Crumpler Spring Peeper with Wheels

Crumpler Spring Peeper with Wheels

I have been traveling quite more often than usual since last year.  That was the reason why I needed to find a suitable luggage for my travels.  I wanted the luggage to look good, to be durable and strong, to have enough space for my things and easy to carry around.

Crumpler Spring Peeper with Wheels has addressed those needs.  My only gripe with the product is that there’s no color red (my favorite color) available but nevertheless, I’m very satisfied with it.

Spring Peeper Tech Specs
Exterior Fabric: 900 D Polyester with PU backing
Interior Fabric: 150D Ripstop Polyester with PU backing
Handles : Neoprene padded handles

Width: 32 cm / 12.6 inches
Height: 55 cm / 21.6 inches
Depth: 23 cm / 9 inches
Volume: 40 L / 2441 cubic inches
Empty Weight: 2.95 kg / 6.5 lbs

Here are 5 reasons why I like Crumpler Spring Peeper with Wheels and why I settled for it as my official luggage for my travels:

  • Roomy/Enough Storage Space

Crumpler Spring Peeper Contents

I have the medium-sized Spring Peeper with Wheels.  When opened, you could see a large main compartment that has 2 internal pockets.  One is a mesh pocket, and the other is a pocket to put on your wet stuff (no need to bring plastic bags to put your wet items on).  The exterior, on the other hand, has a zippered pocket in front where I usually put my passport and a hidden zippered pocket at the back to put on other stuff like books where you can easily get out from the luggage.

Lastly, the dual strap compression panel with quick release closures help bring our things together making it looking neat and compact.

The luggage is more then enough to carry stuff that is good for a 2-week vacation.  However, if you need a bigger storage space, you can get the large-sized Spring Peeper with Wheels.

  • Strong and Durable

I usually park my car in the airport overnight parking and that entails me to bring my luggage all the way from the outside street to the air-conditioned airport.  The weather is unpredictable, sometimes it rains, sometimes it’s hot, so I’m just glad that Crumpler Spring Peeper is strong enough to handle the unpredictable weather.

Crumpler made the Spring Peeper with wheels water-resistant which is really great!  I do not have worry about my gadget chargers inside the bag getting wet or damaged.  In addition to that, the uber-nice wheel housing prevents pebbles or any small stuff becoming caught in them while I move the luggage.

Everything in this luggage makes me feel that I’m carrying a strong, durable and high quality product, I super love it!

  • Easy to Carry Around

Crumpler Spring Peeper w Wheels

For a girl, poise is important that’s why I always make it a point to check if a luggage is comfortable and easy to carry around.

Crumpler designed the Spring Peeper with Wheels in a way that it holds its own when held vertically or horizontally.

When I don’t have much stuff inside the luggage, I carry it horizontally.  I appreciate that the top carry handles are nicely padded that it won’t get my hands wounded if I carry the Spring Peeper for long periods of time.

Crumpler Roch Luggage

I, however, always bring lots of stuff, so I use the luggage’s trolley often.  I love that I just push a button to activate the trolley.  I can even control the height of the trolley, whether full height, half height or totally none.

At full height, I can put an extra bag on top which makes it so much easier for me to carry my bags.

Crumpler Spring Peeper Handle

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that there are also padded handles on top and bottom of the luggage apart from the ones in the main compartment.  It’s really nice as I can hold the luggage vertically if I want to.

  • Secure

Crumpler Spring Peeper lock

The twin zips on the Sprint Peeper’s main compartment feature loops where I can put a padlock to secure the things I have inside the luggage.  This feature is extremely important as we don’t want to lose any of our belongings, right?

  • It’s an eye-candy!

crumpler spring peeper counter

The Crumpler Spring Peeper with Wheels looks so good that it makes me feel proud whenever I see it with other luggages in the conveyor belt.  I can easily spot my luggage because of its cute lively colors (purple/oatmeal).  However, if you’re on the conservative side this Crumpler luggage also has navy and black color variants.

I also appreciate that this luggage is perfect with my Crumpler Limpet which serves as my name tag.  Now, if only the Spring Peeper has a red-colored one, it would have been perfect…

I’ve been using this luggage for a few months now.  It still looks as good and sturdy as ever making me conclude that the Spring Peeper with Wheels by Crumpler will be with me for a very long time 🙂

Crumpler Spring Peeper with Wheels (Medium) is priced at Php 9,850.  If you want one, head on over to Crumpler stores in Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall and Trinoma Mall.

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