KFC Limited-Edition Christmas Krushers

KFC Christmas Krushers

It’s only a few days until Christmas, aren’t you excited?  Well, KFC is!

KFC continued its tradition of offering limited-edition Christmas Krushers at all its stores.  Last year, they offered Winter Berry Krushers (blended blueberries & strawberries with yogurt & milkshake) and Dulce de Leche Krushers (frosty milkshake with caramel, leche flan and pastillas).

Well, dessert lovers will like this year’s version of KFC Christmas Krushers for sure!  KFC has patterned their Christmas Krushers with two of our favourite desserts:  Double Dutch Chocolate and Sans Rival.  I, myself, consider Sans Rival as one of my favourite desserts so this was a good welcome news for me!

Double Dutch Krushers

KFC Christmas Krushers Double Dutch

Do you love ordering double dutch chocolate cake?  Well, you can have a drink version of it with KFC’s Double Dutch Krushers!

It is a decadent choco-vanilla drink with chocolate and soft marshmallow bits.  The marshmallow bits was a definite nice touch!  However, you do know that I’m not fond of chocolates so this was just o-kay for me.

Sans Rival Krushers

KFC Christmas Krushers Sans Rival

The Sans Rival Krushers, on the other hand, is a winner for me!  I love KFC’s rich butter cream drink with crunchy meringue bits.  It stayed true to the sans rival taste and there were actually real sans rival bits in the drink!  Sans Rival lovers will surely enjoy this rich flavored drink!

KFC offers an option to have the krushers flavor topped with frothy whipped cream.  I would stay away from whipped cream because it’s added calories.  But of course, it’s up to you ;)

KFC Christmas Krushers 2012

Specialty Drinks usually costs around Php 90-150.  Good thing, KFC is offering their limited-edition Christmas Krushers for only Php 75!  Isn’t that a good Christmas promo?  I do think so!

Advance Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy your KFC Krushers!

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