Allies Dry Toasted Wonder Peanuts

Allies Wonder Peanuts

Back when I was in college, I ate a lot of peanuts whenever I need to study overnight for an exam.  That habit didn’t stop at all!  Now that I’m working, I eat snacks in order to get me through a difficult task or even just to relieve stress.

Franny gave me a can of Allies Dry Toasted Wonder Peanuts to try out during the looloo launch.  Apparently, she and her husband distributes the Pampanga-based product here in Metro Manila.

My first impression when I inspected the product was the name ‘Allies Wonder Peanuts’.  I was like why did they put ‘wonder‘ in the name of the product?  Is Allies Dry Toasted Wonder Peanuts that wonderful?  What sets it apart from the vast peanut brands in the market?

I got the answer as soon as I opened the can and had taken several pieces of the dry toasted peanuts.

Allies Wonder Peanuts

It was the generous amount of garlic!!!!  In fact, the amount of peanuts and the garlic was almost the same.

Honestly, I can’t tell what good and bad peanuts are but if it has loads of garlic, it’s a definite winner in my eyes.  Another thing that I liked about Allied Wonder Peanuts is that it’s not greasy.  While I have my hand sanitizer ready, I didn’t need to smudge on the laptop keyboard.

A friend warned me not to eat too much as he noticed me eating non-stop, saying that too much of it will give me urinary tract infection.  I, however, thought of the health benefits of peanuts.  I remember distinctly that peanuts is a brain food wherein it can boosts memory power.  I do agree though that we have to eat any food in moderation :P

I knew that the product tasted good because my colleagues were taking seconds and asking me where they can buy Allies Dry Toasted Wonder Peanuts.

Allies Dry Toasted Wonder Peanuts can be ordered by calling +639175388125.  It can also be purchased in Ha Yuan, The Cheese Steak Shop, Dragon Noodles and Little Store in San Juan.  The product has two sizes available: 450 grams for Php 170.00 and 800 grams for Php 270.00.

If you like dry toasted, crunchy, greaseless with loads of garlic peanuts, then go get some Allies Wonder Peanuts.  You’ll love it!

Allies Dry Roasted Wonder Peanuts
450grams and 800grams available
Metro Manila Distributor – +639175388125

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