New Additions to Yoshinoya Restaurant Menu

New Additions to Yoshinoya Restaurant Menu

Yoshinoya introduced 8 new additions to their menu recently.  I was stoked when I was invited to the media briefing as I’d get to taste each and every dish.  I can judge for myself which one is best and of course, I was excited as I could share the news with readers of HeaRty’s Haven.

The event was held at Yoshinoya’s Robinson’s Galleria branch.  The first thing I noticed was the revamped menu.  Maybe I can start to discover other dishes as I tend to always order only their beef rice.

Yoshinoya Galleria

The place was packed with media folks eager to eat the new offerings from the Japanese fast-food restaurant.  I actually found it really cute when waiters started to bring out dishes one by one.  They went out through the curtain which reminded me of how waiters in wedding hotel reception serve dishes hahaha!  I was confused for a second there if I was gonna eat Chinese dishes or Japanese dishes.

Yoshinoya galleria interiors

Mr. Timmy Yang, the man behind Yoshinoya, welcomed all of us to the media event.  I could tell that he was really proud and excited about the newest creations that they have in the restaurant.  Timmy is an interesting personality.  Did you know that he actually started as a part-time crew in McDonald’s Philippines?  This guy has gone far!  From a part-time crew, he now heads his own food business and a successful one at that.  Kudos to Timmy!

Yoshinoya Timmy Yang

Yoshinoya brought out tasting servings of each of the new offerings.  Good thing they thought about that because I honestly don’t think I could eat eight full meals in one sitting.  Every dish has its unique taste into it so I think Yoshinoya got the right plan executed.

Here are the newest additions to Yoshinoya Restaurant Menu:

  • Yoshi Chicken (Php 95)

Yoshinoya Yoshi Chicken

Don’t be fooled by how Yoshi Chicken looks.  It might look simple but boy, when you start to get a bite of the chicken, you would appreciate it.  The chicken was deep fried and double coated with marinade.  Even if the sauce was poured over the chicken, it was surprisingly crispy!  Who wouldn’t want crispy chicken skin?  I’m pretty sure one piece of Yoshi chicken won’t be enough, so get a 2-piece Yoshi chicken with rice (Php 145) instead.  Comes in either thigh or leg part.

  • Pork Tonkatsu (Php 159)

Yoshinoya Pork Tonkatsu

Deep fried breaded pork fillet topped with a special tonkatsu sauce served with cabbage siding over steaming white rice.

I didn’t like this dish.  I’m not really sure why, maybe I ate it when it was a bit cold already?  I felt the meat was a bit tough which is quite ironic as I loved the pork tempura dish (another pork creation by Yoshinoya).

  • Tokyo Beef (Php 139)

Yoshinoya Tokyo Beef

Tender slices of beef with fresh sliced onions sauteed to perfection, garnished with sesame seeds and capsicum slices over steaming white rice.

As I said in my Yoshinoya Review before, the beef bowl is the sole reason why I always, always go back to the restaurant.  This time around, Yoshinoya enhanced the dish by adding sesame seeds and capsicum slices.  There was no contest that among all the new additions, this was my choice.

  • Veggie Beef (Php 115)

Yoshinoya Veggie Beef

Tender slices of beef simmered with fresh sliced onions in a special broth of herbs and spices, served with mixed vegetables on the side on a bed of steaming white rice.

My all-time Yoshinoya favorite has another version of the dish.  This time with veggies on the side.  I can get away with just beef but if you’re the type who’s used to eating two different dishes in one meal then Veggie beef is for you.

  • Tokyo Chicken (Php 149)

Yoshinoya Tokyo Chicken

Golden brown pieces of grilled chicken fillet marinated in ginger-based sauce, topped with a special sauce and served with mixed vegetables over steaming white rice.

Yoshinoya’s Tokyo Chicken reminds me of the popular chicken dishes out in the market.  With a cheap price tagged to this dish, I’m sure you would go back for seconds.  This dish is affordable, delicious and explodes with flavors!

  • Chicken Tempura (Php 159)

Yoshinoya Chicken Tempura

I like Yoshinoya’s chicken tempura.  The chicken chunks were tender, lightly breaded and fried just right.  My companions, however, were raving about the sweet potato included in the rice bowl.   So, whichever ingredient you like better, at least you know that you ordered a delish bowl.  Yum!

  • Shrimp Tempura (Php 159)

Yoshinoya Shrimp Tempura

Crispy golden brown white prawn and deep fried garnished with a special tendon sauce.

It’s ironic that Yoshinoya just started to offer everyone’s Japanese favorite dish, shrimp tempura.  Well, as they say, it’s better late than never.  So for all tempura junkies out there, Yoshinoya finally added tempura to their menu!

  • Pork Tempura (Php 159)

Yoshinoya Pork Tempura

Breaded pork fillet with sweet potato and eggplant on the side over steaming white rice topped with a special tendon sauce.

Whether you like pork, chicken or shrimps, now you know that Yoshinoya has them all covered.  My personal choice would be the pork tempura.  I guess the pork cut was perfect for my taste making it tender, tasty and light.

  • Iced Tea (Regular – Php 39, Large – Php 45)

Yoshinoya Iced Teas

Any Yoshinoya visit won’t be complete without ordering their iced tea!  You can choose between mixed fruit tea, green tea and apple tea.  I think the mixed fruit (red) tea was too sweet while the Apple tea was just okay.  My recommendation is the green tea – not too sweet, refreshing and perfect with my favorite Yoshinoya beef bowl!

With all eight dishes added to Yoshinoya’s menu, I believe we can now say that Yoshinoya just positioned itself as a full-fledged Japanese fast-food restaurant.  They made it all exciting with the revamped menu.  In fact, I’ll be dining at Yoshinoya Japanese Restaurant next week as I want to eat their beef bowl again!  🙂

yoshinoya friends

Yoshinoya Japanese Restaurant
G/F Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 635-2206

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