Market Cafe at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

Market Cafe at Hyatt Manila

After sampling yummy dim sum dishes at Li Li Restaurant, we went down to the 3rd floor to have our lunch buffet at the Market Cafe.  It was my first time at Market Cafe in Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila.  I was expecting a huge selection of food but it turned out that Market Cafe opted for quality instead of quantity.  It makes a lot of sense as we can’t really eat so much food in one sitting.

I actually thought it was a bad idea that we had a lot of food already at Li Li.  I wanted to stay at Market Cafe and eat much more food especially the seafood but my stomach couldn’t handle it anymore.  I must have been bad yesterday as gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins.. but good food is something we cannot resist!  Market Cafe definitely has them!

I’ll make sure that if I visit Market Cafe in Hyatt Manila next time, I’ll go there super early like 10 minutes before they start the buffet.  I want to have as much time as possible to enjoy the wonderful dishes that Market Cafe serves.

Market Cafe Hyatt Ambiance

Enjoy the pictures as I share the different stations included in the buffet of Market Cafe in Hyatt Manila.  I have my personal favorites, get to know them.. read on! 🙂

Bread Station

Market Cafe Hyatt Assorted Breads

Homemade breads baked by Market Cafe’s chefs.  There were lots of selections but I ended up skipping the bread station as I had my eyes locked on seafood! haha!

Cheese Station

Market Cafe Hyatt Cheese

The cheese station offered a selection of cheeses and condiments.  Perfect with bread.

Salad Station

Market Cafe Hyatt Salad

The Salad bar had fresh market produce with varied homemade salad dressings such as blue cheese, yogurt-citrus, Caesar, thousand island, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing and toppings such as diced fruits, cucumber, bacon bits, Parmesan cheese and potato marbles.

Pizza Station

Market Cafe Hyatt Pizza Cook

Market Cafe Hyatt Pizza

Market Cafe offered a variety of Pizzas and they were newly cooked!  I feel so bad now that I wasn’t able to even taste it as I was too full to take in more food 🙁  I’ll surely be back and I won’t miss pizza next time!

Chinese Section

Market Cafe Hyatt Noodles

Market Cafe Hyatt Chinese Station

As soon as I saw the roasted chicken on display, I already knew I was in the Chinese section.  As expected, there was a lot of food selections like noodles, dim sum, roast duck, soy chicken and more.

Indian Section

Market Cafe Hyatt Curry Station

Popular dishes from India included curry and that is what you can expect in Market Cafe’s Indian section.  There were roti bread and other Indian dishes too!

Japanese Section

Market Cafe Hyatt Tempura

The reason why I find Market Cafe Buffet very unique is because there are some sections where the chef will gladly cook for your food and serve to your table.  One of them is the tempura selection in the Japanese section.  You can have either shrimp tempura, veggie tempura and squid calamari freshly cooked!  You might have to wait for a few minutes but once you’ve eaten them, you’ll surely be satisfied!

Mongolian Section

Market Cafe Hyatt Mongolian

You love Mongolian food?  Market Cafe has it covered for you 🙂

Carving Section

Market Cafe Hyatt Prime Rib

A buffet favorite: Prime rib will never be absent, and I found it immediately at the carving station of Market Cafe.  I asked that my prime rib be cooked well-done (my preference).  I’m really scared of blood! 😛

Grilling Section

Market Cafe Hyatt Grilling Station

Market Cafe Hyatt grilling selections

Market Cafe Hyatt BBQ Selections

The grilling section offered a wide range of meats for cook to order.  I appreciate that Market Cafe chose to offer this labor-intensive section just to be sure that we get to enjoy the food the way that we want them to.  Offerings include pork and chicken skewers, tanigue fillet, lamb chops, liempo and blue marlin.  Most of the seafood here were raw, so you could pick what you wanted and have them cooked to order.

Seafood Section

Market Cafe Hyatt Other seafood

Market Cafe Hyatt Seafood

The seafood section served fresh prawns, lobsters, mussels, fishes, clams and oysters on ice.  You can ask the chef to cook it the way you want whether fried, steamed, grilled or whatever.  It’s your decision!

