KFC Double Down is BACK!

KFC Zinger Double Down

Whatta morning!  Today, I’m working from home.  At around 9:00AM, the doorbell in my house rang.  I opened the door and had the shock of my life! hahaha!

Before I continue on with my story, let me break the surprise already.

KFC Double Down is BACK!  Yes, it’s definitely back and with a big bang!  I know a lot of us do miss it as it was just a limited release last year.  I remember that I had to go back multiple times in different KFC branches because it was always out of stock.  A lot of us were so anxious to try it out.  Since the promo ended, we missed it a bunch too… well, it’s time for us to rejoice again!

KFC Previous Double Down Sandwich

Now back to my story, I saw this energetic man with a fireman costume at the door.  He was so giddy!  He was in a hurry and told me that he was there to deliver to me something good and very very hot!

KFC Cool Delivery Guy

He opened his bag and reached down to get KFC Zinger Double Down!  Oh my gosh!!!  I knew it!  The long wait is finally over!  It’s really the famous double down!

KFC Getting the Hot Double Down

Now packaged as KFC Zinger Double Down.  I immediately took a picture of the product and started eating.  I wanted to see if it has any difference with the one that they released last year.

KFC Zinger Double Down

Another surprise!  The chicken!!! It’s now HOT & CRISPY!!!  I remember the Double Down that was released last year only had the original chicken flavor.  It’s now hot & crispy, yes, hot & crispy!  Sorry, I kept repeating myself.  I was wishing before that they do a hot & crispy version but KFC didn’t release it last year.  So I just had the biggest surprise earlier when I noticed that the chicken is indeed hot & crispy.

Finally, my perfect KFC Double Down and it’s now called — KFC Zinger Double Down.  Most probably because it’s hot & crispy!

KFC Yummy Zinger Double Down

I finally broke the news!  You might want to check it out at KFC stores today but I’m so sorry, it’s not out YET.  You don’t have to wait for long though because KFC will be launching it tomorrow!!!  That’s October 28, 2011.  You can get the exact timing from the KFC Philippines Facebook Page where they have a countdown on when exactly the KFC Zinger Double Down will come out.

KFC Free the Double Down

I’m so happy that I was the first who got to try it out.  According to the team who delivered the wonderful yummy product to me earlier, I was first in their list.  So technically, I was the first one who got the chance to try out KFC Zinger Double Down.  I had to allot time and write this entry as I cannot handle my excitement any longer!

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3 observations on “KFC Double Down is BACK!
  1. Isel

    A fireman telling you he’s delivering something very very hot seems like a premise for a porn movie. But yeah, I think the double down is better with a hot and crispy chicken fillet instead of the original.

  2. Kathleen

    Wow!! Congrats!! According to logistics, they can’t deliver to my place.. haayy.. Now I know what’s back! Thanks for the post. 🙂

  3. Edelweiss_19

    haha, my KFC double down just arrived this morning…love its new look, texture and flavor! yumeeeh! 🙂


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