Squalene – The Oxygen Supplement

Squalene - the Oxygen Supplement

Ever since I got hospitalized last December, I’ve been a bit more conscious of my health.  I can’t get it out of my head how my immunologist told me that I had to take vitamins or supplements so I could get all the nutrients I needed.

I’ve been taking vitamins religiously since then, and supplements of course, most especially Squalene.  Do you remember what that is?  Squalene became a household name a couple of decades back.  And it is a testament to its efficacy that it is still has very strong name recall.  My mom used to require me to take Squalene everyday while I was small.

What is Squalene?


Squalene is a natural organic compound obtained from shark liver oil.  Shark liver oil has isoprenoids which have powerful antioxidant functions essential for wellness.  We always have this belief that we need to take supplements in order to get the right vitamins but we tend to forget that we need antioxidants in our body.  By helping control the level of harmful free radicals in our bodies, the antioxidant isoprenoids in Squalene boosts our immune systems and may have some role in protecting us from cancer.

We are all born with Squalene in our body.  However, as we grow older and are exposed ourselves to higher and higher levels of pollution, our natural store of Squalene is gradually depleted.  Thus, our ability to combat free radicals also decreases.  Taking a supplement like Issho Genki replenishes Squalene levels and keeps us well-protected against free radicals.  As a great bonus, taking Squalene improves the uptake of oxygen in the cells of our bodies resulting in healthier, more supple skin, increased stamina and energy.

squalene oxygen supplement

Issho Genki Squalene is being sold per box with 100 capsules (450 mg/capsule) inside.  Recommended dosage is 2-4 capsules daily.  I, however, take it twice a day.

Issho Genki Squalene
Php 1,100 (100 capsules)
(02) 655-4624

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4 observations on “Squalene – The Oxygen Supplement
  1. Celeen Louisse Andres

    Ever since my grandma was 30 years old, she regularly takes Squalene. At the age of 40, she stopped kase wala ng stock. Well now I’m glad it’s back..


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