Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan

Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan

The Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan is mainly a foodie event that showcases the best of Kapampangan dishes.

Several restaurants and caterers participated in the event sharing their bestselling traditional Kapampangan dishes.  It’s an event that I was so glad I attended.  Even with the 2 hour travel time, it was so worth it!

Being a Manileno, I truly appreciate that I was able to try out dishes from one of the best culinary places in the Philippines.  Pampanga has got to be the place where most well-moved Pinoy dishes came from.

We arrived at Museo Ning Angeles at around 8:45AM.  We were greeted with the beautiful presentation from Angeles City National Trade School Drum and Lyre.  They were all smiles dancing and marching even if the sun was rising so warmly.

Pampangan Fiesta Performers

As we entered, we were offered a drink called Batteron Chocolate.  I’m not fond of chocolate but this drink made me want some more.  I ended up bugging the server what the drink was and how it was made.  It was that good!

So the secret is…. peanut!  The Batteron Chocolate was made with cocoa and peanuts!

Pampanga Chocolate Drink

Next, we were served with Putong Babi!  I haven’t eaten breakfast because our meet up time was at 6:40AM.  Boy, am I so glad to see the yummy-looking bread.  Putong Babi, if translated to english, is pork bread.

Pampangan Meat Bread

Almost everywhere I looked, I saw the smiling organizers willing to answer any questions.  They were very happy to see us non-Kapampangans visiting their city.  I was happy too! 🙂

I noticed the organizers wearing the ‘Angeles City, I like!’ T-shirt.  I really like that they branded Angeles City that way.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was given a shirt to take home too!  I’m planning on wearing it real soon because I super enjoyed my visit at Angeles City.  I can truly say that Angeles City, I LIKE! 😀

Angeles City I like

Here are the components of the Angeles City logo (my comment: so well thought of!  I’m so impressed!):

  • Brown represents Kuliat (old Angeles; kuliat refers to the type of vine that used to grow in the area in abundance)
  • Multi-color represents a new and vibrant Angeles City.
  • Gray phoenix Monument which will be erected in late 2012, will serve as Angeles City’s iconic landmark symbolizing the city rising like the phoenix from the ashes of Mt. Pinatubo.  The monument immortalizes Angeleno resilience and the celebration of life after the tragedy caused by the great volcanic eruption of 1991.

We got the package (Php 1,000) that includes a walking tour of the historic district of Angeles City and Luncheon Buffet.  Here’s a rundown of our overall experience:

  • Museo Ning Angeles


A very precious asset of Angeles City is their museum named Museo Ning Angeles.  It was there that I learned the events that transpired from past to present.  A great way to get to know Angeles City.

  • Pamintuan Mansion


The Pamintuan mansion served as the residence of our former President Emilio Aguinaldo for a few months and was made central headquarters of major general Arthur MacArthur, Jr.

  • Center for Kapampangan Studies

Center for Kapampangan Studies

This has got to be the most interesting place I visited in Angeles City, Pampanga.  Center for Kapampangan Studies has shown so much about Kapampangan history and culture.  It surely made me appreciate the province more.

  • Kapampangan Luncheon Buffet

Luncheon Buffet

The best of the best culinary creations from Pampanga can be found at the Kapampangan Luncheon Buffet.  Definitely one of my memorable foodie trips!

The Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan is part of the Fiestang Kuliat 2011.

Fiestang Kuliat 2011

There are 4 more days left in the celebration.  Here are the rest of the activities for October 2011.  I highly suggest you sign up for the Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan on October 30, 2011.  I recommend it!

  • October 26-27 (10am to 6pm)  3 on 3 Basketball Tournament at SM City Clark
  • October 28-29 (6pm to 4am)  Tigtigan Terakan Keng Dalan Festival at Mon Tang Avenue, Mc Arthur Highway
  • October 28 (4am to 6pm)  Piesta Ning Apung Macalulu – Feast of our Lord of Mercy at Holy Rosary Church
  • October 29 (7am to 1pm)  Guinness World Records Attempt: Longest Sitting Massage at SM Clark Bayanihan Park
  • October 23 & 30 (11am to 2pm)  Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan: Lunch Buffet & Food Fair at Museo Ning Angeles
  • October 30 (10am to 2pm)  Closing Ceremonies of the Fiestang Kuliat 2011 at Museo Ning Angeles

Thanks to Mayor Ed Pamintuan for supporting and spearheading this initiative.  It’s so nice to see that we are driving tourism!  Philippines is truly beautiful!  I’m just so glad that I’m sharing my beautiful experience with Angeles City with you.  Please come visit Angeles City.  Try the Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan!  It’s happening this sunday, October 30, at Museo Ning Angeles.  Please make your reservation now! 🙂  Here’s the number you can call: (045) 887-4703.

Roch with Mayor Pamintuan

Roch Signature

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