Ba Noi’s House Specialties

Ba Noi's House Specialties

My friends can attest that I recommend Ba Noi’s whenever I’m asked where to eat Vietnamese food in Metro Manila.  Ever since I first tried out Ba Noi’s, I knew that it would be a place where I can get fine Vietnamese cuisine.

When I got the invite to dine there with other foodie bloggers, I couldn’t help but say yes.  I knew I’ve blogged about it twice already and I knew I’ve been there too many times.  But you know, it’s impossible to resist good food!  I wouldn’t mind writing about it again considering this time around, I’d have the chance to meet the man behind Ba Noi’s.

I was glad that I can finally share with the owner how I loved Ba Noi’s food!  I wanted to share with him my blog posts about his restaurant and how I couldn’t wait to eat their food again.  The other thing that made me look forward to the foodie meet was that I get to try all of Ba Noi’s House Specialties in one night!

Ba Noi's Foodies

We were all chit-chatting and munching on chips while we waited for the other foodie bloggers to arrive.  I, however, was already imagining myself eating Ba Noi’s Beef Noodle soup, the spring rolls and the spiced beef.  I couldn’t wait to eat those savory food!

  • Pho Bo (Php 250)

Ba Noi's Noodle Soup

Perfected homemade beef noodles soup served with fresh herbs and spices.

I appreciate that even though I have eaten this dish in Ba Noi’s tons of times, the Pho Bo tasted as good every single time.  The consistency is something that I really admire in Ba Noi’s.  No wonder people like me love to go back to the restaurant.

  • Cha Gio (Php 190)

Ba Noi's Fried Rolls

Mixture of ground pork, shrimp, taro and black fungus wrapped and deep fried.  Served with fresh greens and traditional nuoc mam dipping sauce.

I couldn’t get over the divine taste of this fried spring roll.  I was raving about this dish when I first tried it out.  The fried rolls tasted soooooooo heavenly even without wrapping it with the lettuce leaves provided.  However, as the owner kept emphasizing, it’s best to follow the right way to eat it in order to really appreciate Vietnamese food.

  • Goi Cuon (Php 200)

Ba Noi's Fresh Rolls

Pork, shrimp and rice vermicelli, rolled in rice paper and served with their famous peanut sauce.

Admit it or not, I’m sure you would want to try Ba Noi’s fried rolls yourself 😛  If you’re worried about your health and would want to stay away from fried food, then I suggest you order their fresh spring rolls instead.  I strongly suggest you dip the roll in peanut sauce before eating it.  And please, make sure to do that with every bite!  Needless to say, people with peanut allergies will have to think twice about this.

  • Banh Xeo (Php 250)

Ba Noi's Crepe

Savory delicate crepe filled with sautéed pork, shrimps, mung bean and bean sprouts. served with fresh veggies and nuoc mam sauce.

I had the shock of the night when I saw this served to us, hahaha!  I was totally clueless on how to eat it.  Luckily, the owner was there to demonstrate on how to indulge this mouth-watering dish.  The right thing to do was to get a portion of the crepe and wrap it with lettuce then dip into the sauce.  The taste was gratifying!  My gosh, I now have added one more dish that I will definitely order the next time I visit Ba Noi’s.

  • Ca Kho To (Php 250)

Ba Noi's Fish

Catfish simmered in rich caramel sauce, garnish with spring onions and fresh chilies.

Surprisingly, there’s a dish in Ba Noi’s menu that I didn’t like and it’s this one.  However, my foodie companions only had good words for it.  I guess it really depends on your palete. 😛  I still prefer to eat catfish fried or steamed in garlic sauce.

  • Bo Luc Lac (Php 340)

Ba Noi's Beef

The house favorite stir-fried spiced beef served with fried basil and chili.

I wasn’t shocked at all when I saw that Bo Luc Lac is Ba Noi’s house favorite.  Well, of course, because it’s my personal favorite in Ba Noi’s too!  The beef was tender, flavorful and in spite of being on the salty side, I loved it especially when eaten with fried basil.  Best eaten with rice.

  • Ga Kho Kari Xa (Php 240)

Ba Noi's Chicken

Braised chicken slowly cooked in lemongrass and curry powder, infused with fresh chillies, shallots and spring onions.

Admittedly, I forgot to taste this dish.  I think I was too busy eating the Bo Luc Lac that I didn’t notice this chicken dish waiting for me to savor 😛

  • Banh Dan Lung (Php 135)

Ba Noi's Dessert

Warm pandan cake filled with mung bean, drizzled with coconut cream and toasted sesame seeds.

A perfect way to end a good meal!

I think I’ve run out of things to say about the food as I have described them on my previous posts (1 & 2) about Ba Noi’s.  One thing is for sure, Ba Noi’s is one of the best (if not the best) Vietnamese restaurant in Manila!

To really appreciate Vietnamese food is to learn how to eat them the right way.  We go to Ba Noi’s to experience Vietnamese cuisine right?  Then it’s but proper for us to eat like Vietnamese people do.  Look for the instruction tutorial on the table and take time to read them while you wait for your orders to be served.  You won’t regret it!

Ba Noi's Instructions for Food

Ba Noi’s – The Fresh Flavors of Vietnam
G/F Greenbelt Mansions, Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 893-7359

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