Smart’s Holiday Camp Out launches the iPhone 4S

Smart's Holiday Camp Out launches the iPhone 4S

December 16, 2011 is a date that all Apple fanatics have been waiting for.  It is today that Apple launches iPhone 4S in the Philippines.  But you know what really makes this day so special?  There’s no exclusivity anymore among mobile providers!  We, consumers, are now free to choose which telecom company we want to subscribe to for iPhone plans.

Smart Communications went all out when they closed down Powerplant Mall in Rockwell to officially launch the iPhone 4S!  When I got an invite to cover the event, I just couldn’t resist it!  I knew the event was going to be huge!

As expected, the event called Smart Holiday Camp Out was a BIG success!

Look at how many people attended and subscribed to a Smart iPhone 4S plan!  Everyone was willing to sacrifice their sleeping time just to be able to get their long-awaited iPhone 4S!  Tons of people lined up to register and sign up for a plan.

Smart iPhone 4S registration

Smart employees were working hard the whole night ushering eager customers where to go so they could get their new iPhone 4S phones.

Smart iPhone 4S process

Guests were also treated to free screenings of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, free games at Q Power Station and free-flowing food & drinks at Burgoo/Sumo Sam/Cibo/Starbucks/Coffee Bean & Tea Lea.  Me and my friend spent most of our time playing games at Q Power station and we definitely didn’t miss watching Mission Impossible 4 (review coming up soon!).  Before we went home, we got ourselves drinks from Coffee Bean.  I think I had too much coffee that I ended up still wide awake at 6AM hahaha!  Oh well, it was worth it!  I had a great time enjoying all the free activities at Powerplant Mall.  I don’t think this will ever happen again so I was really glad I experienced it!  Thanks Smart! 🙂

Smart iPhone 4S activities

Smart brought in international artists Jermaine Dupri and Lupe Fiasco and they definitely brought down the house!  On the other hand, DJ Skratchmark, DJ Ace and DJ Mars Miranda brought music mixes that prompted guests to dance!  What a party!

Smart iPhone 4S Lupe Fiasco

There were tons of celebrity guests as well who hosted the all-nighter camp out making sure that the event would be something that no one will never forget!  KC Montero, Magic 89.9 radio jocks Slick Rick, Tony Toni, Sam YG, Mia and Andi 9 were among them.

smart iPhone 4S party

iPhone 4S is now available to Smart’s prepaid & postpaid subscribers at various plans.  When I first saw it, I was tempted!  I almost subscribed in spite of my plans of waiting for iPhone 5.  Smart’s iPhone 4S plans are that good!  I never thought it would be that affordable considering how iPhones were priced before.

Unfortunately for me, I recently just shelled out a lot of the money I had set aside for the iPhone on car repairs – a girl’s gotta have her ride, after all!  So for now, a new iPhone will remain a dream for me to fulfill next year.  By the way, I just realized that that’s what 4S means – well for me anyway… iPhone, 4 Sure!

Smart iPhone 4S Plans

Here are the details for iPhone 4S from Smart:

Smart Plans iPhone 4S

If you’re a prepaid subscriber, you can get iPhone 4S in Smart’s retail stores across the country at Php 33,200 for the 16GB model, Php 38,200 for the 32GB model, and Php 43,200 for the 64GB model.

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