Mandarin Spa Boracay

Mandarin Spa Boracay

If you’ve been to Boracay a couple of times, you’ll notice several masseuses offering their services in the open area of the beach.  I’ve tried those during my previous visits.

During my weekend Boracay getaway two weeks ago, I was lucky enough that part of our itinerary was to try out the famous Mandarin Spa in Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel.  I knew then that, this time around, I’d be super pampered.  Since I was not feeling well and I still pushed through with the trip, I knew that it might help ease my condition.

Mandarin Spa Boracay Lobby

I was excited to try out one of Mandarin Spa’s signature treatments.  I was torn between choosing these three as I knew they were the most popular ones in Mandarin Spa:

  • Traditional Filipino Massage “Hilot” (Php 1,800++)
Experience the healing wonders of touch… With our traditional Filipino massage, this treatment restore balance to your entire body by circulation and allow your energies to flow.  It’s method and modalities have been handed down from generation to generation throughout the islands of the Philippines.  This thorough head to toe massage attunes your senses and is designed to ease your body’s common ache pains while balancing your body’s energies.  Begin your journey to self rejuvenation and be whole again.  1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Mandarin Aroma Hot Stone Therapy (Php 2,500++)
Harnessing the properties of volcanic basalt stones, we bathe them in water and anoint them with the choicest imported grape seed oil and sensual aromas of the Orient, Deep penetrating heat from the stones massages the body using traditional techniques to release muscular tension and balance the spirit.  ! hour 30 minutes.
  • Mango Butter Body Scrub (Php 2,000++)
An intensive moisturizer, mango butter has moisturizing, softening and regenerating properties to the skin.  It has also a protective effect against UV radiation.  It serves as a natural sunshield.  1 hour 15 minutes.

Once you’ve chosen your spa treatment, you’ll be asked to choose your massage oil: Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Lemongrass or Chamomile.  I was still undecided so the staff escorted me inside giving me more time to make up my mind 😛

Mandarin Spa Boracay Massage Oils

I was escorted into a room where lockers are available for guests to put their things.  There’s also the sauna and shower for guests to freshen up before the treatment.  It was there that I felt I was just not up for a massage.  I really wasn’t feeling well.  That made me very sad as Mandarin Spa had good ambiance, excellent service and I knew that each guest will get their money’s worth considering the therapists received full training in the art of spa treatments.

Mandarin Spa Boracay Lockers

Mandarin Spa Boracay Shower Room

Unfortunately, I was really, really sick and I looked so weak that the friendly Mandarin Spa staff recommended that I get a Mandarin Tropical Fruit Facial (Php 1,500++) instead.  I knew it was the right thing to do.

We went upstairs where they did the facial treatments…

Mandarin Spa Boracay Upstairs

I was greeted with an area equipped with leather loungers, soothing music and most of all, an AWESOME view of Boracay!  How cool was that?  It’s funny though that since I was gonna have a facial, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the view while the treatment was ongoing.  This is also the same area where foot spas are being done.

Mandarin Spa Boracay View

Mandarin Tropical Fruit Facial (Php 1,500++)

Indulge the luxury and rich freshness of our very own unique signature facial treatment as it uses nature’s gentle properties to work in the delicate area of your face, through gentle and careful stroke, it cleanses and nourishes your skin and helps rejuvenate your face and regain its radiant and youthful glow.  You will definitely enjoy the favors of your choice.  1 hour.

mandarin spa boracay facial materials

I might not get the whole body massage I was hoping for but I was sure I’d be getting my much-needed pampering for my face.  The therapist’s hands were so gentle, I enjoyed the facial..

Mandarin Spa Boracay Roch Facial

I let Mandarin Spa do their work and I let myself go and slept….

Mandarin Boracay Spa Facial

The Mandarin Spa therapist also massaged my hands at the end of the session.  After they took the facial off, I felt very refreshed.  I went into the treatment feeling awful, since I was sick, remember?  But at the end of it, with my face feeling so clean and pure, I felt much improved.  Can you imagine how much better I would have felt if I’d gotten the full massage?

Mandarin Spa Boracay Massage

Every Mandarin Spa session in Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel ends with a cup of Salabat (ginger tea).  Boy, was the tea delicious!  Imagine me asking for it with every meal throughout the rest of our Boracay weekend.

mandarin spa boracay ginger tea

A visit to the beach (especially Boracay) won’t be complete without a soothing massage.  In the beautiful paradise, Boracay, Mandarin Spa is definitely one of the best places to get your spa fix.  Wellness, relaxation, peace and pleasure, those 4 are something you’ll surely expect.  While I wasn’t completely well when I tried it out, I was certainly impressed.

Mandarin Spa
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel, Beach Front Station 2, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
+63 (36) 288-4999

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