Cafe Capreal

Cafe Capreal

My friend Ane has been raving about Cafe Capreal for quite some time.  I’ve seen the restaurant as it’s located near my place.  However, I didn’t have the chance to dine there.  Several friends have given the restaurant a thumbs up too.  I wonder how good Cafe Capreal or Capreal Cafe & Restaurant really is.  I had high expectations!

Yesterday, Ane invited me for an early lunch.  Not surprisingly, she suggested we dine at Cafe Capreal so I can finally try it out, hahaha!  So I drove to Cafe Capreal, parked at the front and went inside the restaurant.

It’s not a high-class looking restaurant but you can see that a lot of people would hang out at Cafe Capreal.  There’s free wifi.  One thing that really impressed me the most about the place is the hospitality and topnotch customer service given to us by the waiter on duty yesterday.  His co-waiter haven’t arrived yet but he was able to manage very well in spite of having 3-4 different groups dining at Cafe Capreal.

Capreal Ambiance

My friends ordered soup, salad and a dish for sharing while I ordered a rice dish.  The dishes weren’t spectacular for me but it was pretty decent.  It’s worth trying out.  Just don’t forget to order Cafe Capreal’s chicken quesadillas, that dish is worth raving for! 🙂

  • French Onion Soup (Php 75)

Capreal Onion Soup

I like the presentation of this soup with the melted cheese on top of the toasted bread.  The taste is pretty much the same as the traditional onion soup where onions, beef broth, cheese and bread are made to create the soup.

  • Mango Kani Salad (Php 165)

Capreal Salad

I guess after having sampled an all-organic salad, my outlook for salads became so much different.  So even if Cafe Capreal’s mango kani salad tasted good, I have the ‘not healthy’ sign at the back of my mind.  The serving is pretty generous though with them serving extra dressing on the side without us asking for it.

  • Chicken Quesadillas (Php 195)

Capreal Quesadillas

This is a MUST-ORDER!  I never knew that this simple looking quesadillas would taste soooooooo good!  If I have to rave about Cafe Capreal, it must be their chicken quesadillas!  I’m not sure what the secret is but I believe that every part of this dish was made excellently.  The mixture of onions and tomatoes, the chicken inside, the sauce on top of the quesadillas and the overall taste was just perfect!

  • Grilled Porkchop (Php 195)

Capreal Grilled Porkchops

While I was able to take a bite of Cafe Capreal’s creations, I also tried out one of their main dishes.  This was highly recommended by the waiter.  I must say, not all restaurants can make good grilled pork chops.  Only a few can make tender, flavorful pork chops.  I was pretty wary whenever I try a new one as I did with Cafe Capreal’s version.

Capreal Porkchops

Fortunately, I really liked the grilled pork chops I ordered!  It was tender and very flavorful.  I wasn’t able to see any blood (which is good as I’m so afraid of blood in cooked meat!).  Even though I have a full schedule of foodie appointments for the rest of the day, I still finished the grilled pork chops.  It’s proof enough that I enjoyed eating it right?

So there, I’ve finally tried out Cafe Capreal courtesy of my friend Ane 🙂  If there’s anything that I would be craving for, that would be the chicken quesadillas.  I might go back just because of that dish.  Perfectly done by the chef.  Unforgettable!

Friends at Capreal

Cafe Capreal
87 Maria Clara st., near cor banawe st.,, 1110 Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 701-4563

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2 observations on “Cafe Capreal
  1. Anneliinchrist

    ahahahha! we finally made it to cafe capreal 😀 one of my family’s favorite resto 🙂

     lets go again next time and try their pasta 😉 **hugz**


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