I’ve shared a few days back about SugarLeaf’s Organic All You Can but you have to know that there’s so much more about the restaurant than their all-organic salad.  In this post, you’ll see the other products we tried out at SugarLeaf.

SugarLeaf promises us delicious, detoxifying, energizing and healthy food.  I wonder why they named their restaurant as SugarLeaf.  Apparently, Sugarleaf pertains to a plant name stevia, whose leaves has a sweetening capability.  Stevia is regarded as totally safe, has anti-oxidant properties, zero calories and doesn’t affect blood sugar levels.

According to the owners, Sugarleaf symbolizes sweetness, happy thoughts and feelings linked with healthy living and organic lifestyle.  I must agree as after we tried all the yummy food at SugarLeaf, I was a happy foodie 🙂

SugarLeaf Ambiance

SugarLeaf’s tagline is ‘foods that nourish’.  Living up to that goal, Sugarleaf includes a mini-store which features Healthy Picks where they sell locally-sourced organic produce (vegetables, herbs and fruits) from the LaTOP (La Trinidad Organic Practitioners) Multi-purpose Cooperative farmers.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the products has been approved by OCCP (Organic Certification Council of the Philippines) to be all-organic.

Here are the reasons why SugarLeaf think we should buy organic LaTOP products:

  1. Organic produce are grown and handled according to strict procedures and standards
  2. Organic produce are more nutritious and tasty
  3. Produce are free from pesticide residues, growth promoters, genetically modified materials and synthetic chemicals
  4. Organic produce has more health benefits and reduces health risks such as cancer
  5. Organic farming protects the environment and enhances biodiversity
  6. Organic products provides livelihood for marginalised farm families
  7. LaTOP vegetables, with proper handling, have longer shelf-lives

The owners noticed that most organic-produce are only available at weekend markets.  So they decided to have them in Sugarleaf for us to get access to those healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs every single day.

However, it’s not only the vegetables that SugarLeaf offers.  The restaurant and mini store also offers a wide variety of natural, organically produced goods.  Products like free-range chicken, eggs, pork, kambucha, carabao and cow’s milk, organic highland coffee and rice, natural sweeteners, home-made dips and dressings, air-dried tea, organic eggs, kefir milk and yogurt

SugarLeaf Organic Products

SugarLeaf Organic Eggs

SugarLeaf Cold Products for Sale

Who wouldn’t want to eat the food prepared by SugarLeaf using the products they sell?  We surely didn’t!  So we tried out some for lunch last saturday.  I didn’t feel guilty at all as I knew that whatever we had eaten were all good for our health.

  • Liver Cleanse Healing Juice (Php 100)

SugarLeaf Liver Cleanse

This liver cleanse juice is one of the top 2 best selling healing juices that is available in SugarLeaf menu.  It’s a combination of pineapple, carrot, beet root and lime.  Oh, it does taste good!  A must order.  If I may suggest, you can opt not to have the beet root in the mixture as it tasted so much better without it hehehe 😛  Don’t worry as we can choose any combination we like for our all vegan juice.

  • Detox Healing Juice (Php 100)

SugarLeaf Detox

The other bestseller is the detox healing juice.  It’s a combination of apple, grapefruit, watermelon and ginger.  As they say, detoxification is very important as it’s a way for us to remove toxic substances in our body.  You have nothing to worry as the juice tasted good.  Instead of drinking so much artificial juices, having SugarLeaf’s healing juices is the way to go.

  • Organic All You Can (Php 400)

SugarLeaf Organic All You Can

Do I need to say more?  Check out my full review of this awesome eat all you can organic salad (with complimentary bowl of SugarLeaf’s soup of the day).

  • Good Kefir Smoothie (Php 100)

SugarLeaf Kefir

Goody Kefir is considered the emperor of yoghurt.  With the long list of health benefits, we can never go wrong with this drink.  You see, Kefir is a probiotic preparation that includes 40 different species of GOOD bacteria.  I must admit I’m not a fan of yogurt.  However, I’ve started to embrace it as chefs has been making the yoghurt yummier.  Just like this pinacolada flavor that we ordered in SugarLeaf.  It’s a combination of kefir, pineapple and coconut.

I was offered coconut sugar if I didn’t like the bitter taste of Kefir.  Lo and behold, it made the drink sweeter and I ended up liking it!  Whee!

SugarLeaf Coconut Sugar

Can’t get enough of Kefir?  SugarLeaf sells it too!  Flavors available are mango, strawberry, banana, vanilla and plain kefir.

SugarLeaf Kefir

  • Turkey Waldorf (Php 180)

SugarLeaf Turkey Sandwich

I was totally surprised with the presentation of this Turkey Waldorf.  I’m not fond of sandwiches so my friend had this.  I did taste the sandwich though.  I must say that the Turkey Waldofr which is a classic salad in a sandwich looked and tasted so nutricious!  The delish sandwich is made of turkey, red apple, celery, toasted cashew nuts dressed with kefir-nutmeg-mayo and served in raisin-cinnamon bagel.  Whew!  See how the recipe was made in so much detail.  Would you believe that one of the owners. Gina Yambot, who created most of the recipes in Sugarleaf was self-taught?  She didn’t even go to a professional school but her creations are so up there!

Organic products for sale, organic food creations available for dine in PLUS workshops covering various topics about healthy eating — those three things are being offered at SugarLeaf at decent prices.  Such a small price for taking care of our body and well-being.

Thanks to the owners Angelo Songco, Jeren Lorenzo, Gina Yambot and Rman Lorenzo for putting up SugarLeaf.  I know the San Juan branch is still new since it just opened last February 2011.  I do really hope they expand soon as I want to have more of SugarLeaf.

SugarLeaf Owners

I had such a great time and for the first time, I didn’t feel guilty having eaten so much food!  My friend even bought several products home.  We also had a great experience to share with you.  I have this blog as medium.  So here’s my advice: If you want to be really healthy, then you should try out SugarLeaf.  You’ll love it!

SugarLeaf Roch and Ane

G/F Health Cube Building, 226 Wilson Street, West Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines 1502
(02) 385-0387

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