California Berry

California Berry

I’ve seen California Berry all over the metro but I never had the chance to try it until last saturday.  I was invited to try out some of their food offering and share my experience here in HeaRty’s Haven.

The branch I was asked to go to was the one at Mezza Residences.  I was shocked to learn that parking fee is at Php 25 per hour!  I guess the target audience of the establishments in this condominium is mainly the Mezza residents.  If ever I want to go back to California Berry, I will go to their other branches.  There are many of them anyway.  In fact, there’s one near my house! 🙂

I love the ambiance of California Berry.  It gives such a welcoming feeling.  I love the lively colors and stylish designs.  The place is so pleasing to the eyes.  California Berry is a happy place.

California Berry Ambiance

The whole menu is framed at the counter with all the pictures of their bestsellers.  While California Berry is known for their non-fat frozen yogurt, they also serve other items too!  I’ll share with you in this post, everything that I tried while I was there.

California Berry Counter

Fresh Fruit Blends

While California Berry also serves serves organic coffee for Php 85, I opted to order their fresh fruit blends.  I love fresh fruit shakes and that’s something I can’t resist whenever I see those in the menu.

Of course, California Berry’s version has got to have yogurt.  So the fresh fruit blends is actually a combination of fresh fruits and yogurt.

I tried out Mango Tango and Banana Rama.  There are other flavors too like: Doubleberry (strawberry & blueberry), FluShot (strawberry, kiwi & orange) and WhipItUp (our choice of 3 fruits to blend).

  • Mango Tango (Php 95) & Banana Rama (Php 95)

California Berry Drinks

Mango Tango is a combination of mango, banana & peach.  However, banana flavor really stood out in the combination.

The other drink I tried was the Banana Rama, a combination of kiwi, banana, mango.  California Berry named this drink right as I didn’t taste the kiwi and the mango at all!  It tasted like pure banana shake (not that I’m complaining!).  It tasted fresh and yummy! 🙂


Before the yogurt and the food were served, I noticed the colorful utensils in our table.  Gee, not only do the place looked so youthful but it also matches the colorful spoons and forks!  I actually really took notice of them!  They were so nice to look at that I have to pause for 2 seconds before getting one for myself hahaha!

California Berry Colorful Spoons


I was there for lunch and I wouldn’t want to have just frozen yogurt so I was really glad that California Berry serves pasta.  There are four kinds of pasta to choose from: Seafood Alfredo (Php 145), Pasta Carbonara (Php 135), Cheesy Lasagna (Php 145) and Spaghetti Bolognese (Php 125).

  • Seafood Alfredo (Php 145)

California Berry 9

If you’re in a hurry and you’re starving then this is perfect as California Berry serves pasta really fast.

  • Cheesy Lasagna (Php 145)

 California Berry 8

I haven’t eaten lasagna for a long time so I was really happy that this was served in our table.  I immediately started eating.  I believe California Berry’s pasta dishes were prepared beforehand then when a customer orders, they will just heat it in the oven.  It still tasted nice nevertheless.

Frozen Yogurt & Ice Ice Baby

The highlight for me is the yogurt which is what California Berry is all about.  California Berry prides itself for having 100% non-fat, healthy frozen yogurt using only non-fat milk in their yogurt mixture.

California Berry Roch

They have a wide array of toppings to choose from. We can make our own yogurt combination to our stomach’s desire 😛  One topping costs Php20 while 2 toppings for Php 30 and 3 toppings for Php 40.

California Berry Toppings

California Berry More Toppings

California Berry do have their signature creations as well which I recommend as the mixture of ingredients worked very well.  They wouldn’t call it Signature Creation if the recipe they made isn’t delicious, right?

If you’re not the adventurous type, you can just order the original flavor without toppings (S-Php60, M-Php85, L-Php115).  If you prefer flavored yogurt then the price is slightly higher (S-Php65, M-Php90, L-Php120).

Here are the ones that I got to try out:

  • Medium-sized Original Yogurt with Cherries, Almonds and Marshmallows (Php 125)

California Berry 3

  • Medium-sized Blueberry Yogurt with Lychee, Walnuts and Mangoes (Php 130)

California Berry 2

  • Medium-sized Blueberry Yogurt with Mangoes, Cherries and Kiwi (Php 130)

California Berry 7

I liked the frozen yogurt especially the one with cherries, marshmallows and almonds.  However, when I got to try the new menu of California Berry which is the Ice Ice Baby, my attention was all there.  Ice Ice Baby is not a frozen yogurt but an ice cream.  It’s low-fat and it’s shaved ice cream that is pretty refined.

Ice Ice Baby is only available in large cup and it comes with 2 toppings of your choice.  Price is at Php 65 which is pretty cheap.  If you want to add 1 more topping, you add Php 20.  If I’m you, I will stick with 2 toppings.  You might want to go try the ice ice baby without the toppings too.  I feel you won’t be able to appreciate the ice cream if the taste of the toppings is overpowering it.  Well, it’s your choice.

  • Watermelon Ice Ice Baby with Cherries and Marshmallows (Php 65)

California Berry 6

  • Watermelon Ice Ice Baby with Kiwi and Mangoes (Php 65)

California Berry 5

  • Strawberry Ice Ice Baby with Chocolate Chips, Jelly Beans and Orange Berries (Php 85)

California Berry 4

My choice for the day!  Super duper pleasing to the eyes plus it was oh, so delicious!!! :D:D:D

  • Taro Ice Ice Baby with Oreo and Rainbow Sprinkles (Php 65)

California Berry 1

It’s totally not my usual lunch but I was satisfied nevertheless.  I had a complete meal from pastas to desserts.  The fruit shake was a great drink to go with them too!

Thanks California Berry!  Me and my blogger friends who were there enjoyed the food that we had.  Till next time! 🙂

California Berry Group Pic

California Berry
SM Mezza Residences, Aurora cor. Araneta Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Roch Signature

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  1. pusangkalye

    kasi naman.ang sarap ng froyo and pasta sa Californiaberry.yan tuloy ang photogenic ko sa picture!!lols. missed you Rochelle, glad we got to see each other again.tagal narin at ang dami nang nangyari.hehehe


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