve always wanted a bluetooth headset.  I do not know why, but I never attempted to purchase one.  I guess it’s destiny because I finally got hold of Hisense HB200M Mono Headset for this review.

At first glance, I already liked it.  It’s small, handy, beautifully designed and I got the color red (my favorite color!) 😀

I immediately opened the box and saw the ff. items inside:
HB200m Mini headset, Magnetic clip, Necklace, three ear bud sizes, in-ear bud, flexible ear hook, USB charging cable, USB AC charger and user manual

Hisense Mono Headset accessories

I’ve been using the bluetooth headset for one week and I must say, I loved it.  The Hisense HB 200M served its purpose.

You know that it’s really not safe for us to drive and talk on the phone at the same time.  However, with this cute lil gadget, you won’t have to worry at all.  Three words I can describe this situation: No more hands! 🙂

Here’s the technical specifications:

  • Up to 5.5 hours talk time/standby time up to 150 hours
  • rechargeable battery with charging option from AC power supply or PC via USB cable
  • Weight: 7.5 gr.
  • Operating range up to 10 meters (approx. 33 feet)
  • Headset and hands-free Bluetooth profiles
  • Bluetooth version 2.1

While Hisense HB200M has those impressive features above, there are 3 other features that I want to highlight:

Smart wearability

Hisense Mono Headset pendant

The Hisense mini bluetooth headset comes with a magnetic clip that holds the headset and enables us to wear it as a necklace.  It’s actually a good fashion statement.  I do have to warn that if you aren’t careful enough, you might lose your headset.  You see, they are just connected via magnet.  As much as I like this feature, I opt not to use it.  I don’t wanna lose my first ever bluetooth headset.  It’s that sentimental to me haha!

Small size and smart

I didn’t mind that the manufacturer removed the ability to adjust the volume using the bluetooth headset as we can do it with our phone anyway.  I’d much rather want the bluetooth headset size to be small than that feature.  I can get away with it.

The multi-function button (MFB) is basically the only thing you need to make the gadget work.  The MFB serves as the pairing button, answer/end button and turn on/off button.

The LED light serves as the visual guide to see if the HB200M is charging, pairing or in stand-by mode.

Here in the Philippines, it’s very common that a lot of us have 2 phones.  With the telecoms offering unlimited text and calls, a lot of us couldn’t resist it.  So it’s really such a relief that Hisense HB200M has a multi point connection that enable us to connect to 2 bluetooth device at the same time.  It gives us the freedom of having only one bluetooth headset to use both of our phones.

Packed with accessories

Aside from the magnetic clip and ear hook, Hisense HB200M comes with 4 ear buds.  One small, one medium and one large but the one that I ended up using is the in-ear bud.  I appreciate that I can clearly hear whoever I’m talking to with the in-ear bud even if my car stereo is on.

Hisense Mono Headset earplugs

Amazing isn’t it?  For me, as long as Hisense HB200M does its job, it’ll get a thumbs up from me.

Hisense Mono Headset Mini HB200M does the ff. flawlessly and it’s more than enough for me:

  • answer calls
  • end calls
  • reject calls
  • voice dialing
  • last number redialing
  • call waiting
  • put call on hold

Hisense HB200m is a mini bluetooth headset that has everything you need.  It has style, functionality and usability.  It’s being sold at Php 1,450.  Available in 4 colors: silver, gold, green and red.

Hisense HB 200M

What are you waiting for?  Go visit any of the ff. stores in the Philippines to get yourself one!

  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker
  • Beyond the Box
  • Adi Gadget World – Park Square 1
  • 5th Ave. – Shangri-La Mall
  • ComCentre – Sta. Lucia
  • Power Telecomshop – SM North Edsa Annex
  • Techno Mobile Hub – SM Marikina
  • New Venice – Park Square 1
  • Topnet – SM Megamall
  • Sir Lance – Festival Mall
  • Oxvor – Starmall Alabang
  • Cell Power Sales
  • Unitech
  • Jerry Solutions
  • Mobile Territory
  • Eyo Sales
  • ITelecom
  • Mobile Care
  • Bluelite
  • Round Circle – Festival Mall
  • Starcircle – Starmall Alabang
  • Celvitek
  • First Choice Cellshoppe
  • Mobile Experts – Park Square 1
  • Owtel – Starmall Edsa Shaw
  • Cyberwidgets – SM Masinag
  • BSD – Mall of Asia
  • Techno Kid – SM San Lazaro
  • Techtel – Robinson’s Ermita
  • Bionic HD

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