JB Music & Sports Historical Himig Lakas Sale Extended

JB Music & Sports Historical Himig Lakas Sale Extended

When JB Music & Sports extended their sale, I had a feeling that there would be another surprise this week.  I thought that the sale most probably be for the whole month of October 2011.  I also thought that they might be adding some more discount for their final week of Historical Himig-Lakas Sale.

Well, good news to us!  The sale is indeed EXTENDED!  We still get 45% off on all items in JB Music & Sports stores.  The bonus is that there are some items that are marked at 70% off!

I knew it!  That’s mainly the reason why I haven’t bought the items that I was eyeing for 2 weeks now.  With more discounts this week, I’m a bit confused as to which instrument to buy.  I’m currently hurrying to decide between getting a drum set (which I’ve been wishing to have for so long), a violin and an electric guitar.

Here are some highlighted items in the sale:

  • LP 45th Anniversary Conga

LP 45th Anniversary Conga

Do the Conga! This 45th Anniversary Conga from LP is really hard to ignore. With its size, color and shape plus the foot shaking beats that comes out of it, this beautiful masterpiece of percussion gets everyone dancing!

  • Suzuki Electric Guitar Package

Suzuki Electric Guitar Package

Who says learning to rock out is expensive? This Electric Guitar Bundle comes fully equipped with all the things you need in order to start your road to becoming the next biggest thing in music!

  • M-Audio Oxygen 61

M-Audio Oxygen 61

In need of a good controller? The M-Audio Oxygen 61 boasts of its amazing capabilities and good looks! Go check it out for yourself because believe me, nothing beats giving it a real test-drive!

  • M-Audio Pro Tools Vocal Studio

M-Audio Pro Tools Vocal Studio

Need a quick way to record your vocals? This is the right item for you! It comes with an M-Audio USB Condenser Microphone plus a version of Pro Tools, all the items you need to produce quality recordings at an affordable price.

I need to decide ASAP or the stocks might run out and I will end up not getting the items that I want.  I suggest you don’t waste your time too!  I believe that this will be the final week for JB Music & Sports’ Historical Himig Sale.  Don’t miss it!  Go now! 🙂

Historical Himig-Lakas Sale
JB Music & Sports
All Stores Except JB Music Audio Solutions
Different Rates Apply for Visayas and Mindanao

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