Meralco Bright Idea – Switch to Induction Cooking

Meralco Bright Idea - Switch to Induction Cooking

Most of my salary goes to bills.  That’s why I always find ways to save money in order to lessen costs.

Meralco introduced Bright Ideas.  This is an impressive campaign!  With this campaign, Meralco suggests that we switch from using LPG stoves to using an Induction Cooker.

According to Meralco, an Induction Cooker is an energy-efficient appliance that cooks faster, safer and cheaper compared to gas-cooking stoves.  We got to know its benefits over an intimate special themed dinner prepared by Pinoy Eats World’s Chef JJ Yulo (more on that on a separate post).

There was even a game during the dinner when we were asked to guess how long it’ll take to boil water using an induction cooker.  The winner took home her very own American Standard Induction cooker.  I didn’t win because I guessed it wrong.  I thought that it’d be boiled in 2.5minutes but apparently, it took 4 minutes.

So how does the induction cooker work?

An induction cooker produces an electromagnetic field which penetrates the cooking vessel and produces heat.  The heat is then transferred to the vessel’s contents and cooks it.

What I learned and appreciated about the process of induction cooking is that nothing else apart from the cooking vessel gets affected by the electromagnetic field.  In short, no heat is lost to the surrounding.  Also, as soon as the induction cooker is turned off, heat generation stops automatically.

Here is a list of benefits of an induction cooker:
I’m just glad that I learned this and I’m sharing what I found out with you 🙂

  • Safety – heat is generated only if a flat bottomed magnetic cookware is used.  With induction cookers, there is no open flame, exposed hot coils or possibility of gas leaks.  I’m totally sold on this.  As of the moment, I actually gave up my gas stove for an electric cooker.
  • Energy efficiency – with gas stoves, 50% of generated heat is lost to the surroundings compared to only 10% with induction cookers.  This efficient heat transfer allows food to cook faster.  I like that there’s less wasted heat and since there’s not much heat in the surrounding, the kitchen would be a much more enjoyable place for cooking.
  • Instant adjustment – allows users to adjust heat instantly.  An induction cooker is quick to heat up and cool down.  We can also set the cooker to automatically turn off at a certain time.
  • Easy Maintenance – an induction cooker is easy to clean as we just need to wipe the ceramic-glass surface with a damp cloth.
  • Portable & Easy to Install – I always have to ask for assistance before when I still had my gas stove.  I had to pay someone to help me install the hose, regulator and the tank.  I even have to ask help whenever I need to change gas tanks.  It was really inconvenient.  With induction cooker, we just need to plug it in and we are ready to go.  It’s so easy to use.
  • Price – it’s pretty known that using an induction cooker is more expensive than using a gas stove.  I beg to disagree though as LPG tanks are expensive plus maintenance is a pain.  Based on lab tests conducted by Meralco, it showed that the cost doesn’t differ much between the two: Unit (induction cooker – Php 2,500, gas stove – Php 2,500 + gas tank + regulator + hose) & Consumption (70kWh = Php 745).

Discounts on Induction Cookers
To promote the Meralco Bright Idea: Switch to Induction Cooking further, Meralco is offering discounts to customers up to 50% on American Home & Imarflex branded Induction cookers from July 1 to September 30, 2012.  Isn’t that cool?

Meralco Discounted Imarflex Induction Cookers

Meralco discounted American Home Induction Cookers

Meralco Bright Ideas are bright indeed.  I can’t wait to learn more with regards to home safety & tips for energy efficiency from Meralco.

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9 observations on “Meralco Bright Idea – Switch to Induction Cooking
  1. guest

    But you can only cook one at a time. unlike the gas stoves with several burners. So the longer you use the induction cooker, the more electricity consumption you will use and the results, big electricity bill.

  2. anne

    how can i avail this discounts? just go to the meralco business centers and pay for the induction cooker? or do i need to present anything, my meralco bill maybe?

  3. Angela Bermachea Conejero

    Am interested. How much now? Where can i buy? Am living at marcos highway, antipolo. Do you have stove with two cookers in one? How,much? Thanks.

  4. Ed

    Um Ron, your PHP900 double burner gas stove comes with a free gas tank, a free gasul filling, a free hose and regulator? Not? Thought so.
    Try adding it all up, ha?

  5. Robert Cruz

    i do not believe to the data of meralco, gasul and other gas range that uses gas is much cheaper than any induction cooker or electric stove., all appliance that uses meralco electric that produce heat is very expensive in electric consumption to add few examples like plantsa, electric stove, electric oven, hair dryer or blower etc., why do i said that because i am an electrician and i know that when your appliance in meralco produce heat its like na pinagbabaga mo at pinag soshort electric para lng makapag pabaga ng bakal and it require too much or high wattage to produce it like in electric stove it requires 2000 watts sama as plantsa and hair dryer., hindi mo cla mapapabaga kung wattage mo e mahina , e pag mataas wattage mo malakas din kuryente kakainin noon ganun lng po yun., Meralco will advertise this induction cooker kc kikita cla dahil electric kc gagamitin as simple as that.


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