Mister Donut Merrygalos

Mister Donut Merrygalos

I asked a friend what reminded him of donuts.  He said, “a lifebuoy on the beach during a very hot summer day!”.  I was like what? hahaha!  I guess people can crave about donuts any time of the day, at any place in the world.  It’s comfort food to most people, especially children.  I wonder what makes donuts so popular.  I assume it’ll probably be because it’s sweet.  And everything sweet, when people eat, they get happy.  That’s the effect of a simple donut.

Why am I talking about donuts?  Well, I just had an overdose of donuts!  I can’t even sleep as I was thinking about it a lot!  So I thought might as well share with you what happened tonight.  Why am I so hung-up about donuts?  You see, I met several managers from Mister Donut today and they told me lots of fascinating stuff about the business.

Mister Donut started operations in 1995 (Philippines) and is now one of the fastest growing brands in the Philippines.  In fact, Mister donut is among the top 5 quick snack places in the country.  With over 1,000 outlets nationwide, they are truly spreading smiles everyday,  As they say, “Ngiting Mister Donut“!

ngiting mister donut

Mister Donut is known for serving donuts that are just the right level of sweetness.  That’s something Mister Donut is very proud of.  Aside from that, the company is a promoter of innovation.  With successful products like Donuts n’ Dip, Belgian Mallow Bites, Donut Inipit, Duets, Swak’to Donuts and Bavarian Squared released in the market, we are assured that Mister Donut is continuously thinking of ways to provide smiles in our faces 🙂

Mister Donut Products

Christmas is coming so fast.  And yes, Mister Donut has something new for us this Christmas season!  It’s the happiest season for the whole year so Mister Donut started Project Stella.  Stella means star and Christmas being the most important occasion of our lives, they wanted to give us 5-star quality products.  They know that Filipinos are busier than ever but they also acknowledge that Filipinos love to socialize and celebrate.  During parties, we never forget to bring gifts.  Thus, Mister Donut wanted to position itself as a one-stop venue for gifts and all-holiday party requirement.  With that in mind, Mister Donut came out with Merrygalos (may smile sa bawat kagat, may regalo para sa lahat!).

Mister Donut Merrygalos models

Before I share what those fun yummy products are, I have to tell you that the products will only be launched on Saturday (November 19, 2011).  But since I really love sharing good news, here I am spilling the beans!  So get ready for some awesome information about the upcoming Mister Donut Merrygalos!  I guarantee you’re gonna enjoy this.

  • Belgian Bites Tin Can (Candy Cane – Php 150/Christmas Tree – Php 170)

Belgian Bites Tin Can

Mister Donut Belgian Bites

Belgian Bites Mister Donut

9 pieces of belgian bites come in a special edition Christmas tin cans.  Take your pick from the candy cane and christmas tree tin cans.
  • Merry Bavarian Frost (Php 99)

Merry Bavarian Frost

Mister Donut Bavarian Frost

Junior Bavarian Donuts topped with our favorite chocolate, strawberry, caramel and coffee frost in Christmas designs.  Yummy looking and yummy yummy delicious!

While I was having an overdose of Merrygalos, I thought of something crazy but exciting.  I actually played around with the donuts.  I thought why not present the donuts in a creative way.  I’m so in the mood so I ended up spending an hour conceptualizing how I can make the donuts look cooler (with an -er coz donuts are cool already!:D).

How about a donut necklace?

Donut Necklace

Or present those yummy Belgian Bites as a kebab?

Donut Kebab

And why not put these yummy looking Christmas donut characters in your table?  Don’t they look cute?  I sure had so much fun creating these things!

Donut Characters

Want to create your own?  Then get ready and plan your visit to Mister Donut nearest you.  Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy Mister Donut Merrygalos!  Ho ho ho! 🙂

Mister Donut

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11 observations on “Mister Donut Merrygalos
  1. Anonymous

    Nice! I suddenly want to hit the nearest Mister Donut for these things. Hahaha. And donut kebabs? Inspired! Good job, roch!

  2. Lorie Therese Locara

    Hi Roch! I love what you did with the donuts, especially the Donut necklace. 🙂 I love your reviews — whether they be food, tech or travel, because they’re always so upbeat and positive. <3 

    I like Mister Donut, and I do like their creative offerings. Though, it'll always be Krispy Kreme for me, Haha! 
    Thanks for giving us an overview of their Christmas offerings! I like the Christmas Tree can; mukha siyang attractive. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!


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