I’ve been wanting to be healthy for quite some time.  I tried taking supplements, practicing portion control, choosing fish over meat and cutting down on sodas.  However, I have one more goal and that is to lose weight.

I used to not worry about my weight.  When I was young, I could eat a whole lot and not lose weight.  In all honesty, my problem before was how to gain weight.  Unfortunately, when I turned 30, my weight just ballooned!  I gained a total of 30 pounds!  Yes, thirty!!!  It was shocking to say the least and I couldn’t pinpoint as to why it  changed all of a sudden.  In the end, I attribute my weight gain to my age.  I guess when people grow old, their metabolism slows down.  Well, we can’t control aging.

So when the opportunity came for me to try out a dietary supplement, I had to take that chance.

Introducing ErvaTrim, a herbal dietary supplement powder by the WOHL Dietary Products, Inc.  It’s basically tea that we can take after meals.

ErvaTrim Sachets

ErvaTrim is a Green Mate Extract made from the leaves of the Ilex Paraquariensis tree.  It is believed to be a slimming secret of Latinas.  Well, we all know how beautiful and sexy the Latinas are, right?  I think, at this point, as long as a product promises weight loss, I would try it! hahaha!  I hate being overweight!

Here is some information information about ErvaTrim:

  • Promotes weight loss by inhibiting fat absorption.
  • increases fat burning properties and converts fats into absorbable fatty acids.
  • weight loss through ErvaTrim is on body fat and not on muscle reduction.
  • ErvaTrim helps our body get slimmer by increasing metabolism (turning stored fat into energy while cutting down food cravings).
  • contains 15 amino acids, 24 minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that protect your body from free radicals that cause cell damage

ErvaTrim Tea

I’ve been taking ErvaTrim for a week now.  I don’t see any changes in me so far.  I still crave for food every single minute and so far, I haven’t lost a single pound.

In ErvaTrim’s website, it says that we can only see results after 2 weeks of use with proper diet and exercise.  I didn’t exercise during the week that I’ve been taking ErvaTrim and it has only been a week.  What I plan to do is take ErvaTrim until I finish 2 boxes of it.  If it works then fine, if not, then it’s also fine.  At least I tried it.  Nothing to worry about as there are no known side effects from taking ErvaTrim.

Recommended intake for ErvaTrim is one sachet poured into hot or warm water as a tea drink after every meal.  Important to note that ErvaTrim can’t be taken by children and pregnant women.

ErvaTrim Box

One box includes 30 sachets of ErvaTrim.  ErvaTrim is available at Mercury Drug, Watson’s, South Star Drug, Joan’s Pharmacy, Rose Pharmacy, Mega Generics, other leading drugstores and Cherry Foodarama.

ErvaTrim by WOHL Dietary
No.88 M. Eusebio corner Jenny’s Ave., Maybunga, Pasig City, Philippines
+632 915-3694 to 95

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One observation on “ErvaTrim
  1. Simon Tan

    Thank you Rochelle for writing about ErvaTrim. We appreciate it. Just to add a litle more info on ErvaTrim if I may. This product is a fat burner and works very well during or immediately after meal for optimal effect. It will help inhibit fat absorbtion from the food we eat and burn the unwanted fats in areas like the thighs, waists, arms and so forth, most importantly without the mess. Clinical studies show results in 2 weeks up to 800 grams of pure fats. Drinking ErvaTrim will also give you more energy during the day. Please do keep in touch, we love to hear from you and watch out for our new product lines (from Europe) coming soon.  –  WOHL Dietary Products, Inc.  


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