KFC Mac and Cheese Bites

KFC Mac and Cheese Bites

It’s not a secret that I LOVE Kentucky Fried Chicken!  It has been my habit to order 6 pieces of KFC Hot & Crispy Chicken every now and then.  I never forget to post a picture of my yummy comfort food that some friends even thought that KFC is my secret to youthful looks! :))

I’m not in any way connected to KFC and I was never paid to market their products.  I just genuinely love KFC fried chicken.  It has been a part of my life ever since I was a kid.

If you’ve been following KFC Philippines’ Facebook page, you might have noticed their post last September 27.  It says that a new snack will be coming out soon and that it’ll be made of macaroni and cheese.

KFC Mac & Cheese Teaser

Well, it’s not a mystery anymore!

Let me break the good news!  The new exciting snack from KFC is called…. *drumroll*  KFC Mac and Cheese Bites!!!

KFC Mac and Cheese Bites

There’s no chicken inside by the way, but it definitely looked like KFC Hotshots.  KFC Mac & Cheese Bites is the latest innovation from the brand.  KFC has never failed to surprise fans like us with their exciting products (remember Double Down?).

KFC Mac & Cheese Bites Contents

I immediately opened a box and examined a piece of KFC Mac & Cheese Bites.  There are 5 pieces of Mac & Cheese bites in every order.  It’s actually pretty cheap!  It is only Php 49!  If you want to order it with fries & drink, then the price is at Php 79.  For cheese-lovers out there, I’m pretty sure you’ll indulge on this especially because the taste was true to the traditional Macaroni and Cheese.

KFC Mac and Cheese Roch

KFC Mac and Cheese Bites is crunchy on the outside and loaded on the inside with soft macaroni pasta and bits of bacon in cheese sauce!  The cheesy taste was so strong that I’m sure cheese lovers won’t get enough it!

KFC Mac and Cheese Bites Inside

If there’s one thing that I want KFC to add to this product is an option to have dips.  Nevertheless, KFC customers would love to try Mac & Cheese Bites starting October 4, 2012 when the product will be officially available at all branches in the Philippines.  It’ll only be a 2-day wait!

KFC Mac and Cheese Bites
starting October 4, 2012
Ala Carte (Php 49), Combo w/ Fries & Drink (Php 79)

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2 observations on “KFC Mac and Cheese Bites
  1. DestronLeader

    First the cheese top burger and now… deep fried mac ‘n cheese balls… Will wonders never cease…


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