The Day When My Hair Turned Red

Roch New Cut and Red Hair

I have been thinking of dyeing my hair for over a year now.  Actually, it was written as one item in my bucket list.  I had planned to fulfill that item this year and now, it has been fulfilled.

Last February 6, 2012, I was contemplating of getting a haircut as I saw the damage of my hair.  My hair was full of split-ends and I must attribute it to the rebonding & digital perm treatments that I’ve underwent yearly.

Of course, there’s this urge to have a new hairstyle at the start of every year.  I must admit that sometimes I’m impulsive.  I tweeted that day to ask where I can get a good haircut.  A fellow blogger, Jean, tweeted back that she highly recommends Abel Pineda.  Jean also sent me his number so I can contact Abel.  She was giving Abel high praises and since I believe in her taste (she’s a very pretty lady), I went for it!

Abel is currently the senior creative director of Stetica Hair and Beauty Spa.  It’s located near the place where I work so it was pretty accessible.  I drove to Greenbelt and parked there then I exited at Greenbelt 5 as Stetica Hair and Beauty Spa is located across the mall.

stetica hair and beauty spa

As I entered the salon, I was pleasantly surprised as the ladies at the reception had their big smile as they welcome me to Stetica.  They were expecting me!  Now, that’s impressive!  What a good first impression!  I texted Abel and he informed the salon of my reservation.  I didn’t have to wait anymore and I was immediately escorted to my seat.  Iced tea, coffee or tea were offered.

I asked for Stetica’s rate card and I saw that their prices are pretty decent.  Haircut for girls by a senior creative director costs Php600 while hair color ranges from Php 1,500 above (depending on hair length).

I told Abel that I was feeling adventurous.  I let him decide the hairstyle that will suit my face.  I told him that I’m also interested in getting a new hair color.  He quickly assessed my hair and suggested that I get a layered hair plus 2 hair color treatments (permanent hair color + highlights).

Total bill are as follows:

  • Hair Cut (Php 600)

Roch haircut

I was a bit uncomfortable with full bangs.  I distinctly remember when I had my haircut 2 years ago, I realized bangs doesn’t suit me at all.  Since Abel was known to be good (I also read some blogs about him), I decided to listen to his advice.  He’s the expert in hairstyling after all!

Abel Pineda was hands-on.  He was pretty careful too!  I noticed how he checked my hair whenever he cut some sections.  He was comparing the length from both sides to ensure consistency.  Explanation was given too as to why he chose to give me that hairstyle.  I was told that my hair is thin so he cut them into layers to provide volume.  Plus, the hairstyle will give me my much needed makeover.  A complete change from my usual simple long hairstyle.

  • Hair Coloring (Php 5,000)

roch hair color

I never dyed my hair so it was a huge change for me.  However, I know I should do it already as the white streaks of hair are pretty obvious already.  Yes, we do all get old and white hair will happen one time in our lives.

Abel suggested I get 2 hair color treatments.  Red color for the whole hair (Php 2,500) while the another shade of red for highlights (Php 2,500) for a total of Php 5,000.  I gave my consent and they started putting the hair color.  I was excited!  I knew that there’s one bucket list item that I can cross off.  Plus, red is my favorite color!

The hair color could give a boost the haircut that Abel gave me.  I had high hopes!

The whole process took about 4 hours.  Do I think it’s worth it?  YES!!!  I loveeeee my new hairstyle!  Well, the only uncomfortable thing is people greeting me in Korean and Japanese! hahaha!

Roch New Hairdo 2012

After this experience, I’ll surely go back to Abel Pineda for future hairstyling.  He’s definitely a talented man!  I now know why Jean was raving about him.  I, myself, is doing that as well!  Abel is highly recommended!  He makes you beautiful! 🙂

Abel Pineda Hair Stylist

Abel Pineda – Hairstylist
currently in Stetica Hair and Beauty Spa
G/F LPL Tower, 112 Legaspi St. Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229 Philippines
(02) 478-9415

Roch Signature

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