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Lock & Lock is a Korean company known for its containers with four sides interlocking system.  It has since expanded its product line to include water bottles, pitchers, lunch boxes, glass & ceramic wares and a lot more.  The company has gone a long way.  I, myself, am a big fan considering I use lock & lock containers for food storage.  I also have lock & lock lunch boxes and I also use a fry pan that I bought from their store.

Lock & Lock has store branches in Eastwood and Lucky Chinatown Malls, which I frequent to.  I love that all their products are in one store!  It was in those visits when I realize how big the company already is.

So when I got invited for a bloggers’ event last July (I know this was ages ago!), I immediately said yes!  It was a chance for me to get to know the company better, and get first-hand information about Lock & Lock’s new products.  The event was held at their Araneta avenue branch.  It’s funny that I pass by there everyday before, and I didn’t even notice that there was a Lock & Lock store there.  Apparently, it was already Lock & Lock’s seventh store.

The first thing that I noticed when I entered the store was the bird cage hanging by the entrance:

Lock & Lock Bird Cage

I wonder what the connection between a bird and Lock & Lock is.  Maybe, the owner liked birds so he/she decided to put it up there.  I was wrong — this was in direct connection with the company’s goal:

‎”Lock & Lock cares for the advancement of the kitchen through new means and ways to prepare food from kitchen to table, while keeping in mind in the care for the environment and the balance of health and wellness.”

With the lovely bird living with all the Lock & Lock products on display, Lock & Lock is trying to prove that their products will not be harmful and will not let birds die.

That day, Lock & Lock introduced two new line of products: Cookplus and MicrOven Glasswares.

New Cookplus Products

One main reason why we should use Cookplus products is this.  They are perflourooctanoic acid (PFOA)-free!

PFOA is a carcinogen, liver toxicant, developmental toxicant, immune system toxicant and exerts hormonal effects including alteration of thyroid hormone levels.  In short, PFOA is harmful to the environment and the human body.  Lock & Lock assures us that we don’t get exposed to that when we use Cookplus products.  Besides, who would want to risk their health with cooking utilities that contain harmful chemicals?

At home, I use the Cookplus Smart Frying Pan and I’m pretty happy with it.  It’s very easy to clean the pan, and I didn’t have any problems cooking food with it either.

Lock & Lock CookPlus Smart

Last July, Lock & Lock launched 3 more products under the Cookplus line.  Every product has a distinct feature that would fit every cook’s kitchen needs.  I have set my eyes on the Cookplus Ceramic! 🙂

  • Cookplus Vitamin

Lock & Lock CookPlus Vitamin

Cookplus Vitamin is a beautiful line of colourful frying pans, casserole, wok and saucepans.

Lock & Lock’s products are built according to three concepts: eco-friendly, economical and easy cooking.  Thus, resulting to products that (1) have modern and elegant style, (2) Handle ventilation system prevents the handle from getting hot, (3) have a non stick pfoa-free coating offers excellent durability, is tough, and built to last a lifetime, (4) were built with high quality Aluminum offering great & fast thermal dispersion, and (5) have heat capturing bottom minimizing heat loss for energy efficient cooking.

  • Cookplus Ceramic

Lock & Lock CookPlus Ceramic

Similar to the design of Cookplus Vitamin is the ceramic-coated plans called Cookplus Ceramic.  What you’ll love about the products is that they are coated in such a way that heat is evenly distributed throughout its thick bottom.  Bulges on the inside edges of the pan helps distribute oil and reduce use of oil when frying.  Of course, as with all Cookplus products, Cookplus Ceramic is PFOA-free!

  • Cookplus Stainless

Lock & Lock CookPlus Stainless

For professionals and culinary experts come the premium grade stainless steel cooking pans and pots called Cookplus Stainless.  The products are intended for longer life.  How?  The stainless cooking ware have triple-coating!  So if you are planning to be a professional chef/cook, then Cookplus Stainless is for you.

If you own any of the Lock & Lock Cookplus products or would want to purchase one, here are some care tips: Avoid overheating the pans/posts without any food in it, let the product cool before washing and lastly, do not use abrasive cleaning tools.

MicrOven Glasswares

Lock & Lock is very famous because of their plastic containers with interlocking system.  I even remember seeing demos wherein no food or water will come out from the container when it’s closed.  It was their selling point!

There are a lot of similar products in the market and that just proved how successful Lock & Lock was.  Now, the company stepped it up further with their new innovation, MicrOven Glasswares.

We’ve been using the plastic containers for years and we saw some problems with it.  For example, food stains that will need endless scrubbing and rinsing and most of all the odor that is so hard to remove!

Introducing Boroseal Glass, a microwave-friendly, kitchen-safe compatible for boiling water & sterilization, no risk of spontaneous breakage and heat resistant that can withstand sudden changes in temperature.  It is also used as a laboratory equipment considering it as chemically stable and no hazardous substance leak.

Lock & Lock Boroseal Glass

It’s a first in the Philippines and Lock & Lock is the one bringing Boroseal (borosilicate glass) here.  Actually, while they were presenting the product and its benefits, I made up my mind that I would be getting myself each and every size of the MicrOven Glasswares!  I knew that they will be for long-term use especially now that I plan to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Here are the benefits that were mentioned:

  • Excellent airtightness with the 4-side locking system
  • Cooking in oven, or use it as bakeware (without lid)
  • Salt and oxidation resistant
  • safe to use in a Microwave (without lid), microwave, dishwasher and in a conventional oven!
  • From oven to table at once
  • Freezer to microwave at once
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Made of borosilicate glass which withstands high heat and sudden cooling.
  • Heat-resistant glass can withstand sudden change in temperature.

One important thing to note is that Lock & Lock Boroseal uses heat-resistant glass for more safety.  It means that unlike normal glasses or tempered glasses, boroseal won’t be easily broken and won’t be scattered easily when there is a thermal or physical shock!

Lock & Lock Borosilicate Glass

Right before our eyes, we saw a sample of both tempered glass (with blue case) & boroseal (with pink case) that are shattered into pieces.  I noticed that there were very tiny particles on the tempered glass.  So using tempered glass isn’t that safe at all!  Yaiks!

Net, Lock & Lock were pointing out that with MicrOven Glasswares (Boroseal glasswares) there will be no risk of spontaneous breakage, no risk of shattering and no risk of formation of harmful chemicals.

Oh yeah, I spent about Php 5,000 in the store buying all types of Boroseal glasswares in every shape and size!  The price of each container varies with size & shape (bigger being more expensive).  To give perspective, the ones that I got ranges from Php 200 to Php 700.

Lock & Lock Boroseal

I will still use Lock & Lock’s plastic containers for my frozen meats and will use Boroseal for my other needs.

Whew!  With all those new products, we really have to save some money so we can own them!  I already have the complete set of the Lock & Lock MicrOven glasswares and my next target to buy is the Cookplus Ceramic!.

You can buy Lock & Lock products at the ff. stores:

  • Shangri-la Mall
  • Eastwood City
  • Glorietta 4
  • Lucky Chinatown Mall
  • Alabang Town Center
  • Banilad Town Center, Cebu City

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  1. Mom-Friday

    We’re both happy customers :))) I have yet to add more Boroseal containers… I need bigger ones!
    And yes, the Ceramica line is supers – it’s in my year-end favorite finds!


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