Stanley Chi’s Book: Suplado Tips 2

Stanley Chi’s Book: Suplado Tips 2

Well, what can I say?  Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips has gone a long way.  In just a few months after Suplado Tips book was launched, UniSilver Time came out with a watch that was inspired by the book.  Both the book and the watches are a huge successes.  So it wasn’t a big surprise when Stanley sent me his latest book, Suplado Tips 2, which is the second installation of Suplado Tips.

Stanley Chi Suplado

In less than a year, Stanley Chi already came up with the second book!  Wow!  Congrats Stan!  I guess people find it entertaining enough learning and practicing the different suplado tips that Stan has shared in his first book.  Maybe, they got themselves ladies chasing after them because they gained confidence by being a suplado?  Well, there’s one thing I know for sure.  Stanley has his own suplada girl!

Now, how timely is that the Suplado Tips 2 book is launching this love month!  The suplado guys need more pointers and they should be more fierce than the ones shared in the first installment of the book.  Well, I’m sure the second book will be able to satisfy their need.  I read the book – Suplado Tips 2 and I must say, Stanley Chi has definitely leveled up!  The tips shared are more ‘suplado-er’.  If I’m a guy, I will have second thoughts using those tips.  Maybe, just maybe, true suplado guys are the ones who can actually pull those off!

Here are some of the Suplado Tips shared on the book sequel:

  • Pag sinabi ng kasama mo, “Hay naku, Monday na naman,” hiritan mo ng, “Alam ko, tumitingin ako sa kalendaryo!”
  • Kung malakas makipagusap sa cellphone ang katabi mo sa bus, tingnan mo ng masama at sabihan mo ng, “Ituloy mo lang yung usapan niyo, nakikinig ako eh!”
  • Kung may nanggagaya sa porma, kilos, at style mo, smile ka lang pero hiritan mo ng, “Talagang wala kang originality, ano?” sabay talikod sa kanya!

Suplado Tips 2

What I like about the Suplado Tips 2 is that aside from the usual suplado tips, Stan has added tons of stuff.  Stuff like comic strips, slum book, photographs, tips from the fans, suplado/suplada stories and the funniest or cutest of them all is the Suplado Society of the Philippines I.D.! hahahaha!

So you wanna level up your being suplado?  Then head on over to Fully Booked and National Bookstore outlets nationwide to get your copy of Stanley Chi’s newest book, Suplado Tips 2 (Php 95).  You can also get the book online through PSICOM Publishing.

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