Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream

Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream

There are tons of Ice Cream brands out there.  The one thing I haven’t experienced yet is to go to an ice cream maker’s house and sample his well-crafted ice cream products. So when the opportunity came, I took it.

Bonner Dytoc works full-time at Absolute Traders, a stock market trader company.  During his free time, he makes these ice cream he branded as Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream.

About Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream

Bonner got the idea of making homemade ice cream when he got a kitchen aid mixer as a gift last 2008.  It was then that he realized that self-made ice cream has better quality than the ones being sold in the supermarket.

Being a businessman, he conducted a feasibility study and decided to go high-end.  One of the things that came out of that study is that competing directly with popular brands using the usual flavours won’t cut it because of the costs.  It became Bonner’s mission to provide high quality ice cream with unusual flavours.  He started searching for items that aren’t being used to create ice cream locally.  The first flavor he worked on was Basil.

After three years of researching and experimenting, Bonner finally released Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream to the public.

Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream
If you think you know ice cream, it’s time you get to know Jack!

To provide high quality ice cream with unusual flavors

Company Overview
Premium Ice Cream with a twist. We aim to serve premium ice cream with flavors that are not the norm in the local scene.

Jack Frost Signature Flavors

Aside from the mouth-watering pictures of the current flavors of Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream below, other flavors will come out very soon!  They are Rose, Green Apple, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Salted Butter Caramel and Green Tea.

  • Premium (Pint – Php 200, Half-Gallon – Php 700, Gallon – Php 1,300)

Jack Frost Ice Cream 5


Jack Frost Ice Cream 3

Orange Rosemary

Jack Frost Ice Cream 6

Lemon Mint

  • Super Premium  (Pint – Php 250, Half-Gallon – Php 800, Gallon – Php 1,500)

Jack Frost Ice Cream 1

Choco Glacier

Jack Frost Ice Cream 2

White Rock

Jack Frost Ice Cream 7

Morning Rush

Jack Frost Ice Cream 4

Oreo Cheesecake

My Jack Frost Experience

The owner was kind enough to let us try most of the available flavors of Jack Frost.  Actually, I was really shocked when I learned that one of the ingredients he used for ice cream was basil!  Who would ever thought that basil will ever be made as an ice cream?  I truly didn’t so I believed in the mission statement of Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream.  They really do offer unusual ice cream flavors!

Jack Frost Tasting Portion

Among all of the ones we tried, three flavors stood out for me:

  • Blueberry Cheesecake – People appreciate handmade products and with ice cream, homemade is the equivalent.  Considering that Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream was made fresh and with lots of care & precision, the taste was exactly like the original blueberry cheesecake (only in ice cream form)!  There were even whole blueberries inside the ice cream.  It was delicious!  If you love cheesecake, then this flavor is for you!  It doesn’t stop there as Jack Frost has a whole range of cheesecake ice cream flavors: Oreo, strawberry and cherry.  Take your pick!
  • Basil – basil is a herb that is commonly used to enhance flavors of some dishes like soups, pasta dishes and chicken.  Jack Frost made it a star this time by making an ice cream purely composed of basil.  It’s definitely not for everyone as it has a distinct taste but it was a favorite among Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream clients.
  • Morning Rush – What are your favorite items to drink and eat during mornings?  For most us, they are coffee and bacon.  Well, you can find that in ice cream nowadays with Jack Frost’s Morning Rush.  It’s coffee-flavored ice cream with bacon!   Yes, you read it right, there was bacon in the coffee ice cream that we tried out!  Bonner didn’t wanna create a normal-flavored ice cream.  Even if the coffee-flavored ice cream is delicious enough, he really did have to add those bacon bits.  Mind you, those fats in the bacon were removed too!

How to Order Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream

Since Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream is made-to-order, you have to advise the owner 2 days in advance.  That’s what I like about this new ice cream player in the market, you are assured that the ice cream that you ordered were freshly made (no time in the freezer but directly delivered to you once done).

You can either pick up your Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream order or you can have it delivered for a minimum purchase of Php 2,000 in Metro Manila.

Jack Frost Pint

They are still working on the packaging but you can already have a pint, a half-gallon or a gallon of Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream for yourself.

Premium Flavors – Basil, Orange Rosemary & Lemon Mint
Pint (Php 200), Half Gallon (Php 700) and Gallon (Php 1,300)

Super Premium Flavors – Cheesecake, Morning Rush, Choco Glacier & White Rock
Pint (Php 250), Half Gallon (Php 800) and Gallon (Php 1,500)

I thank the owner for inviting us to his wonderful home, meeting his wonderful family and tasting his personally-crafted premium ice cream.  It was indeed a unique experience.  I hope that his hobby-turned business will become successful 🙂

Jack Frost Tasting Group

Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream

Roch Signature

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