Live More with SmartNet

Live More with SmartNet

You might have heard of SmartNet via Twitter or from Smart Subscribers.  You might be wondering what it is and how it works.  You’ve seen celebrities, bloggers and friends rave about the service.  You’re already familiar with the name of the service, SmartNet, but you want to know more.

With this in mind, I decided to write a blog post about the features of SmartNet.  I’ve written about SmartNet before when Smart launched Netphone 701 and Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone edition.  I thought I shared enough but I guess SmartNet deserves to have a blog post here in HeaRty’s Haven on its own.

I’ve been using SmartNet on my Netphone 701 for several months now.  It serves as my backup when my data plan fails on me.  I never have to worry about losing internet connection because with SmartNet, we get to access Facebook, Twitter and SmartNet for free!  Yes, that is why I agree with Smart’s tagline: Live More.  We live more if we have SmartNet.  You don’t even have to worry if you’re using postpaid or prepaid.  As long as you’re using a Smart SIM, you can have SmartNet!

SmartNet on Android

SmartNet used to be available only on Smart Netphones like Netphone 701 and Samsung Galaxy Y.  But now, with the newly released Android application, you can have SmartNet on any of your Android-powered device!  Isn’t that cool?  Install it via Google Play and you’ll be on your way to enjoy the awesome features of SmartNet!

So what is SmartNet?

SmartNet is a suite of applications that works with Smart Network for subscribers to enjoy its services even more!

  • Smart Center

– Check your postpaid bill or prepaid load balance instantly
– See and track your current subscription
– Choose and purchase packages to subscribe to
– Reload your phone without visiting a SMART loading center
– Pay your bill without going to a payment center

  • Safe Browsing

– Turn Net setting to Internet to surf the web using your prepaid load.
– Turn Net setting to SmartNet to use SmartNet, Facebook and Twitter for free without worrying about charges!

  • Chat

– Send a “friend request” so friends on SmartNet and Netphone users can add you to their contacts via the Global Directory.
– Send “FX” messages – special messages featuring sound and video.
– Chat with your friends on Facebook or YM.
– You can add friends via web, www.smartnet.ph.

  • Social Stream

– Update your FB status & Tweets on-the-go
– View your friends’ status updates & tweets

SmartNet Screenshots

I mainly use SmartNet to check my prepaid load balance through Smart Center and check Twitter/Facebook status updates from friends through Social Stream.  SmartNet has really been very useful to me.  If you’re on Smart, I highly suggest you download SmartNet now! 🙂

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    triband po ba ang smart net phone?magagamit ko po ba ang smart net phone sa canada,,meron ako net phone


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