Simplism Crystal Cover Set Case for iPhone 5

Simplism Crystal Cover Set for iPhone 5

You love the new iPhone 5 design.  You love how thin it is and how nice the new body of the phone is.  You want to protect it but do not want to cover up the beautiful looks of the iPhone 5.

You are a fashion-forward person.  You want to match your iPhone with your outfit for the day.  You want to have the flexibility of changing the way your iPhone look.  You want to have a lot of color options for your iPhone case.

You want an affordable iPhone 5 case that would cover almost every lil concern that you have.

Do any of the above statements describe you?  If yes, take a look at a case made by Simplism, the Crystal Cover Set for iPhone 5.

There are 8 Simplism Crystal Case Cover Set available namely clear, red, smoky black, sky blue, milky white, navy, floral pink and mint green.  I have chosen smoky black for myself as I already have a red case.

Simplism Crystal Case iPhone 5 Colors

At one glance, I didn’t think that Simplism Crystal Cover Set is a good iPhone 5 case.  I actually didn’t choose it while I was looking at the different cases available for sale at the shop.  The saleslady recommended it to me saying that it was a cool case considering that it’s thin and super effective in showing the wonderful design of the iPhone 5.

When they showed me how it would look like with my iPhone 5, I was immediately sold!  The phone looked great in it!  The Crystal Cover Set doesn’t have those nifty features but it’s functional!

Staying true to its brand name, the crystal cover set is simple but boy, it works!  Here are five simple reasons why:

  • Invisible Protection

Simplism Crystal Case Cover iPhone 5 1

Simplism Crystal Case iPhone 5 power on

Simplism Crystal Cover iPhone 5 2

Simplism Crystal Cover Set is basically a  thin hard cover that protects your iPhone from dust & scratches.  It’s clear & transparent design makes the case unnoticeable thus showing off the beauty of your iPhone 5.

It has direct access to all controls (sleep/wake, ring/silent, volume control, camera, audio jack, speakers & power port) covering only what is needed.

The material is made of polycarbonate which makes the crystal cover set heat and impact resistant.  Most of all, installation is easy!  You just have to apply crystal case from the back of the iPhone.

  • Anti-Scratch Coating

Simplism Crystal Case iPhone 5 Back

One of my biggest problem with hard cases especially clear ones is that it can easily get scratched.  Apart from that, you can see those ugly scratches all over the case.  Yuck, right?

Good thing, Simplism applied an anti-scratch coating on the Crystal Case Cover for iPhone 5.  According to the manufacturer, the coating doesn’t guarantee scratch-proof but it helps to reduce appearance of scratches under normal use.

  • Useful Accessories Included

Simplism Crystal Case iPhone 5 Contents

Simplism crystal case iPhone 5 cablewire clip

the ff. items are included with every purchase of a Simplism Crystal Cover Set for the iPhone 5:

– Shiny and invisible Japan made Crystal Clear film
– Microfiber cleaning cloth
– Leveler to squeeze out air bubbles under the film
– Dust-removing tape for cleaning before applying film
– Cable Clip to organize excess cable

Considering that the case is relatively cheaper than other brands in the market, you will be surprised that Simplism included all those items!

I was actually planning to buy a screen protector but I didn’t need to anymore!  The screen protector is very nice!  The clear protective film is totally invisible and complements the iPhone 5’s awesome retina display.  In order to apply the transparency film easier, Simplism included microfiber cleaning cloth, dust-removing tape & leveler to the iPhone 5 Case set.  Here’s how: use microfiber cloth & dust-removing tape before applying the film.   This will ensure that you remove any dust or fingerprints on the iPhone surface.  Then, apply the film and use the leveler to remove air bubbles.

For your cables, the Crystal Cover Set has the cable clip to help organize them.  You can clip to your pocket or bag.  Your choice 🙂

  • Antibacterial Protection

Simplism Crystal Case iPhone 5 Thinness

The package says that the Simplism Crystal Cover set protects the iPhone from germs & bacteria.  I cannot attest to that but it’s a welcome feature! Haha!!

  • Value for money

Simplism Crystal Cover iPhone 5 Casing

Lastly, for just Php 899.00, I believe that the case is a great value for money.

If you just got yourself an iPhone 5 and you don’t have time to analyze/research which case to get, I would suggest you get the Simplism Crystal Cover Set Case for iPhone 5.  It has everything you need for your iPhone 5. A nice accessory to have!

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