Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Review

Snow White and the Huntsman

Straight from Tagaytay, I went to the mall so I could catch the first day screening of Snow White & the Huntsman.  As the title implied, the movie is about Snow White.  I remember a few months ago that I was able to catch Mirror Mirror which was another movie version of Snow White.  Mirror Mirror was lighter, cuter and more fairy tale-like while Snow White & the Huntsman was darker, more action-oriented and I guess caters to a more mature audience.

The story basically revolved around 2 women:

  • Snow White (Kirsten Stewart) – daughter of King Magnus (Noah Huntley) and Queen Eleanor (Liberty Ross).  Snow White was destined to surpass Ravenna as the fairest of them all..
  • Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) – a powerful sorceress and the Dark Army’s master whose power was only as strong as her beauty.  Ravenna captured beautiful women and drains them of their youth.

This is a Snow White movie.  The mirror that the evil queen depended was part of the movie.  Of course, the 7 dwarves were also present or else it wouldn’t be a Snow White movie.  Significant details that involved those characters/thing include the Mirror telling the Queen that Snow White would both be her ruin and her salvation.  According to the mirror, if she takes the young girl’s heart, she will become immortal.  While the seven dwarves naturally helped Snow White as she is the only one who can defeat Ravenna and end her reign of terror.

A handsome prince was in the Snow White & the Huntsman too but this time around, there were 2 guys.  Even until the end of the movie, I couldn’t tell if Snow White ended up with the Huntsman or the Duke’s son.  Considering Snow White was portrayed by Kirsten Stewart, I couldn’t help but relate Snow White to Twilight.  There was even a scene when Snow White was resurrected from death, which was actually similar to the scene in the last Twilight movie.

I like the movie only because Charlize Theron was there.  She was very effective as Queen Ravenna.  Even if they made Charlize Theron look 20 years older, she still looked stunning!  I actually doubted the mirror when it said that Snow White would surpass the Queen’s beauty hahaha!

I also prefer Snow White and the Huntsman over Mirror Mirror.  This has something to do with my age, I guess hahaha!  But of course, you might not agree with me.  It really would depend on your preference 🙂

My Rating for Snow White and the Huntsman: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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2 observations on “Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Review
  1. nicklelove

    My mom said Snow White isn’t even pretty. LOL. They could have casted someone else to play the role, but I guess they’re still milking her for her Twilight fame. Charlize was amazing! I did watched it because of her and Chris Hemsworth, of course. 🙂


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