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Smart is really going all out in their campaigns.  The biggest network company has been introducing innovations one by one the past months like Limited-Edition Data Plan 1000, In-App Billing in WAC apps, iPhone 4S Holiday Camp Out Launch, Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone Edition, Samsung HTC Beats Launch & Smart Netphone 701.  Smart has been aggressive in introducing new services in order to fit every type of consumer in the country.

With all these new technologies and services, it just made all sense that Smart rebranded itself.  This campaign impressed me the most.  The way they introduced the company, the way they rebranded themselves and the way they showed how technology is for us and how using Smart’s services can resolve our connection frustrations.

First, they introduced a new logo…

Smart Logo Change

Oh, yes!  The old, boring corporate logo is now replaced with a cooler, youthful logo.  The new Smart logo spells fun all over its image.  I love how lively it felt like.  The new logo now fits Smart’s diverse products and services.  The right logo now coupled with the right brand.

Then, Smart launched its new tagline: #LiveMore with Smart…

In this new Smart TV commercial, Smart talks about what happens when technology fails us.  It showed a problem then offered a solution among the different services that Smart can offer.

Scenarios shown are the ff.:

  • A mother who wasn’t able to call while she’s trying to fetch her daughter (the call you can’t make can mean you don’t care).
  • A birthday surprise prepared by a group of friends to a celebrant who’s miles away (with a bad connection, a moment is lost).
  • A couple fighting over a text that didn’t come (a text that never came can cause your relationship).

And with that, the ad ended with this strong statement: “In a world where every second counts, count on Smart, the biggest network – to belong, to let go, to spend your precious time in the small things, because your time is your life and the less of it you waste, the more of it you live.”

What I like about Smart’s recent campaign is that it strays away from traditional advertisements.  There were no big stars in the TV commercial and no boring introduction of technology.  What we see is what we’ve always asked for from a Telecom company.  We want to have our connection needs met.  We want our voices heard with all our problems with technology.

The campaign is something we, audiences, can relate to.  Good job, Smart!

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