I have to talk more about this section because this was my favorite yesterday!  I consciously skipped some of the sections in the Market Cafe buffet in order to get more seafood!  You can just see the twinkle in my eyes (in the photo below) when I saw those baby lobsters that we can eat all we want!

Market Cafe Hyatt Roch with Lobsters

I tried those shrimps & lobsters cooked in three different ways:

cooked in butter garlic

Market Cafe Hyatt Butter Garlic Shrimps

Market Cafe Hyatt Lobsters

cooked Singaporean way

Market Cafe Hyatt Singaporean Shrimp

and cooked in sweet chili sauce

Market Cafe Hyatt Chili Shrimp

I loved all of them but my choice has got to be the butter garlic!  You can also ask the chefs to peel the shrimps for you just in case you get lazy (like me!) hehe.

Dessert Section

The way to end a beautiful satisfying meal is to have desserts.  Market Cafe surely knows how people LOVE their desserts!  They have this huge section to put all their yummy creations in!

This section is Pastry Chef Johann Dreisger’s baby.  He specializes in creating yummy high quality desserts and bread.  With over 25 years of experience, we were surely in for a treat!

Market Cafe Hyatt Dessert Bar

The dessert section featured homemade cakes, pastries, hot crepes and a chocolate fountain.  Not only that, Market Cafe also served our favorite Filipino delicacies which we rarely see in hotel buffets.  I was happy to get hold of sago’t gulaman but I felt it was too sweet for my taste.

Market Cafe Hyatt Desserts

Seasoned fruits were on display and for consumption.  You can eat all you want, you don’t even have to worry about eating it before or after the main meal, but if you ask me, eat fruits before the meal for better digestion 🙂

Market Cafe Hyatt Fruits

Halo Halo and Market Cafe’s bestselling homemade ice creams were available too!  I enjoyed putting the rainbow sprinkles over dalandan and cream cheese ice cream that I ordered!  My golly, those 2 ice cream flavors should not be missed!  It is important to note that the ice cream were made with high quality of ingredients – no preservatives and no artificial flavorings.

Market Cafe Hyatt Halo Halo

The “Hot Love Sundae” was brought out to our table and I must say it looked lovely!  It’s perfect for lovers dining inside Market Cafe.  The beautiful creation was made of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hot raspberry sauce and chocolate lip.  Cuteness!

Market Cafe Hyatt Ice Cream

I usually skip all kinds of breads but I was told by a Hyatt manager to try out their dessert bread.  I was just so glad that I had a portion of it because it was really divine!  The flavors were just right on and it has the right sweetness that I rarely see in desserts like that.

Market Cafe Hyatt Bread

Beverage Section

Market Cafe Hyatt Drinks
Photo by Hyatt Manila

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this beverage container!  Dining guests of Market Cafe Buffet actually can get any of those soft drinks and local beers as much as we want!  Yes, they are free flowing and boy, do I love to get those Coca Cola cans in my hands 🙂  For guys, I’m sure they have their eyes on San Miguel beers.  How many can you consume?

Today is Mother’s day and as a souvenir, we got ourselves a box of Pastry Chef Johann Dreisger’s homemade Swiss Felchlin chocolate pralines to give to our moms.  My mom isn’t in the Philippines so I just took a picture of the chocolates and shared it to my mom.  I hope she’s having a good day today 🙂

Market Cafe Hyatt Mother's Day Gift

Overall, my first experience in Market Cafe was a good one!  I love the concept of having your food freshly cooked by the chef with the way we want them to.  I also love the free-flowing soft drinks and beers that the buffet offers.  Most of all, I super duper love the service!  I was just in awe on how cheerful, accommodating and friendly the staff are.  I didn’t have to call them for attention as they were proactive enough to know what we would ask for!  It was impressive.

I rarely go to Manila but if I do, Market Cafe will be one of my top choices for dining!

Market Cafe
3rd floor, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila, 1588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. Del Pilar, Malate Manila, Philippines
Php 1,800 Buffet Lunch 12:00nn to 2:30pm – Mondays to Saturdays; 11:30am to 2:30pm – Sundays
Php 1,900 Buffet Dinner 6:00pm to 10:00pm – Mondays to Fridays
Php 1,950 Buffet Dinner 6:00pm to 10:00pm – Saturdays to Sundays

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