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Casa Ibiza Antipolo

Last month, my friend Jen called me up if I wanted to stay overnight at Casa Ibiza Antipolo with her and another friend.  She told me she availed of a promo, Php 3,500 for a one-night stay with complimentary breakfast for 6.  The coupon was expiring already so she wanted to use it.  She asked if I have any friends who wanted to go with us, but considering we were planning to stay on a weekday, I couldn’t get anyone.  We pushed through with only just the three of us.

It was a 1.5 hour drive from Quezon City.  Our friend knew where Casa Ibiza is so the ride was pretty quick and smooth.

When we arrived inside the resort, we went to the first unit among the colorful villas to register.  I loved the design of the exterior that I took my camera out to take some pictures.  Surprisingly, the place looked so much better in pictures.  If we can describe people as photogenic, then Casa Ibiza was picturesque.

Casa Ibiza Antipolo Ambiance

We all wanted to just relax so I didn’t really plan on blogging about this.  I actually didn’t plan to take pictures too.  However, blogging is already in my system so I took a few photos just in case I wanted to write about the experience.

The villa was good for 6 people.  It had 3 floors: 1st floor just had a bathroom, 2nd floor had the living room and kitchen while the 3rd floor had 3 bedrooms.  The villa was okay, but nothing spectacular.  It wasn’t even hotel-like so if you’re expecting ‘wow’ interiors, I don’t think Casa Ibiza will be your place of choice.  Casa Ibiza grand villas would be a good place for group of friends who wanted to hang out, play cards, drink alcohol and chit-chat the whole night away.  It’s like a townhouse you can rent for yourselves.

Casa Ibiza Rooms

We spent the whole night playing cards – poker, tong-its, pusoy dos, name it, we played them!  We made it a bit exciting by gambling a bit of money.  I shouldn’t have agreed as I was the biggest loser then (I wish we were playing for number of pounds LOL!).

Breakfast was served at 10AM as we woke up so late.  We went to the pool area where the food was served.  I noticed the consistency of the design of Casa Ibiza.  Apparently, the resort’s theme was Mexican.

Casa Ibiza Breakfast

I was obviously disappointed with the food.  I guess we really got what we paid for.  It’s a good thing, we were only three people because we got ourselves, two servings of those breakfast meals (since we paid for 6 pax).  The serving was like so small, imagine two spoonful of corned beef, and the egg seemed like just a half-egg.  The drink was powdered orange juice.  Nothing to rave about but the food was decent.  I hope they improve this a bit as the food was really, really disappointing.

Casa Ibiza Breakfast

Anyhow, I didn’t concentrate on my disappointment as I was in good company.  We got ourselves double serving anyway so it doesn’t matter 🙂

Casa ibiza group

Casa Ibiza has a spa room which can also serve as a conference room.  It was a pretty neat room.  I don’t think anyone availed of their spa services as no one was around when I went in to check it out.  I didn’t bother trying it out too as we didn’t have time left for a one-hour massage.

Casa Ibiza Spa

The pool was really nice and I must say Casa Ibiza had great ambiance.  The beautiful garden and the way the cabanas were positioned around the pool area was pretty cool too!

Casa Ibiza Pool

Casa Ibiza tents

My key takeaway from my first visit to Casa Ibiza is that it’s a perfect place to have pictorials.  Really, the place was just built for photographers.  I guess engaged couples should consider this as one of the destinations to have their pre-nup pictures.

Casa Ibiza Surrounding

Group of friends who are camwhores would love this place!  I assure you your pictures will come out really really good especially if you have a good photographer with you.

Casa Ibiza Entrance

I was surprised myself when I saw the photos I took of Casa Ibiza.  It was astoundingly beautiful there, much more beautiful than it is in actuality.  I’m not sure if it’s a good thing for the resort.  I guess if guests had seen the pictures from Casa Ibiza’s website, they might be surprised when they see the place in person as it wasn’t the same.  We can’t blame the resort though because Casa Ibiza was just too photogenic 🙂

Casa Ibiza Townhouses

I now believe that some people OR places can transform in photos.  Casa Ibiza indeed is.

Casa Ibiza
Sapang Buho Road, Barangay Dalig II, Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines 1870

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3 observations on “Casa Ibiza
  1. Our Paradise Philippines

    Great review! I’ve been waiting for a reputable blogger to review this place since I almost got the 50% deal as well. Your review gave an honest insight on to what the place really has to offer. Now, I’ll stop thinking whether I should avail of the deal once it’s offered again……I will not. 🙂

  2. Peachy

    I think the place would be good for group of friends who just need a place to stay to chill, relax and/or swim in Antipolo… As per the food, I think this is what really happens, most of the time, when one avails of those coupons; disappointing. An okay place — just as long as you bring your own ‘baon’ haha. 
    Thanks for the review Roch! 


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