Lessons from the Fall

Lessons from the Fall

As some of you may know, I got into an accident 2 weeks ago.  I missed a step, then fell while I was going down the stairs of a garden inside The Hills in Cavite.

I’m feeling better now considering I got both my foot sprained and got several wounds & bruises on my body.  While this was an unfortunate accident (it will take months or even years for my wounds to heal), I considered this a learning opportunity.  I was once again reminded of the wonderful things in life and how I should never stop appreciating them.

I’ve been careful, trust me. I got my ankle fractured over a year ago and that made me look at the floor often when walking.  I guess no matter how hard we try to be careful, things happen.  That’s why it’s called an accident, right?

an unforeseen event or one without an apparent cause

My key takeaway from this unforgettable experience are the ff:

  • It’s Embarassing

I attended a wedding with over a hundred guests.  Imagine having all those people see you fall down the stairs in full view.  Yes, that happened!  It even went to a point that I fainted and had my colleagues carry me up the stairs to the reception as I was obviously handicapped.

I experienced pain but what made me feel awful is that I had to make a scene.  On that day, none of us should be noticeable.  The only two people that mattered was the groom and bride.  I was sad that I had an accident causing extra work for some folks to help/carry me out.  I felt sad as well because I wasn’t able to see the beautiful wedding ceremony of my friends.  However, I wish them all the best.  They’re a wonderful couple and I’m sure they’ll live a happy and loving life 🙂

  • My Colleagues are Awesome

As soon as I fell, my colleagues immediately went to my side to help.  Whether to carry my things, offer support, carry me (!), offer prayers & perform first aid, they were just there.  I’ve always known that my colleagues are smart but I got reminded that they are also beautiful inside and out 🙂

  • I have a Family

I always consider myself as a loner.

Last year, I started meeting people that I consider my family now.  My stalkerbugs family, my church family and yes, some long-lost cousins!

When the accident happened, I was in a far away place.  My churchmates cancelled their dinner plans and immediately drove to Cavite from Manila just to rescue me.  I felt so blessed.  Everyone was ready to help me in whatever way they can.  As some of my friends picked me up and drove me to a hospital, some went to the hospital to bring food and some went to drive my car back to my house.  A family lent me a wheelchair.  A sister offered me her home to sleep for the night and other friends visited me at home when I was recuperating.  Even a cousin who I haven’t seen for more than 10 years, stayed with me for one night so that she could assist me.

I’m humbled, truly humbled!  I actually feel ashamed for thinking that I don’t have a family because I do, I really do.

  • God is Good

I learned to accept the Lord early this year.  My life changed since then.  When He says that He’s there for us, it’s very true!

During that time that I was helpless, I felt him.  All the prayers from my sisters, brothers and friends were answered by the Lord.  It was a miracle that I didn’t get any fracture.  What was more apalling is I was able to stand and walk a bit after one day!  If you only knew the pain and the impact of the fall, you wouldn’t even imagine that I will be able to recover that quickly.  Miracles do come true!  Praise the Lord!

We learn things every day.  With this experience, I get reminded as to how good life is!  I’m truly thankful for a lot of things and I hope people won’t get tired of me as I try to improve myself each day.  I hope in the future, I’ll be able to help change someone’s outlook in life for the better too just like how my friends did.

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4 observations on “Lessons from the Fall
  1. Henry

    I hope you have a quick recovery. It’s sad to hear about your fall. I know God is good and he always has his reasons


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