Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf

It’s always nice to try out new restaurants.  I’m just so glad that I took the time to attend the intimate dinner arranged by the newest group buying site in town, Brieo Deals.

Big Bad Wolf, a new restaurant in Fort Bonifacio is Brieo Deals’ first client and I am so blessed to be part of the few bloggers invited to sample their unique dishes.

Neil Paras, Ponch Del Rosario, and Mac Cunanan are the young entrepreneurs behind Big Bad Wolf.  They are high school buddies who had the vision of bringing us their favorite food in a place that we can consider as home away from home.  That was how Big Bad Wolf is born.

Big Bad Wolf Owners

Since the location is a bit hidden, we can truly consider the restaurant as our secret place.  However, how can a restaurant that has good ambiance and yummy food be kept from the world?  Even if they are still on dry run, the place was fully packed last saturday night.

Big Bad Wolf is like a mini bar/restaurant where several groups of friends love to hang out.  I noticed everyone was enjoying all the food and drinks they ordered.  It’s really a fun place! 😀

Big Bad wolf Interiors

The interiors are awesome too!  I found it astounding that the owners are a bit sentimental.  Several of the things in Big Bad Wolf are actually personal belongings of the 3 owners!  Wow!  The brown couch (see picture below) has been in the room of one of the owners but he took it to the restaurant to give it a homey and comfortable theme.

Big Bad Wolf Comfy Chairs

See the Brieo deals team sitting comfortably in the picture below.  I interrupted them for a few seconds and asked them to smile for the camera.  We have to thank them for featuring Big Bad Wolf as it’s really a good foodie discovery.  I’ll provide more detail of the deal later on in this post.

Brieo Deals Team

I prefer the couches but for bigger groups, you can opt to stay at the table near the entrance.  I also have to commend the great customer service that Big Bad Wolf has.  I was bugging the waiters to take pictures of us hehehe 😛  I appreciate them having to wait for us to take pictures of the food before they get it back to the kitchen to split it into 2 plates.  Since we were a group of more than 10, we have to split some of the dishes into two.

Big Bad Wolf Cozy Interiors

As I write this post, I noticed that we tried almost all the dishes being served at Big Bad Wolf.  Each of the dish has a certain twist and I felt that each recipe was made to perfection.  The owners were actually asking for our feedback every time we taste a dish.  I saw the eagerness to receive feedback and I’m sure they’ll put it into heart.


  • Malongo Coffee (Php 100)

Big Bad Wolf Selection of Coffee

Big Bad Wolf Coffee

Most of the drinks offered in Big Bad Wolf are alcoholic drinks.  Since I don’t drink, I didn’t bother trying.  There’s one item though that I really wanted to order.  That’s Malongo coffee.

There are 5 types of Malongo Coffee.  The waiter went to our table and presented to me the box full of coffee packs and asked me to choose which one I’d like to get.  Each type of Malongo Coffee has a different level of strength, acidity and bitterness.  I’ve chosen the Colombia Supremo where there’s only 2/5 strength, 3/5 acidity and 1/5 bitterness.  I love that the coffee wasn’t strong and there’s a fruity aroma to it.  I’m not a coffee lover but this was a good drink for me that night.

Little Plates

Big Bad Wolf Little Plates

I saw this cute lil bottle at each of the tables of Big Bad Wolf.  I was curious so I took a closer look.  Then I found out that the bottle was written with all the appetizers the restaurant is serving.  They call it the Little Plates.

If you can still recall, I promised that I’d be sharing with you the deal that Brieo is offering.  It’s related to Big Bad Wolf’s Little Plates.  For just Php 566, you can sample all 5 Little Plates from Big Bad Wolf (that’s 45% off the original price of Php 1,030!).  I already have a voucher with me and I’ll surely bring my friends to enjoy the food with me soon.  I highly recommend that you get this limited time deal from Brieo Deals as you only have till sunday to purchase!  As of this writing, there are only 137 vouchers left.  So head on over to Brieo Deals site and get this beautiful deal! 🙂  You won’t regret it, I promise!

Here’s Big Bad Wolf’s Little Plates for your reference:

  • Fresh Tuna Wraps with Wasabi Mayo (Php 220)

Big Bad Wolf Tuna Wrap

I’m not a fan of raw food so I only took a bite of this dish.  My companions loved this dish though.  Bea was even excited when she saw the dish being served to us.  I loved the presentation and how this appetizer was made.  A generous amount of fresh tuna was wrapped with lettuce then sprinkled with wasabi and mayo sauce.  I’m sure Japanese sushi lovers will like this dish.

