SugarLeaf’s Organic All You Can

SugarLeaf Organic All You Can

A few days ago, I publicly announced in my Facebook wall that I’m determined to lose 10 to 15 pounds more to reach my ideal weight.  It’s timely that I ended up eating the most delicious healthy food in the Metro a day after I posted the status message.  I must admit I’m one of those people who easily believe brands who advertise their product as healthy.  Honestly, when you get to try REAL healthy food, you would know the difference.

That’s how I felt when I finally tried out SugarLeaf.  It was a great foodie discovery that I wanna share with you.  The small healthy restaurant is located at the G/F of the Health Cube Building along Wilson Street in San Juan.  Such a perfect location to put SugarLeaf as the people going to that building are health-conscious people (in the truest sense!).

SugarLeaf Restaurant

SugarLeaf is just a small place.  It’ll probably just fit 40 people but the food they serve are just overwhelmingly good!

SugarLeaf Ambiance

We chose the table beside the big window.  In the picture below, you’ll see my cute friend ready to order some healthy food for our lunch.  I especially love that spot as we get to see the full view of SugarLeaf.  The lighting is very nice there too!

SugarLeaf Fav Spot

Aside from serving food, SugarLeaf also sells the products in the restaurant.  My friend bought several nuts and other food products to take home to her family 🙂  I can truly say that SugarLeaf is a haven for healthy buffs.  As more and more people are getting conscious with their well-being, I really hope that SugarLeaf will open more branches as it’s rare that we can find restaurants like it!

SugarLeaf Organic Products

I was there to try out SugarLeaf’s Organic All You Can but I ended up eating a lot more (I’ll save the other dishes we tried in a separate post).  For this blog post, I’ll concentrate on the Organic All You Can offering of SugarLeaf.

With SugarLeaf’s Organic All You Can, we can enjoy and savour unlimited servings of nutritious organic vegetables with a variety of home-made dips, dressings and sauces for only Php 400.00!  It comes with a complimentary bowl of SugarLeaf’s soup of the day.

Who wouldn’t want eat salad that is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals?  SugarLeaf has the stamp of approval from the OCCP (Organic Certification Council of the Philippines) to prove that the produce (vegetables, fruits and herbs) is all-organic.  Now, that’s a guarantee.

We were also fortunate that SugarLeaf co-owner Angelo Songco was there to chit-chat with us and share what SugarLeaf is all about.  He was explaining each of the ingredient included in the Organic All You Can.  I’m truly impressed with the level of detail the owners put into each of the products they offer at SugarLeaf.  They aren’t just making business but they are trying to influence us to have a healthier lifestyle.  I really appreciate that.

SugarLeaf's Angelo Songco

When you order SugarLeaf’s Organic All You Can, you get a complimentary bowl of their soup of the day.  We were lucky as we got to try out two different soups (one for me and one for my friend).  My friend had the Pechay Sayote soup.  I tried it and I must say, it tasted soooooooo nice!  The pechay really stood out in this dish.  Do you know that SugarLeaf used chicken broth in the soup?

SugarLeaf Pechay Sayote Soup

I, on the other hand, had the all vegetarian soup.  It’s veggie in the purest sense.  The soup was made from tatsoy (a Japanese pechay), celery, onions, garlic and spinach.  It had strong veggie flavors but I didn’t mind.  It tasted just as good.  Having tasted the soup, I already knew that we would be having a great lunch.  I was excited to try out the salad!

SugarLeaf Vegetarian Soup

The Organic All You Can consists of 4 major components:

  • Greens

SugarLeaf Salad

SugarLeaf Alfalfa

The vegetables that basically make up the salad.  The greens are served mixed.  Types of veggies included will depend on the store availability that day.  We had Lolo Rosa, Romaine and Lettuce that day.  SugarLeaf complete list of greens include: Romaine, Lolo Rosa, Spinach, Arugula and Alfalfa.

  • Vegetables

SugarLeaf Carrots

SugarLeaf Red Radish

SugarLeaf Cucumber

Pictures doesn’t lie.  Just see how fresh the vegetables looked?  And to think that we can have unlimited servings of those all-organic vegetables, I was already hoping that time would stop at that moment.  I wanted to get more of it and enjoy the salad more.

  • Other toppings

SugarLeaf Raisins

SugarLeaf Apple

SugarLeaf Walnuts

Fruits, raisins, walnuts are great ingredients to our all-organic salad.  The walnuts are not roasted or fried and they came from the U.S.!  Everything is just so fresh, healthy and pure!

  • Dressing

SugarLeaf Salad Sauces

I’m not exaggerating when I say that SugarLeaf has the best selections of Salad dressing!  We tried each and every one of them.  Each actually has a distinct taste and it felt like we were having 5 different salads altogether.  We tried Passion Fruit, Orange Mango, Raspberry, Lemon Balm and Live Kefir.  My favorite has got to be the raspberry!

SugarLeaf Organic Sauces for Sale

If you’re like me who can’t get enough of the dressing, SugarLeaf sells them too!  The restaurant has a mini store inside that sells the organic veggies, kefir drinks, salad dressings and other healthy products.

If I don’t get you to try out SugarLeaf with this post, then I’ll surely be sad.  As I wanted to share how delicious SugarLeaf’s Organic All-You-Can is.  I was eating for 2 hours and I even lost track of time.  If I didn’t have a scheduled meet with colleagues to the Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 event that day, I would have stayed and sampled more of the delicious and healthy SugarLeaf salad.  It’s THAT good!  You also pamper your body that way as it’s packed with nutrients and vitamins.

SugarLeaf Organic Salad

I was practically asking the owner to open a branch in Makati near my workplace.  I seriously want to eat healthier and I know SugarLeaf serves food that is good for our body.  I wish they can fulfill my request in the future 🙂

Roch at SugarLeaf

Wait, I’m NOT yet done.  Do you know that AwesomePH will offer SugarLeaf’s Organic All You Can at 50% off from September 12-23, 2011?  You have to watch out for that!  Php 199 for Php 400 worth of unlimited SugarLeaf all-Organic Salad with complimentary soup of the day.  You surely don’t wanna miss that.

G/F Health Cube Building, 226 Wilson Street, West Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines 1502
(02) 385-0387

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