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Let me tell you the story why I have Sun Cellular as my main line for several years now.

I first heard of Sun Cellular about 8 years ago.  Several friends were pitching for me to get a Sun Cellular line so that we can text and call each other without worrying about enormous mobile phone charges.

These were my options before (it’s still the same rate as of today!):

  1. Prepaid – PHP 150 for unlimited text to any Sun number
  2. Postpaid – PHP 350 for unlimited text AND calls to any Sun number

I thought the prices were cheap!  Come to think of it, one month Sun subscription will cost just as much as one single dinner or lunch!  It was definitely a steal!  I still hesitated for a moment as only a few friends had Sun.  Nevertheless, I still went to a Sun service center and applied for a PHP 350 postpaid line.

I’m never a fan of prepaid, I just hate the hassle of going to a loading center almost every week.  As for Sun, I wanted to get the perk of a free phone every 2 years.  Plus, all I need to do is pay online every month for the subscription fee.

In all my 6-8 years as a postpaid Sun subscriber, I think I only visited their service center 10 times.  The reasons varied from upgrading SIM card, getting the loyalty phone reward and subscribing for a new service.

When I first had my Sun postpaid line, I considered it as a second option.  I was using a competing cellular brand as my main line.  After so many years of hassle and headache with that company, I decided to forego my main line.  I then appreciated my Sun line more.  I said to myself. Wow, here’s a smaller mobile service provider but I got better services on this one.

Here is why I’m still with Sun after all these years:

  • it’s cheap!
  • it’s unlimited!
  • their loyalty program rocks!

It was then that I started to use Sun as my main line.  It’s not perfect.  I have signal issues when I’m on top of an office building but most of the time, it works!  I’m getting a lot more with less money and that’s what I really appreciate.

You know what’s cool?  Sun offers unlimited mobile internet for only PHP 799 a month!  It was a no-brainer.  I immediately went to a service center and applied for a line.  After a few months of use, I realized that it was indeed very useful.  I get 3G signal everywhere I go.  I then bundled it with my PHP 350 line which gave me PHP 100 discount (unlimited mobile internet is PhP 699 if you have an existing PHP 350 postpaid line).

I try to minimize hassle because stress is not my best friend.  I’m glad that having an unlimited account is giving me that convenience.  I never have to worry about my bill in spite of constant use.  With everyone availing of mobile internet, I rarely get charged for texting non-Sun lines because I can either tweet them or iMessage them! 🙂

The best of it all, with just PHP 999 a month, I get all three: unlimited texts, unlimited calls and unlimited mobile internet!!

My only wish is that they offer high-end phones (i.e., iPhone) in the future.  Will it happen?  We’ll never know but right now, Sun is a good choice for me 🙂

Sun Cellular
Toll free from your Sun Cellular mobile phone : 200
Landline : +63-2-3958000

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2 observations on “Sun Cellular The Good Choice
  1. RegRR

    how does the free phone work? My postpaid is sim only so I’m guessing I won’t be getting a free phone?


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