  • Honey-Soy Glazed Chicken Wings (Php 170)

Big Bad Wolf Honey-soyed Chicken Wings

There are 2 dishes from the Little Plates Menu that I loved.  One of them is the honey-soy glazed chicken wings.  I love the crispiness of the skin plus the very tender meat inside.  The salad compliments the chicken very well too!

  • Potato Skins with Boursin Dip (Php 120)

Big Bad wolf Potato Skins

Another favorite of mine is the potato skin.  I love that they sliced the potato so thinly.  I didn’t dip the skins into the sauce as I enjoyed the dish better without it.  For your information though, the sauce was a combination of cream cheese, butter and garlic.

  • Bacon-Wrapped Dates (Php 280)

Big Bad wolf Bacon Wraps

I’m not sure what item was inside the bacon but it was sweet (Dates I guess, hence the name, right? haha!).  It’s a great contrast of taste as bacon is a bit on the salty side.  The presentation was very unique too as the bacon roll was garnished with lettuce and bread.

  • Goat Cheese & Chorizo Rolls (Php 240)

Big Bad wolf Roll

This dish looked like a spring roll but surprise, it’s not a vegetarian roll.  Since Big Bad Wolf serves comfort food, how can you expect all veggies in a dish? hehehe!  The main ingredients are actually goat cheese and chorizo.  How unique, right?

Light Meal

We had to try out Big Bad Wolf’s specialty…

  • Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup (Php 230)

Big Bad Wolf Specialty

It’s a simple dish but it was a definite winner among Big Bad Wolf diners.  It’s basically white bread with gruyere (cheese) slightly toasted and served with tomato sauce.  So I thought, what would be the secret?  It’ll most probably be the honey and butter put into the bread or maybe the gruyere is just perfect for the dish.


  • Poached Egg Carbonara (Php 270)

Big Bad Wolf Pasta

To be clear, that’s not the actual serving of the dish.  We asked the waiters to split into 2 so imagine having more of that when you order.  This poached egg carbonara is how the owner who created the recipe of this dish described as a reconstructed carbonara.  It’s mainly because the egg was put as a topping rather than mixed in the pasta.  Ingredients include Pancetta, poached egg, parmesan flakes, butter and truffle oil.

  • Chorizo Spaghetti (Php 220)

Big Bad wolf Chorizo Pasta

I really love chorizo.  It doesn’t matter if you put it in rice or pasta, it taste just as delicious!  Chorizo just gives so much flavors to a dish.  For Big Bad Wolf’s Chorizo spaghetti, other ingredients were shitake mushrooms, olives and sundried tomatoes.

Main Dishes

  • Peppered Chuck Steak (Php 490)

Big Bad Wolf Peppered

As soon as the steak was served to us, the owners warned us of its spiciness.  I don’t mind eating spicy dishes.  I actually like spicy food a lot!  Oh well, it’s good that we know what to expect when we sample the dish.  It does look like burger patties but it is actually a real steak.  The steak was marinated with pepper so you can definitely feel the strong flavors of the pepper.

  • Santol-smoked Pork Belly with Dirty Rice (Php 300)

Big Bad Wolf Pork Rice

There were too many dishes to try out.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to taste this dish 🙁  It does looked delish though.

  • Dorado Fillet Wrapped in Bacon (Php 350)

Big Bad Wolf Bacon Pasta

A lot of people consider bacon as their comfort food.  I believe it’s really genius that Big Bad Wolf created a fish dish with bacon.  This beautifully-presented dish has Mahi-mahi wrapped in bacon then served with pasta in Pommery Mustard Sauce.  If I have to order a main dish from Big Bad Wolf, I will order this.

It was a pretty long dinner.  We were there almost all night from 7pm to past midnight!  I guess we enjoyed the chit-chats especially since I was with my beautiful friend, Bea 😀  We both agreed to bring our friends to Big Bad Wolf so they can try out the yummy food we sampled at the restaurant.  I’ll be using the voucher I got from Brieo.  I suggest you get one too as only a few vouchers are left to purchase!

Big Bad Wolf Bea and Roch

Big Bad Wolf
G/F Fairways Tower, 5th Ave. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 822-5833

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8 observations on “Big Bad Wolf
  1. Carlo Angelo

    Actually, this deal is still running on Brieo! It’s in the featured deal section so up for another week! So, friends, Romans, countrymen… get the deal and try Big Bad Wolf Little Plates!  🙂

  2. Carlo Angelo

    Actually, this deal is still running on Brieo! It’s in the featured deal section so up for another week! So, friends, Romans, countrymen… get the deal and try Big Bad Wolf Little Plates!  🙂


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