Mango Tree Bistro

Mango Tree Bistro

The newest restaurant in Trinoma Mall that caught my eye is Mango Tree Bistro.  While I was walking down the mall, I saw this elegant looking restaurant and it definitely piqued my curiosity.  It’s such a good coincidence that my friend wanted us to have dinner there.  You see, I’ve always been the one deciding where to eat.  I think friends think I know so much about food that they always let me decide.  Still, there are times when I’d prefer that they pick where we get to eat. After all, I get tired of my own food choices too hahaha!  Now, see how lucky I was because I was shy enough to let my friend know that I wanted to try out Mango Tree Bistro.  Apparently, we’d end up there!  Coolness!  Another restaurant to review in HeaRty’s Haven for me! 😀

Mango Tree Bistro serves Thai food.  It has branches in Bangkok, Pattaya, Dubai, Tokyo and of course, here in Manila.

mango tree bistro ambiance 2

The Trinoma branch is huge!  I love the color combination of purple and yellow and even though, it has a bit of a dark ambiance, it worked really well.  Mango Tree Bistro looked to be a high-class place that serves expensive food. But in all honesty, it wasn’t that expensive.

mango tree bistro ambiance 1

After almost three weeks of not eating anything decent (due to my sickness), I’m so glad that I finally had the energy and the appetite to eat food, real food!  So to celebrate my recovery and being out of the hospital, I didn’t hesitate eating all these food that we ordered at Mango Tree Bistro.

  • Pla Meuk Thod (Php 280)

mango tree bistro squid rings

If you haven’t noticed, my favorite appetizer to order is always calamares.  Thai’s version of calamares is served with sweet chili dipping sauce.  What I like about Mango Tree Bistro’s deep fried squid rings is that its breading is fine.  As my mouth is still a bit sensitive with solid food, this was a welcome surprise.  I wouldn’t recommend you eat this without the sauce though.

  • Tom Yum Goong (Php 280)

mango tree bistro tom yum goong

My ultimate favorite Thai soup is Tom Yum Goong.  I just love the spiciness of this soup and the combination of shrimps, lemongrass, lime, mushrooms and chilies.  It has a bit of sour taste that lingers in my mouth making me wanting to get some more.

  • Khao Klook Kapi (Php 230)

mango tree bistro bagoong rice

Like how other Thai restaurants serve rice, it was served like a platter with stir fried rice with shrimp paste in the middle.  Surrounding the flavorful rice was bagoong meat, shredded green mango, chopped spring onions, green mango strips, scrambled eggs, tomatoes/cucumber and lemon.  Of course, the point is to mix all the ingredients altogether before eating.

  • Gai Gratiem (Php 280)

mango tree bistro chicken

My friend ordered Gai Gratiem.  It was basically stir fried chicken with garlic and pepper sauce served in a bed of crispy rice vermicelli.  I usually like deep-fried as opposed to stir-fried chicken but this one, I surprisingly liked!  I love how the meat was sliced into bite-sized pieces and how the sauce was spread all over the dish.  Recommendable!

  • Thai Iced Tea (Php 80)

mango tree bistro thai iced tea

Thailand’s milk tea is definitely the best!  It’s brewed tea with condensed milk.  And the drink is just perfect for any Thai-themed meal.  Do not miss ordering this drink when you visit Mango Tree Bistro.  A perfect beverage for a sumptuous meal! 🙂

  • Kow Niew Ma Muang (Php 150)

mango tree bistro mango sticky rice

For dessert, we ordered ripe fresh mango served with sweetened sticky rice.  I loved how the dish was presented and I especially love the choice of plate that they used.  As shallow as this description may be, I felt that the dish blended with the whole restaurant ambiance altogether haha!  This dessert is perfect for sharing.

There wasn’t any uniqueness in any of the dishes we ordered.  It seemed that it was just as expected of Thai-inspired dishes.  I couldn’t say that Mango Tree Bistro is the best Thai restaurant out there but I can say that I had quite a good complete experience with them.

Mango Tree Bistro has great ambiance, excellent service and quite decent Thai food.  I was a happy camper and I was just so glad it was the first restaurant I tried out after quite some time.

mango tree bistro roch

Mango Tree Bistro
3/F Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 585-5460

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