Melo’s The Home of Certified Angus Beef

Melo's The Home of Certified Angus Beef

Melo’s will always be a household name for steaks.  It’s known to be the place that serves the best Angus Beef and Wagyu Beef.  I’m just glad that I was able to finally dine at Melo’s recently.  The prices are a bit steep so I don’t think it’ll be the place that I’ll go to often.  However, when I’m craving for authentic yummy steaks, Melo’s will always be the number one choice.

If you want to celebrate something special like an anniversary, birthday, mother’s/father’s day or other special occasions like a date, Melo’s is the perfect place to bring your special someone 🙂  With the steaks being served at Melo’s, you’ll never go wrong.

melos first look

My friends and I enjoyed our food and of course, each other’s company 😀  My long drive to Melo’s Alabang was worth it!

melos ambiance

While we expect Melo’s to have great steaks, they actually serve delicious breads too!!  I was able to finish the complimentary bread quickly.  I always appreciate freshly baked bread!

melos bread

I must admit we ordered a lot.  It was too much for a party of three.  I had to take my leftovers home which is great!  I get to experience good food in another day 😛

  • Iced Tea (Php 80)

melos iced tea

  • Watermelon Shake (Php 110)

melos watermelon shake

  • Oyster Rockefeller (Php 400)

melos oysters

I’m not fond of oysters but Melo’s version was just heavenly.  The oysters were just full of flavors.  The cheese was sooo delightfully good!  Presentation was great too!  The oysters were baked with hollandaise sauce and topped with bacon, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.  Perfect way to start a great meal ahead.

  • Creamy Pasta Farfalle w/ Mushroom & Truffle Oil (Php 490)

melos pasta

Bow-tie pasta!  So cute!  As the name implied, the pasta was creamy served with decent amount of mushrooms.

  • Wagyu Rice

melos wagyu rice

When I saw this wagyu rice, I immediately remembered Hainanese chicken.  What Singaporean restaurants do aside from serving hainanese chicken, they serve hainanese rice.  It’s also the same for Melo’s Wagyu rice.  You can feel the same goodness from Wagyu steak.  This is a must-order!  We ordered Wagyu steak but this rice was just too good to resist!

  • Grilled Lambchops in Cranberry Mint Sauce (Php 840)

melos lamb

With 3 lamb chops in this dish, it was perfect for the 3 of us.  I’m not fond of lambs but this was just too good to pass up.  The meat was very tender and if you put the mint sauce into the lamb, lovely!

  • Melo’s Special Menu (Php 1,915 each)

melos wagyu meat

It may looked like we had a complete meal already but no, those menu items above were just side dishes to our main orders.  Our trip to Melo’s won’t be complete without having their authentic wagyu steak!  As they say, Wagyu is the source of what is known to be Kobe beef.  It’s raised in Australia.  Wagyu has grades ranging from 1-10 according to its marbling.

Melo’s special menu that night had 2 items.  We ordered both so stay tuned for the mouth-watering dishes shown below.  Both wagyu steaks are grade 8.  The special menu is inclusive of soup of the day and caesar salad.

melos soup

Soup of the Day

melos salad

Classic Caesar Salad

melos wagyu

My friend ordered 4oz of Tenderloin Wagyu Grade 8 Red Morel Mushroom Cabernet Toasted Garlic Sauce.  He requested for it to be cooked medium rare.  Melo’s recommendation is to order steak as medium rare or medium as the steak will tend to get dry if cooked well done.  I still prefer well done though.  I’m really scared of blood 😛

melos fillet mignon

I ordered the Filetto Tartufato Grade 8 Filet Mining red foie gras and truffle oil sauce.  As I’ve always preferred, I had it cooked well done.  Honestly, I didn’t feel the steak to be dry.  It was still as tender as ever!  The foie gras was just too good, so yummy and so tasty!  After having tasted Melo’s very own Wagyu steak, I can now say that Melo’s is definitely the home of wagyu beef.

I have to take a picture with one of the yummiest steak I have ever eaten.  If you haven’t tried Melo’s then you are missing a lot!  Go try it!  I certainly enjoyed my meal and I’m sure you will too! 🙂

Roch at Melos

Melo’s The Home of Certified Angus Beef
41 Precinct, Westgate Center, Alabang, Filinvest, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
(02) 771-2288

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