Jump In to Life with Smart

Jump In to Life with Smart

I was watching TV today when I saw the Smart ad with celebrities apl.de.ap and Jessica Sanchez.  The TV commercial had me thinking, what made me Jump In to Smart?  In all honesty, I even shared just two months ago about how I stayed with Sun Cellular for a long time.  But being an Apple fanatic, I couldn’t resist not getting the new iPhone 5.  Sun doesn’t offer it, and I couldn’t afford to always buy expensive open-line iPhones.  Plus, I’ve been hearing good things about Smart’s network coverage.  I thought why not jump in?

It’s funny that I reminisced about how I decided to finally get a Smart postpaid line.  It actually took me three years to upgrade my iPhone 3GS.  I’ve been wishing to upgrade my phone year after year but ended up not doing so.  What is it with iPhone 5?

Smart iPhone 5

Well, here are three major reasons why I did it:

  1. I was really getting tired of my iPhone 3GS.  This year alone, I had both the home button and original back case replaced.  It was already out of warranty and it’s starting to act really slow.
  2. The retina display of iPhone 5 is too awesome for anyone to pass up.  I also appreciate that the 5th generation iPhone is much lighter and thinner.  Oh yes, it looked sooooooo good!  Even my friends who own iPhone 4S like it!
  3. I heard iPhone 5 was Steve Jobs’ last project.  Whether the news is true or not, I had to own one.  Steve Jobs is my ultimate idol, and my wish to meet him in person will never happen.  However, getting myself an iPhone 5 is my way of giving tribute to the man.

Now, what’s the use of getting the most amazing smartphone in the planet if network connection isn’t good?  I did some research, asked several friends and monitored social media posts regarding existing PH mobile networks.  It was a no-brainer.  Smart was the best choice so I jumped in!  How fitting with the Smart Jump In video, right?

Apart from loving apl.de.ap (due to Black Eyed Peas) and Jessica Sanchez (American Idol), I appreciate the message of the video.  Things like being brave in order to live our life, not hesitating and jump in to the things we like and taking a leap and jump in to the future.

With that, I’m sharing with you my Jump In tech-related Resolutions for Year 2013:

  • Learn iOS App Development.
  • Create a simple iOS app by end of the year.
  • Get ipadpinas.com up and running with consistent updates.

How about you?  Do you have any Jump In resolutions in mind?  Why don’t you share it to us by tweeting it with the #SmartJumpIn hashtag? 🙂

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