Urbanears Bagis

Urbanears Bagis

I don’t like the stock earphones included in my iPod Nano.  In fact, mine was broken already.  That’s why I’m on a lookout for another brand to use when I jog or when I’m out.

I’m just happy when I learned about Urbanears Bagis.  It might be the one that I need!  They have cream color which I really like as I still want to use something that would remind me of Apple.  Besides, I’m using it with my iPod Nano, might as well, partner it with Apple-ish designed earphones.

Getting the earphones out of the box is an experience in itself.  I love how Urbanears made it exciting like the cute message they printed inside the box (see photo below).

urbanears bagis packaging

The catalog included was beautiful!!!  I found out that Urbanears has a vast lineup of headphones.  Bagis (the one I’m reviewing now) is their compact version.  I wish I could get my hands on the other models 😛

urbanears bagis catalog

What’s in the box?

urbanears bagis contents

3.5mm stereo plug compatible with music players using the dimension
Urbanears Bagis earphones
small/medium/large size sleeves
Urbanears product catalog
warranty information
Urbanears sticker


Urbanears Bagis Features

Urbanears Bagis has some distinct features.  One of them which I noticed quickly is the combined fabric and TPE cord which was made to eliminate distortions caused by friction.  Friction, the exact reason why my Apple earphones failed on me.  I guess with Bagis earphones, I don’t have to worry about that.

The earphones are lightweight.  When plugged into the ear, you get transported to whatever you’re listening, isolating you from the environment.

No matter what device you are going to use Urbanears Bagis with, it’ll surely work as it has a mic and a remote.  I don’t need it as I use my Bagis earphones with my iPod Nano but nevertheless, I know I can use it when suddenly I need to plug it in my iPhone.

For audio, here’s the specifications: 9 mm handmade driver, frequency response 20Hz-20kHz, Impedance 16Ω, Sensitivity 107dB & Max Input Power 5mW.

Snap Construction

urbanears bagis open

urbanears bagis feature

My favorite feature of Urbanears Bagis is this.  Each earpiece snaps together.  It’s really cool and the first time I actually see a capability like that in earphones.  With those earpieces snapped together, we can carry Bagis around the neck.

Overall, a very good product!  Small, lightweight, useful, has decent sounds (not much bass but it’s okay), and nice features.  I’ve found my earphones to use for exercising and it looks sleek when connected to my iPod Nano! 🙂

Urbanears Bagis iPod Nano

Urbanears Bagis is available at PowerMac Centers, iStudio, Digital Walker, Digital Hub and Beyond the Box Stores at Php 1,200.

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3 observations on “Urbanears Bagis
  1. bubu

    Not bad for that price. I bought several earphones last year, I think 3 from philips, 1 sennheiser.  The philips cost me an average of 1500 each and the senn around 2500. But the cheaper philips has better sound and better ear insulation than the more expensive ones. I also the reference model of jbl, it sounded blah. But i like the design of this bagis. Question lang whats the size of the neodymium driver? Is that a 9 or a 10?  Parang gusto ko ren kumuha, i like the snap on design. Theres nothing like a tangled up mess of speaker wires to give you a good stressful feeling. hehehe  Oh yeah does those come in black or gray?


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