My friends know that I’m addicted to tea!  If I’m given a chance to choose between coffee or tea, there’s no question that I would answer tea.  I’ve been a mainstay in different milk tea places that have been operating here in Metro Manila.  I must honestly say though that I change my favorite among them when I got to try better brands.

As of the moment, my favorite is teaberi.  I was so impressed that I am raving about it to my friends.  I used to rave about another brand but after teaberi, I’m totally sold!  Teaberi has the best selection of tea.  The taste of their tea is better than other brands too (in my opinion, of course)!  It seemed that the people behind teaberi studied carefully about the best formula to make tea.

I wish teaberi will open more branches as it’s going to be such a shame for other people not to discover this tea place!  Popular tea parlors here in Manila should watch out for some competition with teaberi.

Teaberi is located at the side of A. Venue Mall.  You can just quickly park in front and order for take out.  To order tea, just proceed to the counter and choose the drink from the menu pasted on the countertop.

teaberi ordering

You can also look over their menu on the wall for better viewing.  During the time I was there, I ordered one of each among teaberi’s different sets of teas.  I wanted to have the complete experience that’s why I ordered a lot.  I could always bring them home anyway.

teaberi menu

Guests can also opt to dine in.  Teaberi has a small area for customers who wanted to hang out.  I love the colorful and bright atmosphere of the place.

teaberi dining area

It’s great for taking pictures too!  I remember how I loved my shots there, hahaha!

teaberi roch loves!

Prices of tea are toppings-inclusive already but you can order additional for Php 15 each except for cheese froth which costs Php 30.  Toppings in teaberi are black pearl (teaberi’s specialty), pudding, taro pudding, grass jelly, nata de coco, coffee jelly, brown ice jelly, aloe, bubble pops and cheese froth.

For sugar-conscious folks, you can let teaberi know how sweet you like your drink to be, whether it’s 100%, 75 %, 50% or 25%.

Here are some of the drinks that I tried out in Teaberi:

  • Roast Sencha Milk Tea (M-Php 85, L-Php 95)

teaberi roast sencha milk tea

What I like about Roast Sencha milk tea is the strong tea flavor.  The tea flavor comes out even if there’s milk in it.  If you’re a true tea lover, you will like this drink.

  • Winter melon milk tea (M-Php 85, L-Php 95)

teaberi wintermelon milk tea

Winter melon milk tea is becoming popular among tea lovers.  It has always been my comfort drink.  I like teaberi’s version as theirs is milder.

  • Strawberry Green Tea (M-Php 75, L-Php 85)

teaberi strawberry green tea

I’ve tried teaberi’s strawberry green tea.  I chose pudding as my topping for this drink.  I love that teaberi’s chill tea is the best to fight the extremely hot temperature we are experiencing in Manila right now.  It’s very refreshing and can at least alleviate a bit of the hot feeling.

  • Lemon Squeeze (M-Php 75, L-Php 85, Hot-Php 65)

teaberi lemon squeeze with bubble pop

I got to try lemon squeeze with bubble pop.  Bubble pop are cute little pearls when popped, flavored juice comes out.  I got the strawberry pop and I must say, it made the experience of drinking tea more fun & enjoyable!

Lemon squeeze is part of Teaberi’s ‘herbal & fruit infused tea’ selection.  The tea comprised of rose hip, lemon juice and lemongrass.  Other herbal/fruit infused tea are orange spice, berry medley, peach delight and blackcurrant.

  • Cocoa Cheese Froth (M-Php 110 L-Php 120)

teaberi cocoa cheese froth

A lot of people are crazy over drinks with cheese froth.  Teaberi recognizes that and got themselves some creations with cheese froth.  They have cocoa cheese froth — a combination of different chocolates.  Well, it wasn’t surprising that this drink is one of teaberi’s bestsellers.  Chocolate is everyone’s best friend after all! 🙂

  • Matcha Black Bean with Roasted Rice (M-Php 95, L-Php 105, Hot-Php 85)

teaberi Matcha black bran with roasted rice

My favorite among the ones I tried out in teaberi has got to be this Matcha Black Bean with Roasted Rice drink!  My golly, it tasted soooooooo good!  I’m not sure if it was the ground black beans or the tea or the roasted rice, but the whole drink in itself was so yummy!

Teaberi is a haven for tea lovers!

Their specialty drinks are my personal favorites.  Have you tried it?  You should!  Try their Matcha Black Bean with Roasted rice, I’m totally in love with it!  Can’t wait to see more branches of Teaberi soon!

teaberi selection of drinks

A. Venue Mall, Makati City, Philippines
Mon – Sun: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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2 observations on “Teaberi
  1. Thea

    Hey, great review of TeaBeri! This brand is also my new favorite since I just live at Antel (lucky enough to be very near this place). I discovered this place when they were just starting out and almost had no one buying. Now when I go down from our condo to buy, I have to fall in-line. Nice photos, btw. Love them! 

  2. Carol

    Yes. That’s true. At the beginning, I didn’t really like that grand. But after tried matcha milktea there, I realized that I love it so much. And now almost matcha is in my menu everyday. Matcha also helps your health, guys,especially for girl.


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