Luncheon Buffet at Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan

Pamangan Piyestang Kapampangan

The highlight for me was the awesome lunch buffet.  We didn’t even sit at the dining area because we’ve chosen to stay at the buffet room instead where the buffet table is at.  We were anxious to eat and enjoy the food fast and have lots of multiple servings.

I was so excited as it was totally my first time to enjoy purely kapampangan dishes that are very well-loved.

We went back to Museo Ning Angeles as it was there where the food is at.  The luncheon was held at the Culinarium which also has a kitchen exhibit featuring tons of cooking materials.

kapampangan culinarium

Me and several media practitioners were graciously waiting for the food.  We were all looking at the menu displayed at each of our tables.

Kapampangan Dining Area

I noticed Kapampangan’s love for food as they put on display the dishes that they are proud of.  Each frame has a picture of the dish, the name and also a description.  I learned a lot about the food as I spent some time reading them while I was waiting.  I felt that every dish was made with love.

I actually found out that Kapampangans usually cook their own food.  Everyone’s a good cook!

kapampangan food frames

There was beautiful entertainment that came with the food.  I super loved the costumes and make-up!  I couldn’t resist as I peeked through their cast room and requested for their picture to be taken.  They warmly agreed.  Kapampangans are so cool!

Kapampangan Entertainment

Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan showcases the best of the best of Kapampangan cuisine.  As you can see in the list of food enumerated below, on parenthesis is the name of establishment/person/group who prepared the dish.

After our fun tour of Museo Ning Angeles, Pamintuan Mansion and Center for Kapampangan Studies, we were all ready to dive in.  However, we have to wait for almost an hour because our media friends had to take pictures and videos of the food.

Kapampangan buffet

Not surprisingly, we finished all the food at the buffet table! Hahahaha!  Even after the event, some of us were even munching on the desserts.  Noone wanted to stop eating!

  • Ensaladang Ampalaya (Culinarium)

Kapampangan ampalaya

I know ampalaya is not for everyone as some people don’t like the bitter taste of the vegetable.  I, however, enjoyed this ampalaya salad.  It wasn’t as bitter as I thought and the ampalaya was served fresh, wow!  I never thought ampalaya can be a great salad and I’ll surely keep this in mind.

  • Adobung Pugu (Glo-an’s)

kapampangan chicken

We are used to have pork and chicken adobo.  Kapampangans, however, are made of quail.  The same as how we knew adobo, the ingredients were stewed in vinegar, garlic, soy sauce and bay leaves.

  • Adobung Camaru (Cely’s Carinderia)

kapampangan insect

When I saw this dish, I was scared!!!  Imagine seeing tons of insect for you to eat!  Yaiks!  I knew I had to try it since it’s a popular delicacy in Pampanga.  I mean why would I go to a Kapampangan food fiesta if I wouldn’t try out their dishes, exotic or not, right?

The camaru is a mole cricket that actually can be eaten if fried and made into arobu.  Other ingredients include fresh tomatoes, native onions, garlic and pepper.

  • Pindang Damulag (Ting’s Canteen)

kapampangan pork

At first glance, I thought it was tocino but apparently, it wasn’t!

Pindang Damulag is cured carabao meat in thick sugar syrup fermented until it becomes lightly sour.  The preparation definitely wasn’t simple and it was all worth it as it tasted good.  A must-try!

  • Betute Tugak (19Coping-copung)

kapampangan frog

I’ve tried eating frogs before but only its legs.  This time, the one at the Pampanga fiesta looked like live frogs!  Yaiks!!!  I never hesitated to eat frog legs but that time, I was hesitating too much.  I had this slimy frogs image on my mind.

Gladly, I saw my seat mate eating it.  I saw that it was actually stuffed frogs!  I tried it and boy, do I love it!  Sarap (delicious)!!!  The frog was stuffed with ground pork and seasoned with herbs & spices.  It was then deep fried to a crisp.

  • Ningnang Tilapia (Culinarium)

kapampangan fish

A simple grilled tilapia.  I suggest you eat this together with the Buru (fermented rice w/ shrimp)

.  The combination works perfectly!

  • Piritong Hito (Culinarium)

kapampangan fish cuts

There was also the deep-fried catfish if you prefer fish to be fried.  As suggested earlier, this works perfectly with Buru too!

  • Buru at Gule (Herminia Pamintuan)

kapampangan orange dish

Buru is fermented rice with small shrimps or fish.  It’s a known Kapampangan dish and everyone should try it!  I’m glad I did! 😀

The buru was a great sight to see!  I wanna just scoop and get lots of it to eat.  However, I had to ask fellow blogger Wyatt (who lives in Pampanga) on how to eat it, hahaha!  Apparently, I have to wrap it in mustard leaves (photo below) and put it together with vegetables and fish.

kapampangan veggies

  • Kari-kari (Batis Asul Caterers)

kapampangna kare kare

Pampanga’s version of Kare Kare doesn’t have too much sauce which i think a lot of people prefer.  I, on the other hand, love the peanut sauce.  However, the bagoong has filled that gap for me.  Bagoong + Kari-kari = Perfect!

