HeaRty’s Project 365

HeaRty's Project 365

As the year 2012 came in, I started a project that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.  It’s called HeaRty’s Project 365.  A lot of people have been doing their own Project 365.  In the past, I’ve been browsing through those and was hoping I could do one of my own.  However, most of Project 365s are photography-themed.  I don’t consider myself a good photographer yet.  I felt that I might be disappointing viewers (myself included) if I push through with a half-baked project.

At first, my plan was to take pictures of my daily outfit.  I had friends recommending me to do it.  I thought this must be a great time for me to start it plus I can also use that as a reference to what clothes I have in my closet.

But then, as January 1 came, I decided to change my 2012 theme for HeaRty’s Project 365.  I realized I have been doing my own Project 365 already and it is far more important than any of my other goals for year 2012.  Why not just share it to the world?

I was keeping that Project 365 to myself and some close friends.  It just came to me that instead of having two Project 365 simultaneously, why not just stick to one?  I can do the daily outfit project next year.

It all came to me when I was hospitalized last December.  Even though I have been attending Bible Study sessions, I wasn’t making too much effort in getting to know Him.  When I was sick, I felt God.  I felt ashamed that I have been taking Him for granted.  In spite of that, God forgave me and was there when I needed Him.

So I said to myself that this time around, I’ll read the Bible and I will definitely finish it in year 2012.  I don’t wanna falter so I found myself a guide to follow.

You’ll see my daily Bible read throughout 2012 in my Tumblr site.

List of themes:

  • Year 2012 – Chronological Bibly Study
  • Year 2013 – Daily Outfit (tentative)

The website address is http://rochellesychua.tumblr.com.

Hope you could visit daily 🙂

HeaRty’s Project 365
starting year 2012

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