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The Avengers movie was too cool and we were all still so giddy about it while we walked along Citywalk in Eastwood looking for a place to eat for dinner.  I have a special interest for Persian food so when I saw Prince of Persia, I immediately suggested it to the group hoping they’d agree.

Luckily, everyone agreed so we entered the small dining place and chose our table.  There were only about 6-8 tables inside Prince of Persia.  It was very cozy, good for people who want to hang out in a quiet place.  It was perfect for us because all we usually do when we get together is talk about stuff.

Prince of Persia Ambiance

I waited for everyone to order before I decided what my order would be.  I’ve always wanted to order differently from my friends so I could share with you more items from a restaurant that I feature here in HeaRty’s Haven.  Luckily, no one ordered what I really wanted to try out.

Prince of Persia features mediterranean and persian food.  The most popular item in their menu has got to be Shawarma.  Beef Kebab with persian rice is a menu item that I consistently order in any of the Persian restaurants that I visit and that didn’t change with my visit at Prince of Persia (which coincidentally has the same name as a movie)

  • Beef Kebab (Php 145)

prince of persia beef wrap

Prince of Persia’s own grilled beef on a charcoal wrapped vegetables on a bread.  The beef looked dry but you can always put garlic and hot sauce on it.  You wouldn’t even realize its dryness as the sauce complements the beef very well.  Put more sauce as you like, some people just couldn’t get enough of it!

  • Chicken Shawarma Wrapped (Php 90)

prince of persia chicken wrap

If you wanna try something else for a change then this chicken shawarma wrap is a good choice.  It’s basically marinated chicken with tomatom cucumber, vegetables and onion wrapped in pita bread.  A very light sandwich but more than enough to fill your empty stomach.

  • Chelo Koobideh (Php 275)

prince of persia beef koobideh

My order was Chelo Koobideh <3  A very yummy dish that is already a complete meal in itself.  It had 2 skewers of charbroiled ground beef kebab, grilled tomato and Persian rice topped with butter.  I can eat this all by myself even if it can be shared between 2 people.

Oh, by the way, I didn’t eat the tomato by itself.  What I did was I put the tomato in a small plate then I mashed it then added garlic & hot sauce.  Lastly, I put it on top of the beef as a sauce.  You should try it next time you visit a Persian restaurant.  I promise you’ll love your beef kebab even more! 🙂

  • Beef Kebab (Php 90/skewer)

prince of persia beef kebab

If you can’t get enough of the charbroiled beef, then you can order it a la carte for Php 90 per skewer.

  • Buttered Persian Rice (Php 85)

prince of persia buttered rice

Sioti Jepoy ordered one skewer of beef kebab (Php 90) then one order of buttered persian rice (Php 85).  I felt it was actually very smart of him to order that way.  My order of Chelo Koobideh was a combination of 2 skewers of beef kebab (Php 90+Php 90), an order of buttered persian rice (Php 85) and a grilled tomato (Php 50).  If you’re not fond of tomato, you might as well order the rice and beef separately.

  • Lamb Shawarma with Persian Rice (Php 195)

prince of persia lamb

Shawarma rice is getting popular especially for people who are not fond of breads.  Prince of Persia has a great selection of it.  They have this lamb shawarma rice which is marinated shredded lamb with tomato, cucumber, vegetables, onion and persian rice.

  • Shawarma with Persian Rice (Php 150)

Prince of Persia beef

If you like beef which is Prince of Persia’s specialty then beef shawarma rice is the way to go.  It has the same ingredients as the other shawarma rice selection which are tomatoes, cucumber, vegetables, onion and persian rice except that it has marinated beef.

  • Chicken Shawarma with Persian Rice (Php 145)

prince of persia chicken

If chicken is your thing then order chicken shawarma rice.  I didn’t try out any of the shawarma rice dishes because they weren’t my order but from the looks of it, they seemed good (my friends finished their orders and feedback was pretty good).

Prince of Persia has opened its doors since 2008 in Eastwood.  With the delicious food that they serve, Prince of Persia will surely be staying for long.

prince of persia group picture

Prince of Persia
Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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