Speck PixelSkin HD for iPhone 5

Speck PixelSkin HD case for iPhone 5

I initially planned to use my new iPhone 5 without a case.  For all the years that I used an iPhone, I wasn’t able to really appreciate the full design of the gadget.  The cases that I used covered the beautifully engineered iPhone.  However, worry and stress consumed me during the first two days of going iPhone-naked.

I kept contemplating then I finally decided that I cannot just let my iPhone go case-less.  It’s just too precious, too fragile and too expensive for me not to give it protection.  Well, I decided on it at around 1 AM.  If you know me, I’m very impulsive.  Whenever I decide on things, I wanted to do it ASAP.  Good thing, a local shop named Beyond the Box is open 24 hours during fridays & saturdays!  I immediately prepared and drove to its One Rockwell branch in Makati to get myself some cases for my beloved iPhone 5.

No-brainer for a girl named Roch to pick color red for an iPhone case.

Speck PixelSkin HD immediately caught my attention.  I love the rich red color!  I knew it would fit perfectly with my white-colored iPhone 5.

Speck PixelSkin HD case packaging

Surprisingly, the Speck PixelSkin HD for iPhone 5 is not so bulky like the other cases in the market.  It also felt different!  I guess the material that Speck used made such a big difference and that’s what made me love this case even more.

Q: What is the PixelSkin HD case made of?
A: PixelSkin HD cases are made of TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane. TPU is one of the world’s most awesome polymers (plastics) because it can be mixed to very specific consistencies, which allows us to get the perfect blend of elements to create the perfect texture and material. PixelSkin HD is not as soft and squishy as silicone ( our “regular” PixelSkin) – it’s still a soft, flexible plastic, but it’s much slicker and more dense- allowing it to slide in and out of your pocket easily. The density allows us to make a skinny, form-fitting case that still packs a very protective punch.

Speck PixelSkin HD with iPhone 5

The cutouts (port & button covers) are very, very cool!  I loved how every part of the case are well thought of.  In spite of the buttons being covered up by rubber, they are still very responsive!  It’s awesome!

  • the cutout for the mute button is perfect for me.  However, I think people with big fingers might have an issue with this.  If you have long nails, this wouldn’t be a problem.  For guys, this wouldn’t be as smooth.
  • the volume keys and sleep/wake button are all covered up yet still as responsive!  A cool feature indeed!
  • I think that the cutout for the rear-facing camera by PixelSkin HD was perfect!  the black border around it looked so good especially when on a white iPhone 5.
  • I have a bit of an issue with the power port.  I feel Speck could have covered more of it to only allow for the lightning cable to fit.  Whenever I try to charge the iPhone, I have to look into the port just to be sure I insert it at the right area.
  • the more protection, the better is my motto for an iPhone case.  Speck PixelSkin HD covered up the speaker ports and this was genius, totally met my expectation!

Speck PixelSkin HD case openings

Most of the high-end iPhone cases have their logo plastered at the back of the case.  I’m glad that Speck moved it to the side which complements the design very well.

Speck PixelSkin HD camera

Speck PixelSkin HD case Speck brand

Speck PixelSkin HD looks really nice especially the red one coupled with a white iPhone 5.  There won’t be any fingerprints visible due to the matte finish of the case.  Apart from that, PixelSkin HD provides you with a better grip, no more worries when you put your iPhone in your pocket because it’ll less likely slip out.

If you like changing cases, you will love Speck PixelSkin HD.  The case is so easy to apply and remove.  It fits the iPhone 5 very well too due to the raised bezel that keeps the screen safe.

Best of all, it is light.  Most people appreciate the lightness of the iPhone 5 and the case should be complementing that feature.

I know I said this earlier but the case really looks beaaaauuutiful!  The square grid at the entire back of the PixelSkin HD was pretty to look at apart from it being protective.

Speck PixelSkin HD for iPhone 5

Speck PixelSkin HD case back view

The PixelSkin HD for iPhone 5 comes in a five different colors — Graphite (grey), Pomodoro (red), grape (purple), harbor (blue) and black.  It’s pretty cheap at a price of Php 950!  If you’re looking for a good case for your brand new iPhone 5, I highly recommend PixelSkin HD from Speck.

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