  • Bringhe (Delyn’s Fastfood)

kapampangan paella

Pampanga is known for its wonderful cuisine.  Their version of Paella definitely proves that point.  It was oh so yummy!  The secret to its aroma is that the paella was cooked in banana leaves thus it didn’t stick to the pan.

Bringhe (Paella) is flavored rice made of glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk, colored and flavored in turmeric and topped with chicken, vegetables, pork and egg.

  • Embutido (Howard Dizon Catering Services)

kapampangan embutido

Oh, oh embutido!  My face did definitely light up when I saw the dish.  It’s basically our version of meatloaf.  Ours is made of ground pork, carrots, pickles and onions 🙂  Super delicious!  Perfect with our old-favorite ketchup sauce!

  • Lengua with Castanas (Howard Dizon Catering Services)

kapampangan beef

Who doesn’t love lengua?  Well, I surely do love to eat them!  Pampanga’s version of Lengua has chestnuts in it and it was so good!

  • Sisig Pisngi at Balugbug Babi

kapampangan sisig

I learned that Sisig came from Pampanga.  It was known to mean ‘to snack on something sour’ but it was also referred as a method of preparing meat or fish.  The method pertaining to marination with lemon juice and vinegar and seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices.

This particular sisig that we have eaten was made of pisngi (pig’s cheek) and balugbug babi (pig’s ears).  Finally, I was able to eat authentic sisig!  Yay!

  • Paksing Litsun (Cabalen Restaurant)

kapampangan lechon paksiw

We had Pampanga’s lechon 2-ways.  First one was paksiw style.  It’s basically lechon cooked in lechon sauce.  The items that are included in the lechon sauce usually are liver paste, bread crumbs, garlic, onions, brown sugar and vinegar.  I had a lechon overload but it was worth it! 😀

  • Litsun Babi (Apung Bilyung)

kapampangan lechon

It’s Pampanga’s own native lechon.  As expected, the lechon was crispy and tender!  The difference between Litsun Babi and other cities’ lechon is that Pampanga’s lechon is served with a sweet and sour sauce made from mashed pork liver.

  • Fresh Fruits

kapampangan fruits

Fruits will never be absent in any kind of food buffets.  I appreciate that both the watermelon and pineapple were sweet!  Coolness!

  • Ginataan with Inangit

kapampangan banana

At first I thought that the picture above were two different desserts, but then they should be eaten together.  I’m just so glad that I started with desserts before eating the main courses, if not, I wouldn’t have any more space for them!

  • Leche Flan (Susie’s Cuisine)

kapampangan leche flan

  • Turon with Dip (Juan Sebastian Catering Services)

kapampangan turon

What a beautiful presentation!  It didn’t look like a pinoy buffet at all because the way it looked was just too classy.  Aha!  If there’s a contest for desserts, I would suggest that we take this in as our entry!  What a genius and fun way to present our favorite banana lumpia (turon)!

  • Mochi (Susie’s Cuisine)

kapampangan dessert

Probably one of the most popular take-home desserts in Pampanga.  Susie’s Cuisine’s mochi is rice cake filled with red beans inside.  It’s very sweet and definitely will satisfy your sweet tooth.  Yum yum!

  • Tibuk-tibuk (Susie’s Cuisine)

kapampangan biko

Tibuk-tibuk is another winner dessert!  Made from carabao’s milk, this recipe was a definite winner in my book.  If you love to eat panna cotta, then this is our pinoy/kapampangan version.  Love our own! 🙂

  • Lychee Sherbet (Gill’s Ice Dream)

kapampangan lychee dessert

I super duper over to the max love sherbet.  I always and will forever choose sherbet over any type of ice cream any time!  I wish I could have asked for more but my shyness took over me 😛

  • Camuti with Gatas Damulag (Herminia Pamintuan)

kapampangan milk dessert

A lot of people have left the culinarium but the ones who remained in the place kept eating still.  Guess what?  It’s the Camuti with gatas damulag that people couldn’t resist to!  They were going back and forth just to get their nth (!) serving of the dessert!  I now know that if I have to learn a Kapampangan dessert, it has got to be this one!  Boiled sweet potatoes with Carabao milk.  Excellent creation by Mrs. Pamintuan!  Bravo!

There were several dishes that were made by Herminia Pamintuan.  Do you know that she’s the wife of the mayor?  Dishes featured here in this post like the super winner Camuti with Gatas Damulag and Buru at Gule (which coincidentally were two of my favorite dishes in the buffet) were her creations!

She was so accommodating with all our questions and you can see how passionate she is with kapampangan dishes.  We were lucky to have tasted her work.

kapampangan mayors wife

Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan is still ongoing (October 23 and October 30, 2011, 10am to 2pm).  You can experience the same foodie experience too!  Just head on over to Museo Ning Angeles for the sunday lunch buffet.  To reserve, call (045) 887-4703.  It’s definitely super worth it!  All the yummy authentic Kapampangan dishes in one place.  It’s the best of the best and I strongly suggest you don’t miss that chance.  The sunday buffet costs Php800.

Pamangan Piyestang Kapampangan
Museo Ning Angeles 2/F Sto. Rosario street, Sto. Rosario Historic District, Angeles City, Philippines
(045) 887-4703

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