Smart Netphone 701 Review

Smart Netphone 701

Several days ago, I shared with you my first few impressions about the Smart Netphone 701.  I’m just so glad that it’s finally available now in all Smart Centers and a lot of us have gotten ourselves a unit.  If you’re still undecided and would want to get some feedback from current users of Smart Netphone, then please read on.

I’ll be sharing in this post my experience with the Netphone 701.  It has been a week since I’ve been actively using it.  My main phone has to take a back seat while I explore all the features of this beautiful-looking phone.

It wasn’t my first time to review an Android phone but this is different because it’s a Smart-designed phone.  But you know what?  The Netphone 701 is actually a re-branded ZTE Blade phone.  Don’t expect this phone to compete with the iPhones & the Samsung Galaxy SIIs.  We can consider the Smart Netphone 701 a mid-range smartphone.


Smart Netphone 701 packaging

Oh, how I love the packaging of Netphone 701.  It’s very straightforward.  You can even see the phone through it.  I like the simplicity of the box design as well.  The box and the phone have matching colors too!  Cute!

Smart Netphone Unboxing

Inside the box are the ff.:

  • Smart Netphone 701 Unit
  • Battery
  • USB to Micro USB cable
  • Charger Adaptor
  • Earphones
  • Unit Warranty
  • Netphone Quick Guide

Smart Netphone Camera

I immediately grabbed the unit and checked out its design.  I noticed then the camera of the Netphone 701 plus the Smart logo at the back.  I was like, wow, the Netphone 701 has a 3.2 megapixel camera (my iPhone’s camera only has 2 megapixels :P).

Smart Netphone SIM

Since I intend to have the Smart Netphone 701 as my secondary phone, I opted to use a Smart Buddy pre-paid SIM card.

Smart Netphone Manual

I love how the Netphone Quick Guide was laid out.  It’s very visual, super easy to understand and so easy to follow.  No boring manual this time!  Wohoo!


  • Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset
  • 600 MHz ARM11 processor
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Android Froyo 2.2
  • 120g, 114mmx56mmx12.2mm
  • 512 MB on-board memory + 2GB Micro SD card
  • 3.5-inch 800×480 WVGA multi-touch screen with 262k color display
  • FM radio tuner
  • GPS support


I’m not going to lie.  I’m not a big fan of Android OS.  In all honesty, I’m a pretty huge Apple fan.  That means I prefer iOS over android OS anytime.  But why do I like to keep this Smart Netphone 701 which is an Android phone?  One reason — SmartNet.

Smart Netphone Design

SmartNet is basically a new service that consists of a group of applications suited for Smart users.

  • Smart Center

Smart Netphone SIM Load

Smart Netphone Subscriptions

This is a super useful service.  Imagine saving so much time calling the Smart Customer Service.  You already have the usual information you need whenever you call the hotline.

With Smart Center, you can do the ff.:

– Check your postpaid bill or prepaid load balance instantly
– See and track your current subscription
– Choose and purchase packages to subscribe to
– Reload your phone without visiting a SMART loading center
– Pay your bill without going to a payment center

My favorite feature has got to be knowing the load balance of my prepaid SIM card instantly!  Uber cool! :)

  • Netphone Messenger

Smart Netphone Social Media Accounts

Smart Netphone Chat

With Netphone messenger, we can chat with friends on Facebook, YM and Smartnet all in one nifty application!  I rarely use the chat feature of Facebook and YM but I use SmartNet’s a lot.  That’s because we don’t need to spend a single centavo if we send messages to fellow Smart Netphone users (until December 31, 2011 that is).

  • FX Messaging

This is the cutest feature of SmartNet!  If we want to say hi to our friends, why not do it in style?  FX message is emotive messaging, a short video that we can share to our contacts.

  • Social Stream

Smart Netphone Status Update

Smart Media Social Stream

SmartNet’s Social Stream is the main driver why I want to own a Netphone 701.  Since the service is being offered by Smart for free till December 31, 2011, I wanted to grab the opportunity.  I just hope Smart will continue to keep it free next year.

A lot of us are super users of Facebook and Twitter.  I must admit that I even subscribed to a postpaid data plan before just to be able to update my Facebook and Twitter accounts when mobile.  If I hadn’t lost my MiFi in a trip, I would have continued with the expensive monthly data plan.  Good thing, Smart launched this at a right time.  Now, I’m saving a lot of money because of this new service.  I get updated with a lot of stuff through the Social Stream.

  • Global Directory

Smart Netphone Global Directory

I never forget my friends’ names but I never remember their exact mobile numbers.  So when I saw the global Directory, I was ecstatic!  All I need to know is my friends’ names and I can add them on my Netphone’s contact list.  As long as they are registered on smartnet.ph or has a Smart netphone, then we can definitely find them in the Smart Global Directory.

  • Safe Internet Browsing

Smart Netphone Internet Setting

You may be wondering how we can access Netphone messaging and Social Stream without being charged a single centavo.  The answer is SmartNet’s Safe Internet Browsing.  As long as you turn it on, then you don’t have to worry about being charged when using the SmartNet’s services.  If you’re clicking links outside of SmartNet services, browsing charges will apply (Php10 for 30 minutes).

How to Get One

Smart Netphone Charging

Smart Netphone 701 is available on prepaid at Php 9,900.  However, you can get it for free at postpaid data lite plan Php800.  You can find full details on plans & subscriptions with Smart Netphone 701 at the Smart Netphone website.

Do I recommend you get it?  Well, it really depends on your needs.  As for me, I’m happy having the Smart Netphone 701 as my secondary phone.  I use it primarily to update my Facebook & Twitter accounts as well as view Facebook status messages and tweets when mobile.

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108 observations on “Smart Netphone 701 Review
  1. jhay

    Gud day, pls help my Netphone 701 nagrerestart sya every time na nag lalaro ako ng games. ano po kya ang problem?

  2. Cris

    please help… pano at ano gagawin ko ang ibang letter ng keypad ko ayaw nang magfunction nahihirapan akong mag txt at mag type ng message… please help kung sino yong may alam dyan

  3. jois

    ate, paano ayusin ang netphone if kapag iturn on ko parati na lng nagastop sa android na signage. reply asap. mag 3 times na ito nasira. yung 2 times, pinareformat ko pero gastos masyado ng 300 pesos . tinanong ko yung umayos ng netphone kung bakit nasira tapos sabi niya na may virus daw pero after nun, nagdownload na ako ng app na anti virus pero wala parin.gusto ko malaman kung paano ayusin without spending money.

  4. jois

    ate or kuya, paano ko ayusin ang netphone 701? kapag i turn on ko ang netphone sige lang siya nagastop sa android na signage. 3 times na nasira ito. yung 2 times na yon, pina ayos ko. 300 ang bayad each paayos. ang sabi daw may virus kaya nung pinaayos ko ng 2nd time nagdownload ako ng anti virus pero wala pa rin. nasira pa rin. tulungan mo ako ireformat ang netphone without spending money. please. reply asap.

  5. jois

    i was using the netphone when it automatically shut down by itself. i doubt it’s a virus because i downloaded an app for anti virus. this situation happened 3 times. the 1st and 2nd time, i didn’t downloaded yet an app for anti virus.the first time, i let it fixed by a guy and he reformat it. the 2nd time, it happen again so, i got it fixed again and i asked if what was wrong with my device and he said “virus” so, i immediately downloaded an app for anti virus but then it happen again. i spent 300 pesos for each repair i don’t wanna spend money again. so please teach me how to reformat my device by my own. reply asap. thanks.


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