Cifu Asian Cooking

Cifu Asian Cooking

One time, I was really starving and was craving to eat something new.  I remembered that there was a new restaurant in Banawe, Quezon City.  I thought then why not try it?  In spite of there being a lot of Chinese restaurants in Banawe, Cifu Asian Cooking might have something unique to offer dining customers.

I asked two of my friends to accompany me and we had a delightful dinner.  Everything that we ordered that night was yummy!  I seriously couldn’t get over it so I went back to the restaurant that same weekend, this time for lunch.

During our first visit to Cifu Asian Cooking, we had dimsum as Cifu has a promo every 2-5PM and 9PM to 12MN wherein we get dimsum at 30% off!  We also tried their Pad Thai as there was a big banner outside the restaurant encouraging guests to try the dish.  For drinks, we had milk tea (my favorite drink!).

On the other hand, I had a heavy meal at Cifu on my second visit.  I tried their bestsellers.  Gee, just writing this entry makes me hungry! hahaha!

Without further ado, here are the dishes that I was able to try out during my 2 visits to Cifu Asian Cooking in Banawe:

  • Flavored Milk Teas (Php 75)

cifu milk teas

Cifu calls their milk tea selections as fancy milk tea.  I do agree their milk teas are fancy.  Where have you heard of milk teas that have flavors such as Double Chocolate and Almond?  If you want to add either nata, sago, black gulaman and almond jelly into the drink, just add Php 10.

I ordered Almond milk tea.  I must say it was too sweet for my taste.  But boy, was I surprised when I saw the glass.  I could actually see the almond jelly with its juice at the bottom of the drink!  I knew right then that the drink was freshly prepared.

If you want plain milk tea, Cifu has it too.  Price is at Php 60.

  • Iced Lemon Tea/Iced Lemonade (Php 75)

Cifu Drinks

Fresh lemonade and brewed iced tea, always a winner in my book.

  • Fried Cu Chai Dumpling (Php 68)

cifu fried dumpling

I usually order pork dumplings.  However, I really want to lose weight so I opted for cu chai dumplings.  Cifu gave us an option to choose either steamed or fried.  I tried out fried dumplings for a change.  Wow!  It was oh soooooooooooooooooo delicious!!!  A must order!  Trust me 🙂

  • Shrimp and Pork Siomai (Php 68)

cifu siomai

Who would ever forget to order our all-time favorite dim sum?  Cifu’s shrimp and pork siomai definitely didn’t disappoint.  Oh boy, I’ll make sure I’ll go back to Cifu for this!

  • Fried Fish Fillet with Spicy Salt & Peppers (Php 260)

cifu fried squid

This fried fish fillet with spicy salt & peppers dish by Cifu is made of pure perfection.  It looked savory and tasted so good.  I was eating this non-stop and didn’t hesitate to finish the dish! Hahaha!  I had to apologize to my friends because I think they were only able to taste this dish as I finished it unconsciously coz the dish was just too good not to finish. 😛

  • Pad Thai Goong (Php 190)

cifu pad thai

While I enjoyed the dishes I tried out at Cifu, this Pad Thai Goong was just ordinary.  It was good but not something I would want to order over and over.  They had generous serving though.  Good for people who are ready to eat a big amount of food!

  • Minced Beef Fried Rice (Php 190)

cifu fried rice

My friend said that Cifu’s minced beef fried rice tasted like chao fan.  Well, of course it was!  It was fried, wasn’t it? haha!  Kidding aside, I love that in spite of having too many ingredients in this dish, it didn’t taste weird.  You see, I tasted fried rice before that had too much stuff in it and I wasn’t able to appreciate it.  Good thing, Cifu did this well.  In fact, the minced beef fried rice is their specialty under the rice menu.

  • Braised Beancurd w/ Roast Pork Asado Pot (Php 220)

cifu hotpot

We ordered a lot of fried food so we tried out this hotpot dish.  The asado and bean curd combination was good.  I loved that the sauce was overflowing.  You see, in hotpot dishes like this, I like to dip the main ingredient in the sauce.  A very nice balance to our meal.

  • Singapore Cereal Prawns (Php 380)

cifu shrimps

There are only few restaurants in the metro that serves cereal prawns.  I rarely get satisfied as I’ve tasted the best from a restaurant that has already closed down.  Cifu made a great version of it but it wasn’t something that I would rave about.  I like that they put a lot of cereals there.  It’s really the cereal that makes this dish lovable.

I realized that restaurants are getting more innovative.  Cifu Asian Cooking is definitely one of them.  They knew that competition is stiff especially on a street full of Chinese restaurants.  They have to offer something unique.  I love that they made a twist to our usual Chinese dishes.  I still can’t get over the fish fillet with spicy salt & peppers!  Ang sarap! 😀

Cifu Asian Cooking
862 Linao Street cor Banawe Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 741-2217

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One observation on “Cifu Asian Cooking
  1. Clearglassdelafu

    Thank you for expressing that you have been enjoying your meals at Cifu. We are honored by your comments and we are glad that you had a pleasant experience. You should try our siopitas, our newest product intended for gifting or bringing to parties. These are bite sizes actual Chinese siopao, not puto pao.
    Other must try’s are: our jumbo overload siopao wherein the filling inside screams out loud with chunks of salted egg, Chinese chorizo, chicken, black mushroom that you can actually bite on, and if you enjoyed the fish fillet with salt and peppers, you would enjoy the version using tofu; and the salted egg fried rice. You might also want to try the deep fried candy bar and desserts in a glass.
    Again, we value all the comments of our customers so we can improve on our product and service. Thank you once again and it was a pleasure having you.


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