BPI Express Mobile App for Smartphones Launched

BPI Express Mobile App for Smartphones Launched

I’ve been very impressed with BPI lately.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I learned that BPI partnered with Globe Telecom to launch a commemorative Tattoo broadband stick that allows access to BPI Express Online and other BPI sites even without any prepaid load.

Last friday, I got to experience BPI’s slip-less service.  I was totally blown away that we don’t need to fill up deposit/withdrawal slips anymore.  We just need to go to the machine, enter the transaction and details by simply touching the screen, take the service number, go to the designated seats and wait for the service number to come up and proceed to the teller assigned.  Everything was fast, convenient and efficient.  I kept raving about it on my social media accounts.

Never did I realize that the Breaking Dawn Part 1 block-off screening I attended that same friday night was to publicly launch another new service of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).  BPI just keeps thinking of ways to make our banking easier.  I’m a very proud customer! 🙂

The newest service that unfolded was something mobile and it’s a BPI Express Mobile application for Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones!  Whee!  Finally, an application that is made specifically for our phones.  Now, I don’t need to go to my phone’s browser just to go to BPI Express Online.

There’s an app for everyone.  You see there are two types of online accounts on BPI Express Online: Personal and Business.

BPI Online Baking Login

BPI has launched BPI ExpressLink Mobile for Business users while BPI Express Mobile was made for Personal users.  I’ll be showing you BPI Express Mobile for iOS as I have a personal account and an iPhone.  I was excited as I downloaded the application…

BPI Mobile Apps

Contrary to what we are used to, the BPI Express Mobile application has a special way of installation.  It’s not as easy as downloading from the appstore and logging in with our BPI Express Online username and password.

I’m not sure why BPI created it that way.  I’m thinking that maybe they were trying to make it secure as finances are sensitive stuff.

In order to make the BPI Express Mobile application work, you need to log in to your BPI Express Online account using your PC and go to Other Services –> Express Mobile Registration –> Mobile Banking.

BPI Mobile Banking Registration

BPI mobile registration

You will then receive a text message with the download link.  Once done, all you need to do is enter the same User ID and password that you use for BPI Express Online.

BPI mobile app download

Through the BPI Express Mobile application, you can enjoy the convenience of conducting banking transactions from your mobile phone.  Features include:

  • getting real-time deposit and loan balances
  • transferring funds from your enrolled accounts to any BPI account
  • paying bills to more than 300 partner merchants
  • reloading prepaid phones and broadband sticks
  • ordering for a checkbook
  • email confirmation sent to your registered email address for every financial transaction done
  • Verisign security certificate which enables SSL for end-to-end encryption

bpi express mobile menu

BPI Express Mobile Features

With services like these, I surely am relieved to have chosen Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) as my bank.  They are truly serious when they say, “Let’s Make it Easy.”.  Bravo, BPI! 🙂

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  1. Kherwin remandaban

    Your blog post was a big help to me, with mobile banking as the topic of my research paper. I would like also to say that I’ve “lifted” some information from your blog. Thanks… 

  2. Eksesima17

    hi, may i ask. kelangan po tlaga mag enrol sa express online? after that, magagamit na ang BPI express mobile for iphone?


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