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You might have heard of looloo.  It was just released at the iTunes App Store this week.  If you haven’t, fret not because I will be writing all about looloo in this blog post!  So hang in there and continue reading, okay? :)

I was one of the beta testers of this new iOS application.  With that, I got to meet the people behind looloo during the beta testers night.  The looloo team is a small one, but they are definitely enthusiastic, talented and sweet.  They even wrote a blog post just to thank us beta testers!  I got personal emails from some of the team members in addition to that.  The personal touch just made me want to use looloo more.

looloo beta testers
image taken from the looloo blog

I have been using looloo for a week now and I’m starting to get addicted to it.  I have a lot of social media applications on my iPhone.  However, it seems that I’ll be adding looloo to my favorite ones.

So what is looloo?

looloo is a simple yet powerful tool for discovering places.  Review places you visit and recommend the really good ones to your friends who would love them also.

In an area you’re not familiar with?  Whip out the app and see what’s nearby.  Even better, find out if any of your friends have been there and see how they liked it.

As a blogger, people tend to ask me for advice where to eat, where to go, what the newest gadgets are, what the latest trend is, etc.  I always have my blog to refer to for answers.  However, not everyone is a blogger.  Actually, I see a lot of friends who share their impression on certain places via their social media accounts.

I think looloo is a great tool to share our opinion about the different places in Metro Manila.  It’s like our personal local guide!  I do notice though that 80% of the reviews posted by my friends/beta-testers in looloo are related to restaurants!  What the heck, we love to eat!  No surprise there! :P

People might think that I know a lot of places.  Trust me, I don’t!  Metro Manila is just too big!  looloo has been very helpful in providing me information as to what places to check out.  I get to read reviews from people I know too!  With looloo, it’s easier to discover places!

Now, how do we use looloo?

  • first up, download looloo on your iOS device.  Go to the App Store, search for looloo and click the download button (it’s free!).
  • Log in looloo using your Facebook account.
  • Go to the Explore tab in order to find restaurants, entertainment places, spas, salons, nightlife & tourist spots. It has many filters so you can search easier.  Whether you want to see the highest-rated places (best), currently open for business (open now) or search for places around you (nearby), looloo has them sorted out for you.
  • The Review tab is where you can share your experiences to people.  How did you feel about the place you visited?  Did you like it?  Did you love it enough to give it a perfect 5 star-rating or hated it so much to give it 1 star?  Of course, adding a photo would give your review so much more impact.  After you’re done with your review on the looloo app, you can share it via Twitter and/or Facebook.
  • Lastly, there’s a thing called inflooence.  Admittedly, I haven’t tried recommending any places I reviewed to friends so my influence is zero.  I will do it next time because it would be so nice having a high score in your looloo profile.  You can find the recommend button when you review a place.  Go and choose the people who you think would want to check out the place.  When they do visit the place and review them on looloo, your inflooence score will go up.

I like the looloo app and I saw more and more people using the app each day.  If this is the first time you’ve heard of looloo, you can go to the iTunes app store and download it.

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